• Press Release
  • 2021-05-19
  • OPPO among the firsts to release ColorOS based on Android 12 on Find X3 Pro

    OPPO is working closely with Google to upgrade software experience.

    May 19, 2021, SHENZHEN – Leading global smart device brand OPPO today launched Android 12 Beta 1 on its flagship smartphone - Find X3 Pro, making it one of the first handset makers to launch Android 12 Developer Preview Program at the Google I/O Developer Conference 2021.

    The ColorOS (Developer Preview) based on Android 12 Beta 1 is launched on OPPO Find X3 ProThe ColorOS (Developer Preview) based on Android 12 Beta 1 is launched on OPPO Find X3 Pro

    This year, Android 12 focuses on system UI as well as security and privacy, which will be the main principles for ColorOS as well. To help consumers better express themselves, OPPO is working to make ColorOS a more intuitive and a system that allows more personalizations from users, especially in terms of UI and UX. The company is also making efforts to give users more control and transparency regarding data security and privacy.1

    OPPO believes that prosperity of the Android ecosystem will lead to long-term success of the company and the industry. Last year, OPPO was one of the first brands to launch Android 11, regardless of the pandemic outbreak and difficulties in internal de-coupling. A variety of customized functions including Three Finger Screenshot, FlexDrop were added to the system to provide faster and more user-friendly experiences to developers and users.

    “We are glad to have Google as a long-term partner as we have had successful collaborations over the years, including working together to guarantee ColorOS keeps up with the latest version of Android,” Andy Wu, Vice President and President of Software Engineering Business Unit said. “Currently we have close to 400 million monthly active users of ColorOS around the world. With Android 12, we will continue our momentum to provide developers and users the most vibrant experience.”

    Polished experience and better performance
    Following the announcement of Android 12 Developer Preview Program, OPPO unveils Android 12 Beta 1 on OPPO Find X3 Pro, allowing developers worldwide to explore the latest software updates. Android 12 continues to put privacy and security at the core, while featuring a more personalized experience and improved performance.

    Android 12 is designed to give users more transparency and control by allowing users to give only their approximate location to apps, block the use of camera and microphone in quick settings, and put inactive applications that have not been used for over 90 days in hibernation, and more.

    Key updates on the user experience side include more compatibility with multimedia formats and support for more content insertion. The system has also been improved in UI details, featuring new functional bars and updated operating modes. There is good news for gamers as well. In Android 12, apps are able to provide audio-coupled haptic feedback through the phone’s vibrations.

    Deepening collaborations with Android to allow more customizations
    As part of OPPO’s long-term global business strategy, the company is continuously deepening its collaborations with Android to bring more innovative and customized experiences to its users and developers.

    Looking ahead to a smarter 5G era, OPPO and Android work together towards extending mobile experiences and services to more existing and potential users. To enable better intelligent connectivity, OPPO will continue to work with developers and partners globally to explore an open and integrated ecosystem and create a more intelligent and connected world.

    Developers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Chinese mainland and Taiwan mar-kets are encouraged to download the latest system via the OPPO open platform starting from May 19. Please kindly note that this is the early preview version for developers to do compatibility testing and early development, which will include bugs that may affect daily use. We therefore do not recommend non-developers to try this update. Please stay tuned for the consumer version.

    1 Please note that the ColorOS Developer Preview version will not include all customized updates yet.

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