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  • 2022-02-28
  • OPPO Launches Multiple Breakthrough Flash Charge Technologies at MWC 2022

    150W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine sets new record for mobile phone charging and discharging cycles, while 240W SUPERVOOC sets new industry standard for fast charging

    Barcelona, February 28, 2022 – Today at Mobile World Congress 2022, OPPO announced two breakthroughs in high-speed flash charging: 150W SUPERVOOC with Battery Health Engine (BHE) and 240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology.

    OPPO has integrated its self-developed BHE within the ultra-fast 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge, allowing the battery to maintain 80% of its original capacity after as many as 1,600 charge cycles, double the current industry standard, thus providing extremely fast charging in addition to the battery’s health protection.

    240W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology marks the latest technological breakthrough in the mobile phone industry. Charging a 4,500mAh battery from 1% to 100% in about 9 minutes, 240W SUPERVOOC kicks off a new era of safe and efficient flash charging.

    Jeff Zhang, Chief Charging Technology Scientist at OPPO, said, “As charging science continues to develop at an ever-increasing pace, users’ expectations are responding accordingly. Since the launch of VOOC flash charge in 2014, OPPO has prioritized the overall charging experience while leading the development of flash charge technologies. We will continue to push the limits of high-power flash charge technologies, actively tackling emerging issues such as the deterioration of battery health, and providing users with safe, efficient, smart, and fast charging solutions that go beyond speed.”

    150W SUPERVOOC with BHE: Advanced Charging Efficiency

    Evolving from the leading 125W SUPERVOOC flash charge technology, 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with BHE uses direct charging technology with two charge pumps which can support up to 20V/7.5A charging.

    150W SUPERVOOC with BHE can charge a 4500mAh battery from 1% to 50% in 5 minutes and all the way to 100% in 15 minutes.¹

    In addition, the adapter for 150W SUPERVOOC with BHE leverages gallium nitride (GaN) to reduce the size of the adapter to nearly the same size as the previous generation 65W SUPERVOOC adapter, measuring 58 x 57 x 30mm, and weighing around 172g.

    The power density is 1.51W/cm3, which is much higher than the industry average.²

    Battery Health Engine: Go Beyond Speed

    To improve all-round charging experience, 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge features the Battery Health Engine, which is powered by OPPO’s customized battery management chip and includes two key technologies: Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology. Together, they improve battery health, safety, and performance by optimizing the hardware and software.

    Smart Battery Health Algorithm can track real-time electric potential across the negative electrodes inside the battery. It dynamically adjusts the charging currency within a reasonable range, effectively minimizing the occurrence of dead lithium while maintaining the maximum charging current. This helps ensure prolonged battery lifespan and faster charging speeds.

    Battery Healing Technology optimizes battery life from the inner system of the battery. By improving the electrolyte formula, the electrodes are continuously repaired during the battery’s charge and discharge cycles, forming a more stable and durable solid electrolyte interface (SEI) that always stays in a perfect state in real-time. This helps in reducing the wear and tear of the positive and negative electrodes of the battery, therefore, enhancing battery performance and extending battery lifespan.

    OPPO Launches Multiple Breakthrough Flash Charge Technologies at MWC 2022The measure of battery lifespan in the smartphone industry is the number of charging cycles. Most phones on the market can retain 80% after 800 cycles of charging from dead to full. OPPO has doubled that to 1600 times.

    BHE will be integrated into most mid-to-high-end OPPO and OnePlus phones in the future, bringing safety, efficiency, and durability to more users. 150W SUPERVOOC flash charge with BHE will debut on a OnePlus smartphone in the second quarter of this year.

    240W SUPERVOOC: The Next Frontier of High-Power Flash Charge

    Due to the growing demand for high efficiency charging solutions in the era of 5G intelligent connectivity, OPPO has further pushed the limits of high-power flash charge and launched 240W SUPERVOOC. This new technology can charge a 4500mAh battery to 100% in about 9 minutes.

    OPPO Launches Multiple Breakthrough Flash Charge Technologies at MWC 2022

    240W SUPERVOOC is designed with 20V/12A technology on the Type-C interface. It boasts three charge pumps and the power supplied to the handsets can be converted to 10V/24A. It conforms to the existing device specifications and has been tested in terms of heat dissipation, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and enhanced safety. Furthermore, the battery’s leading discharge rating allows the hardware to support a maximum of 240W.

    240W SUPERVOOC delivers a safe and seamless charging experience while also pushing the boundaries of charging speed. By taking a holistic approach to the safety of the adapter, charging cable and the handset, OPPO minimizes potential safety hazards and risks, providing an efficient and secure charging solution:

    • 240W SUPERVOOC adopts five safety protection measures as well as a specially customized intelligent control chip that controls the voltage, current, and temperature to deliver a safe charging solution.
    • A customized battery safety monitoring chip monitors whether the battery of the mobile phone is damaged by external forces when in use.
    • Temperature protection has been enhanced via 13 temperature sensors installed in the phone, reducing the chance of overheating and avoiding abnormalities.

    1 Data from OPPO Lab. Testing environment: Idle and on airplane mode. 100% is defined as when the battery level displayed on the screen reaches 100%. Actual charging time may vary depending on differences in environment or individual devices.
    2 Data collected in OPPO labs. Actual size and weight may vary depending on the manufacturing process and measurement method.

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