• Press Release
  • 2022-08-23
  • OPPO unveils its latest AI technology to create Animated Digital Avatar with just a few smartphones

    OPPO unveils its Structured Local Radiance Fields for Human Avatar Modeling which is powerful in terms of both loose clothes appearance learning and skeleton motion modeling.
    Practically, with just a few smartphones, the AI model automatically generates 3D, realistic, and animated digital avatars with graceful dancing movements by analyzing RGB data.
    For the first time, people have the power to experience more possibilities in the digital world.

    August 23 2022, SHENZHEN — Imagine if you are no longer limited by your body and there is an alternate version of you that can dance. It sounds like the plot of a sci-fi movie. For the first time, OPPO has created dynamic, advanced avatars with its propriety AI model to give people a digital life with unlimited possibilities.

    Fast, simple, & accessible, digital avatar technology is coming to real life
    How does OPPO achieve its Human Avatar Modeling? Enter the OPPO Digital Avatar Lab, where a few OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphones collect data of the human body.

    Collect data of human body with only a few OPPO Find X5 Pro smartphones

    Once the recording is finished, AI automatically generates the 3D human model by analyzing RGB videos which eliminates the reconstruction errors of traditional methods.

    Once the recording is finished, AI automatically generates the 3D human model by analyzing RGB videos

    To create a more realistic visual effect that supports animation, the motions of a professional dancer’s skeleton are anchored as pre-defined nodes to construct a set of structured local radiance fields.

    The professional dancer’s skeleton is anchored to construct a set of structured local radiance fields

    Each local radiance field represents the shape and appearance in the local space around its corresponding node to factorize cloth deformations into skeleton motions. This process also improves complex flexible deformations of clothes through residual movements. With this, the avatar can learn different dance moves according to body poses. In the future, the model can support more scenarios, leading to various interaction experiences.

    Through neural scene rendering, the dance moves are encoded and learned using neural networks, creating an expressive and dynamic digital character within a few hours. The girl finally can dance smoothly with her pretty floral dress swirled and swayed!

    Within a few hours, a 3D, realistic, and animated digital avatar with graceful dancing movements is created

    The amazing digital dance experience is achieved by OPPO’s Structured Local Radiance Fields for Human Avatar Modeling method which was showcased at this year’s Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR).

    3D,realistic, animated, a breakthrough of OPPO AI technology

    In the past, conventional methods of creating 3D models struggled to observe the deformation of clothes on different people. OPPO’s proprietary solution improves the neural radiance fields dynamic character model method to overcome those challenges.

    Based on neural scene rendering techniques, the core of the method is the algorithm leveraging structured local radiance fields which are attached to a series of predefined points on the human body. Moved canonical field, the structured local radiance fields are then modeled in a coarse-to-fine manner with three set of variables, including the body poses as the coarsest level, the node residual translations as the middle level and the dynamic detail embeddings of the local radiance fields as the finest level, in order to the address the blurry appearance. This technique is trained to learn how clothes move and focuses on modeling and understanding details such as logos, hemlines, wrinkles, and fabric texture, even for new poses.

    The new Human Avatar Modeling provides greater authenticity and convenience along the whole process of automatically generating 3D, 1:1 digital avatars. The method is the future of the digital world, removing restrictions and allowing people to express themselves.

    OPPO continuously makes real advances and applies the method practically into many different parts of people’s lives such as virtual clothes fitting, AI fitness instruction, next-level XR collaboration, and the creation of lifelike avatars in VR/AR worlds. In addition, game developers can build more convincing characters and animations with only one body template.

    OPPO strives to inspire through technology, and, by utilizing AI, we can unlock unprecedented experiences and creations in entertainment, fashion, communication, and more.

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