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  • 2023-05-08
  • OPPO Launches 2023 Inspiration Challenge, Investing USD $440,000 to Call for Innovative Technical Solutions

       ●   Through OPPO Inspiration Challenge, OPPO Research Institute, supported by Qualcomm, GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services, and LinkedIn, aims to empower technology professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide to bring innovative solutions to life.
       ●   In line with OPPO’s mission of ‘Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World’, 2023 Inspiration Challenge is calling for proposals in the two categories of ‘Inspiration for People’ and ‘Inspiration for the Planet’.

    May 8, 2023, SHENZHEN – OPPO Research Institute, supported by Qualcomm, GSMA 5G IN, Amazon Web Services and LinkedIn, announced the launch of 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge on the World Smile Day. Based on the brand proposition of "Inspiration Ahead", OPPO and its global technology ecosystem partners aim to bring new and innovative solutions to life by providing funding, support and partnership opportunities. By working together, OPPO hopes these innovations can create a positive impact, and encourage greater awareness of the issues that affect global communities.

    2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge – Call for Proposals

    OPPO and partners pledge funding and technical support for innovative proposals

    “OPPO believes deeply in the idea of ‘Virtuous Innovation’. As we continue to explore new technology, we remain dedicated to doing so in a way that puts people first.” said Head of the OPPO Research Institute. “With the global issues like public health, accessible technology and environmental protection being the key concerns, we could not rely on our own efforts to provide solutions. We have therefore initiated the Inspiration Challenge to empower likeminded innovators to tackle these big issues together with us using the power of technology and create a better world for all.”

    Applications for the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge will start from May 8 to June 30, with three regional demo events set to take place in Bangkok, Boston and Shenzhen at early August. Finalists from each regional demo event will be invited to join the Inspiration Challenge Acceleration Camp and meet with OPPO executives and technical experts to revise their proposals before the global final demo event at the end of August.

    Global Timeline for 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

    All the proposals for OPPO Inspiration Challenge this year will be evaluated based on the four criteria of Feasibility, Technological Innovation, Long-term Potential, and Social Values. A total of 15 qualified proposals from regional demo events will be selected as global finalists and top 5 winning proposals will be selected in the global final demo event, each being awarded a grant of USD $50,000 (approximately 350,000 RMB, tax included).

    Further partnership opportunities are open to the top 45 proposals worldwide – made up of the top 15 proposals in each regional challenge – including, but not limited to:
    ●   Productization and commercialization opportunities: an incubation fund totaling US$190,000 (approximately RMB 1.25 million, tax included), will be set up to co-develop solutions for implementation.
    ●   Strategic partnership and investment opportunities.
    ●   Opportunities to showcase at global technology events.
    ●   Opportunity to receive cloud resources and technical support from Amazon Web Services.

    OPPO to collaborate with technology professionals worldwide to create a better future

    During OPPO Inspiration Challenge last year, 536 proposals were collected from innovators around the world aimed at tackling key challenges in ‘Accessible Technology’ and ‘Digital Health’. OPPO has since worked with 18 of these teams to further implement their proposals and has brought some of them to global platforms such as OPPO INNO DAY 2022 and MWC 2023.

    Top 10 Outstanding Proposals for 2022 OPPO Inspiration Challenge

    As health, accessibility, and environmental protection being the key focuses for society, it’s important to drive progress in these key areas through innovative technology. 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge will focus on the two categories of ‘Inspiration for People’ and ‘Inspiration for the Planet’, supporting technology professionals around the world to develop innovative solutions in these two areas.

    ●   Inspiration for People: Innovative Solutions for Digital Health and Accessible Technology
    This category is a call for technologies, products and services related to digital health and accessible technology. It includes health algorithms; hardware sensor innovations i.e. the integration of new and advanced sensors into daily health monitoring devices; innovative products for digital health monitoring; accessibility assistive technologies; and technology designed for the elderly. The primary focus of this category is to make technology accessible and beneficial to everyone.

    ●   Inspiration for the Planet: Innovative Solutions for Environmental Protection and Low-Carbon Development
    Aligned with OPPO's pledge to achieve carbon neutrality in its operations by 2050, this category calls for innovative solutions related to environmental protection and low-carbon development as applied to consumer electronics. It includes renewable energy; sustainable materials and packaging; green production processes; recycling of electronic products; and carbon emission digital management. The primary focus of this category is to minimize the environmental impact of electronic product manufacturing or usage, and to promote sustainable development through technology.

    Global applications for the 2023 OPPO Inspiration Challenge will be open from May 8 to June 30. To learn more about the program or register, please visit the official webpage at: https://www.oppo.com/en/proposal/ .

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