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Capturing Night Scenes with OPPO Find X5 Pro & Find X5
Night Video
Night Photos
Night Video
Drawing on the powerful image processing capabilities of OPPO’s Imaging NPU- MariSilicon X, Find X5 Pro and Find X5 enable you to easily capture stunning night video. What’s more, Find X5’s Night Video mode even works in 4K, giving you the option to record ultra-clear, high-resolution video at night.
How to take night video using Find X5 Pro & Find X5
1. Enable Video Mode
Open the Camera app and slide right on the selection tool at the bottom of the screen until you reach Video Mode. You will see that AI Highlight Video has already been enabled by default, meaning that the Imaging NPU, MariSilicon X, is ready for action.
2. Recording Video
Freely move the camera lens according to whatever vision you see in your director’s mind! While recording, you can change focus, adjust exposure and brightness, and even set camera movement — you’re free to create exactly as you imagine!
1. Add Some Detail with 4K
For the first time on an OPPO smartphone, Find X5 Pro and Find X5 can make use of AI Highlight Video while recording in 4K, giving you the option of capturing professional, ultra-clear night videos. When recording in 4K, just be aware that 4K video files will take up more storage space than regular ones.
2. Try the Dual Main Cameras
Both the wide camera and the ultra-wide camera can be used to record in Video Mode. The ultra-wide camera (0.6x) not only helps you fit more into the frame: it’s also much closer to the field of view we see through our own eyes. You can even use the ultra-wide camera to get really close to objects, allowing you to see fine details or even a completely new perspective. On the other hand, the wide camera (1.0x) features a larger aperture and enhanced image stabilization, making it the better choice in darker environments or recording something further away.
Night Video Advantages
Higher Resolution
Find X5 Pro and Find X5 bring 4K Ultra Night Video to Android smartphone for the first time. 4K Ultra Night Video can be used on all three of the rear cameras (wide, ultra-wide, and tele camera) giving you the freedom to capture unforgettable memories in unprecedented clarity and detail.
Enhanced Dynamic Range
Find X5 Pro and Find X5 both support AINR and HDR processing at 4K. By reducing image noise and increasing the dynamic range, each frame of 4K video comes out looking crisp and clear.
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Night Photos
With the new OPPO Find X5 Pro & Find X5, capturing amazing nighttime photos couldn’t be any easier. OPPO’s night processing algorithm processes image data in the RAW domain, meaning night photos can be shot instantly, all in stunning detail and clarity. All you need to do is open the camera, shoot, and review your photo.
How to take night photos with Find X5 Pro & Find X5
1. Open the Camera app
Thanks to the optimizations made to both the shooting process and the final image composition in the underlying night processing algorithm, there is no need to manually enable the dedicate Night Mode when shooting. Using the regular Photo Mode, just compose the shot you want in the view finder and let the night processing do its magic in the background. This will save you time otherwise spent adjusting complicated settings and parameters.
2. Press the Shutter
After pressing the shutter button, a countdown timer will appear on the button to indicate that the phone is capturing multiple frames and optimizing the image accordingly. In very dark environments, this process may take longer, however you should try to keep the camera as still as possible until the timer reaches zero, as this will help improve the quality of the image.
3. View Images
Once the countdown has reached zero, you are free to move the phone again without affecting the image. If you immediately try to view the image in the Photo Album, you may find that the photo is still being processed and cannot be viewed. Don’t worry, this will only last a few seconds, after which your night photo will be ready to view, edit, and share.
How to night photos
How to night photos
Experiment with Ultra Wide-angle
Find X5 Pro and Find X5 are both equipped with an ultra-wide camera that offer the same sensor specifications as the wide camera. Switching to the ultra-wide camera is a great way to include more scenery in your shots, highlight the sheer size of a particular structure, or even create some interesting warping effects in your images. To switch to wide-angle shooting, just press the icon with three trees below the viewfinder.
Night Photo Advantages
Higher Clarity
OPPO’s nighttime processing algorithm better preserves the original image information by working in the RAW domain. This enables more details in light and dark areas of the image to be preserved while enhancing the image’s signal to noise ratio by 40% compared with the Find X3 series.
Faster Capture & Preview
Find X5 Pro and Find X5 can automatically adjust exposure times for each frame depending on the level of light. This helps to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to capture and process images, so that you can quickly and easily snap incredible shots without having to wait around.
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