OPPO Enco Air
True Wireless Earphones
  • Semi-Translucent Design
  • 12 mm Crystal Clear Vocal Driver
  • 10-Minute Charging for 8 Hours Playback
  • 24 Hours Total Battery Life
  • AI-Powered Noise Cancellation for Calls
  • Low Latency Game Mode
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 Connection
  • Unexpectedly Powerful

    Around the Clock Audio

    • 24 Hours¹
      A true power station for music lovers. OPPO Enco Air can provide up to 24 hours of listening time for your favorite music and video streaming.
    • 8 Hours²
      Fuel up the earbuds and case all at once with flash charging that gives up to 8 hours of high-performance audio for just 10 minutes of plug time.
    • 4 Hours
      Once fully charged, the earbuds can listen to music for 4 hours. Then simply place your earbuds in their case to recharge up to 5 times on a single carry.
    A Vibrant Fusion of Nature Aesthetics
    Semi-Translucent Design
    Available in Misty White, Misty Black and Misty Blue, the unique, sleek design of semi-translucent case is not only a pleasure to eyes, but also comes in premium in-hand feel with its soft, matte finish. Inspired by the beauty of nature, the design will be your love at first sight.
      Delicately Crafted for a Naturally Perfect Fit
      Ergonomic Semi-in-Ear Design
      With an ultra-light design that rests snugly against the curves of your ear, you’ll barely notice your earbuds floating there without ever having to worry if they’ll stay put while you’re active.
      Feel the Vibe with Full-Spectrum Audio
      High-Definition Sound Quality
      Enjoy your music in vibrant definition thanks to the 12mm titanium-composite dynamic driver and power bass booster that work in harmony to channel and amplify every detail.
      Expert-Tuned to Soothe Your Ears
      Crystal-Clear Vocal
      Channeling 15 years of research from OPPO’s R&D team, our experts tuned the OPPO Enco Air to deliver thumping bass and trill treble together with rich mid-range tones to reproduce your music at its purest.
      Extremely Clear & Incredibly Close
      DNN Noise Cancellation for Calls
      With a Deep Neural Network-based binaural audio algorithm that reproduces human voices as how they sound in person, the dual microphones of OPPO Enco Air can efficiently pick up vocals in any environment for better clarity, when you are in voice calls or gaming with friends.
      Equipped for Champions
      Low-Latency Dual Transmission³
      When teaming up for battle, lag just isn’t a good look. Maintain comms and lead your crew to victory with ultra-low 80 ms⁴ transmission delay in Game Mode.
      Fast, But Never
      Quick Off the Draw
      Bluetooth® 5.2 Connectivity
      A new generation of Bluetooth® 5.2 can better stabilize signals even in environment jammed with multi-devices interference, like crowded bus and subways. Once connected, the stable transmission lets you roam up to 10 meters from your device for hands-free ease and stability.
      • TÜV Rheinland
        High Performance and Low Latency Certified
        OPPO Enco Air is the world's first TWS earbuds certified by TÜV Rheinland for high performance and low latency. The High Performance and Low Latency certification of TÜV Rheinland has conducted in-depth tests on latency, stability, and call performance, which can fully prove that OPPO Enco Air has excellent performance in these dimensions.
      • Pop-Open⁵. And It Is Done
        Open-Up Flash Connect
        Once paired, OPPO Enco Air lets you activate your earbuds before you even wear them on, connecting to your mobile device as soon as you open their case.
      Look Good Doing It All, Singlehandedly
      Smart Touch Controls⁶
      Double tap your earbud to instantly skip to the next song or touch and hold to activate volume control, letting you shift effortlessly from scene to scene without fumbling for your phone. Download and install the HeyMelody app from Google Play Store app to customize the earbuds.
      Triple Taps and Say Hi
      Voice Assistants Supported
      Staying hands-free doesn’t have to mean planning ahead. Triple press your earbud to wake up your voice assistants and ask away, whether it’s showtimes and tickets, directions and the weather forecast, or music on demand you’re looking for.
      More Is Better
      • IPX4 Water Resistant⁷
        Protect your earbuds from sweaty work out, or just bad luck of splashing coffee.
      • Android and iOS Compatible
        Reliable music companions for both your Android and iOS devices.
      • Rapid Pairing
        Match & pair your devices through a simple touch.
      • Endurance test data is based on OPPO laboratory tests conducted at 50% volume. Charging times are based on measurements taken at 25 degrees Celsius in OPPO’s laboratories using the standard OPPO charger. Specific endurance and charging performance will vary based on actual conditions.
      • A 10-minute charging for 8 hours play time, which is from the combination of earbuds and the case. Fast charging your OPPO Enco Air needs only a standard adapter or Type-C charging cable. Charging performance may vary.
      • Binaural low-latency Bluetooth® transmission works with Qualcomm and MTK smartphone platforms.
      • Please turn on Game Mode via customized setting. OPPO ColorOS 11.0+ with OPPO Wireless Devices version 3.7.72+ users can go to OPPO Enco Air > Earbud Functions on the Bluetooth® interface of their phone to customize the earbuds. For other users with Android 6.0+ and iOS 13.0+ models, you can download and install the HeyMelody app and set it.

        This 80ms latency refers to the latency data at the earphone side, and the overall latency experience depends on both device and earphones. This may vary between different devices.

      • OPPO Enco Air supports quick connection with OPPO ColorOS 11.0+ phones, such as Find X3 Pro, Find X2 Pro, Find X2 and etc, OPPO Wireless Devices version 3.7.72+ required. Other models will be supported after an OTA update (excludes A series, F series, Reno4 Z, Reno4 Pro, Reno2 Z, R17 Neo).
      • OPPO ColorOS 11.0+ with OPPO Wireless Devices version 3.7.72+ users can go to OPPO Enco Air > Earbud Functions on the Bluetooth® interface of their phone to customize the earbuds. For other users with Android 6.0+ and iOS 13.0+ models, you can download and install the HeyMelody app and set it.
      • The earphones are IPX4 dust and water resistant, but the charging case is not. Avoid using the earphones and charging case during strenuous exercise to prevent damage from perspiration.
      • The product details and data are for reference only. Products parameters and descriptions may change for reasons including but not limited to supplier replacement. Please refer to actual products for all criteria.
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