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5G Australia: 'Further Your Vision'


OPPO Australia will be one of the first mobile phone manufacturers to release a 5G phone in the country.

After our announcement at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona, it was only a matter of time before we brought the revolutionary new technology to Australia.

As promised, we are proud to announce one of Australia's first 5G phones, the OPPO Reno 5G. We are also delighted to announce that we have partnered with Telstra to bring our first 5G phone to life.

What Is 5G?

5G is a completely new iteration of radio technology (hence the 'G' that stands for generation) and its real-world application continue to be developed. Just as the jump from 2G to 3G and subsequently 3G technology to 4G LTE changed the way millions of people around the world interacted with each other and did business, 5G is the next generation in mobile technology.

5G technology promises high-speed data downloads and uploads, lower latency (improves responsiveness), and the ability to connect more devices at once (ideal for real-time sensors and smart devices).

For the typical Australian, a 5G network can deliver a faster mobile internet experience -  for sharing high quality videos and photos online, the ability to live stream your experiences with your family, friends and fans, as well as improved connectivity with loved ones through high definition video calls. It also opens up a world of opportunities in emerging areas such as AR and VR.

Who Will Offer 5G Networks In Australia?

According to Telsyte research, we expect more than 15 million 5G handsets to be in use by 2023. In order for this to happen, the appropriate hardware, infrastructure, processors, 5G modems, phones and antennas is required. Our Australian telecommunication partners, Telstra will be among the first to have a 5G network in Australia, building upon their existing 4G infrastructure.

Telstra have partnered with Ericsson as their key 5G technology provider and the network is being rolled out as we speak. Check with your telecoms operator to see if 5G coverage is available in your area.

What can we expect from a 5G Smartphone?

With our OPPO Reno 5G smartphone and the 5G rollout in major Australian metro areas, what can you expect from your 5G mobile?

1. Better connections, less network congestion, and less dropouts

Have you ever stepped into a busy shopping centre or been at a music festival and realised that mobile coverage has suddenly dropped due to congestion on the network?

With 5G, more devices can connect to a network at the same time, therefore, massively reducing the chances of unstable connections happening. What this means for you is the ability to have a seamless experience when streaming music, less video call dropouts due to poor connection, and being able to find information when you need it most without any delay.

2. Faster download and upload speeds

Australians love social platforms with 15 million monthly active users on Facebook and 15 million unique visitors per month on YouTube. To put things into perspective, 60 percent of the Australian population are consuming data on Facebook and YouTube. Similarly, 9 million Australians use Instagram each month. Faster speeds will reduce the time required to load content on these social platforms whilst faster upload speeds will reduce the time needed to share high quality images and video stories.

Reno 5G users will be able to watch high definition videos from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon's Prime Video, Foxtel, and the upcoming Disney Plus in high quality.

3. The rise of cloud gaming

Amongst smartphone gamers, around a third play up to three hours per day with more than half of smartphone gamers playing online with others. Common issues that smartphone gamers experience include delays between actions and commands and in-game responses, delays in live communication with teammates during the game, having to wait for software updates due to slow download speed, and dropping out of a game due to an unstable mobile connection. A 5G smartphone paired with a 5G network can resolve many of these smartphone gaming frustrations.

4. A new world of virtual reality and augmented reality applications

4G networks have become mainstream for most of the Australian population. Given our appetite for social media and wanting to share and consume live experiences, 5G devices offer a number of improved opportunities.

Imagine being able to live stream events on a mixed reality (VR + AR) headset from the comfort of your own home. This is just one of many possible opportunities that 5G promises.

About Reno 5G

reno 5g launches in Australia June 2019

Most 5G devices are still in development. But early on, we knew that 5G services were inevitable given Australian's insatiable appetite for all things digital.

The Reno 5G will be OPPO’s first 5G smartphone.

Featuring our famous Ultra Night Mode 2.0, a pivoting pop-up camera, 10x hybrid zoom, and a 48-megapixel camera that offers wide angle, portrait, and telephoto lenses, the Reno 5G is our latest flagship camera phone.

Imagine live 360-degree broadcasting of an event (wedding, concert).

Imagine being able to take a selfie together with loved ones whilst being in opposite sides of the world.

Imagine being able to watch a Beyonce concert through an immersive VR experience.

These are just some practical uses of 5G that may become mainstream in the near future.

The future is truly immersive, accessible anytime and everywhere.

How will 5G improve your life?

There's only one way to find out.

Find out more about the OPPO Reno 5G (pre-order yours today to receive a bonus set of BOSE QuietComfort 35 II wireless comfort headphones valued $499.95).

Disclaimer: 5G is only available to OPPO Reno 5G version. Actual speeds achieved will vary depending on specific network environment and other factors. This product is optimised for selected networks. Please check with your network provider to confirm compatibility.