• Press Release
  • 2019-12-15
  • Wonder Journey Demonstrates How Reno2 Expands Horizons

    OPPO is inspiring young people to explore the world with its new Reno2 smartphone series. The brand recently demonstrated the ground-breaking capabilities of the Reno2 series by taking a group of influencers from across the region on an OPPO Wonder Journey, during which they experienced the wonders of Hatta and the UAE’s Hajjar Mountains in exciting new ways.

    The Journey featured some of the region’s most popular influencers, including Egyptian actress Hannah El Zahed, Iraqi-Emirati model, actor and photographer Omar Borkan Al Gala, and TikTok celebrities Jumana Khan and Ajmal Khan.

    Any excursion creates memories that are worth capturing and sharing with family and friends. The OPPO Reno2 series has incredible features, enabled by its quad-camera setup, such as Ultra Steady Video, Ultra Dark Mode, and 5 X Hybrid Zoom, which makes those memories even more spectacular by capturing them better than ever before.

    Ethan Xue, President, OPPO MEA, said: “With the Reno2 series we are unleashing creativity in new ways, using premium technology to enable users to discover their world from new perspectives. Photography capabilities are the main focus of the Reno2 series, with ground-breaking features that create spectacular images. With the Reno2, your only limit is your imagination.”

    The capabilities of the Reno2 series were put to the test during the OPPO Wonder Journey, as influencers had the opportunity to test out Ultra Steady Video during an off-road Jeep adventure and outdoor sports, Ultra Dark Mode to take superb images during a movie night under the stars, and 5 X Hybrid Zoom to get closer than ever to the spectacular scenery. 

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