• Press Release
  • 2021-11-01
  • Reno6 Pro 5G: Energise your passion during Dubai Fitness Challenge

    •       Quick refill your power with OPPO’s proprietary 65W SuperVOOC flash charge
    •       Sleek device is designed with ultimate endurance  to withstand accidental drops, rains, environmental and natural wear-and-tear

    Dubai, UAE, 1st November 2021 – Dubai Fitness Challenge returns this month-end with 30 days of free activities, events and wellness-centric entertainment taking place in the emirate between October 29th and November 27th 2021.

    Outdoors, things can get a bit uncomfortable, but not with OPPO’s Reno6 Pro 5G! Even with the large 4500mAh battery on board, the smartphone is just 7.99mm thick and weighs about 188g. The new OPPO smartphone will be your perfect companion as you pedal against the backdrop of iconic landmarks at Dubai Ride on November 5 or participate in some of the many action-packed activities at the three fitness villages – Kite Beach, Expo2020 Dubai and Mushrif Park.

    Capturing spontaneous movements in a dynamic lifestyle can be quite daunting, especially when charging time is limited and on the go. The Reno6 series overcomes this problem through its reliable and incredibly fast, SuperVOOC Flash Charge that uses the highest level of multi-layered protection with all key nodes including the adapter, USB cable, cellphone and battery protected by intelligent chips.

    Today, a quick five minute charge of a Reno6 smartphone using VOOC Flash Charge technology allows users to enjoy every moments to its fullest without worrying about small hassels like slow charging.

    Guided by the user-led brand value, OPPO is continuously improving its VOOC Flash Charge technology to meet the different charging needs of users in all weathers, across multiple devices, in any number of situations, and to alleviate the ‘charge anxiety’ of users in the 5G era.
    The sleek phone is also designed to withstand accidental drops, even into normal raining days. This means you don’t have to worry if your phone slips out of your pocket while working out. To test its durability, the manufacturers of the phone raised the height of free fall to 1.5 metres against the industry benchmark of 0.8 meters, and sprayed water onto the phone’s four surfaces at simulated raining conditions. It passed the test with flying colours.
    The device has also undergone Sweat and Cosmetics Tests – so don’t sweat it – your device is safe even if you’re exercising with makeup on. Alternatively, you can carry the Reno6 Pro 5G in your pocket as the phone’s ability to withstand the interference of electrostatic charge caused by friction is second to none.

    Plus, to test the phone’s ability to withstand natural wear-and-tear, Reno6 Series smartphones’ physical buttons and connector inputs were tested using force by being pressed thousands of times – including the power, volume, and fingerprint to stimulate natural wear over a lifetime.

    Worried about the heat, humidity, or strong winds? Ensuring that Reno6 Series devices would maintain consistent performance standards no matter the environment, devices were stored at specific temperatures and humidity levels for a set number of days. Not only did the phones pass the tests, all functions were preserved and components intact, with no signs of damage detected on the surface.

    Even without being exposed to extreme temperature environments, it is possible for smartphones to overheat due to the amount of electrical power they generate within their own hardware, especially 5G-compatible devices. This, however, is not of concern with Reno6 phones, which are equipped with advanced components to limit and control any rise in temperature – tested in numerous real-life scenarios.

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