• Press Release
  • 2022-07-19
  • One Small Step For Man
    One Giant Leap for Smartphone Technology

        ·     On the anniversary of man on the moon, OPPO looks at its own explorative spirit following the launch of the Find X5 series in partnership with professional camera brand Hasselblad

    Dubai, UAE, 19 July 2022: On this day in 1969, OPPO’s partner and world-renowned professional camera brand, Hasselblad was part of a historical moment, capturing man’s first steps on the moon.

    Just as Hasselblad and mankind embarked on a journey of discovery over half a century ago, OPPO continues to embody the same explorative spirit as they tirelessly research and develop technology that supports users’ experiences across the world.

    As two innovative brands, a partnership to further camera technology was synergetic with Hasselblad being one of the most sought after and strongest camera brands alongside OPPO’s Find Series with its premium design and leading position in smartphone photography.

    The Find X series is OPPO’s high-end flagship series, representing the pinnacle of advanced technology, and providing users with an unmatched design and fantastic product experience.

    OPPO has always been committed to technology and product innovation that creates a more comprehensive and immersive user experience. At OPPO INNODAY 2021 event, the global technology brand unveiled its first self-designed, Dedicated Imaging NPU, MariSilicon X, which overcomes smartphone video capture’s greatest challenge – nighttime recording. Taking quality to new heights with its cutting-edge 6nm architecture, real-time RAW processing, and up to 20x faster 4K AI performance-Find X5 Pro shines a light on the night.

    OPPO strives to create products that enable users to enjoy the ‘beauty of technology’ by packing the powerful technology into beautiful designs, allowing the state-of-art innovation to flow seamlessly into our customers’ lives. Find X5 series embodies a futuristic design to express a sense of calm and timeless beauty that cannot be matched. Recognized by its human-centric and creative thinking behind the design, OPPO Find X5 Series received the prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.

    OPPO will continue to work to bring to life its brand proposition of ‘Inspiration Ahead’ ensuring that optimism and confidence are at the forefront of our future journey. This is also true of the region, as we look around we see a desire for growth, to improve whilst always remaining humble and putting people first, ensuring all advacements and improvements keep the public at the heart.

    OPPO's vision transcends hardware and software improvements with a goal to illuminate minds with technological power, enabling users to feel and discover more, transforming their lives with innovation and ingenuity. 

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