• Press Release
  • 2024-01-24
  • OPPO Secure Fourth Place in Global Smartphone Market in 2023

    Dubai, UAE, 24th January 2024: According to the latest data from IDC, OPPO ranked fourth in the global smartphone market in 2023, securing 8.8% of the total market share with over 103.1 million shipments.

    Despite the overall downward trend of the smartphone market in the same year, OPPO reached over 600 million global monthly active users across more than 60 markets through its outstanding products. Canalys data revealed that, by the third quarter of 2023, OPPO was among the top three in 20 regional markets.

    OPPO's relentless drive for innovation was on full display in 2023, with the launch of well-received new flagship smartphones, including the Find X6 Series and the Find N3 Series. OPPO's foldable phones held a strong market share, with Counterpoint data showing an impressive 20% of the Chinese foldable market in the first half of the year, and the Find N2 Flip held the top spot with a 31% market share among vertical foldable smartphones.

    OPPO's global performance could not have been possible without continuous R&D investments. OPPO currently has more than 54,000 granted patents, ranking sixth globally, and leading in key areas such as imaging, 5G communications, and AI. In 2023, OPPO introduced its self-trained large language model AndesGPT, whose performance on the OpenCompass evaluation platform ranked first among models at the 7 billion parameter level.

    OPPO's innovations have received global acknowledgment. In the past year, OPPO Air Glass won the 2023 Edison Best New Product Award, and OPPO Zero-Power Tag for battery-free communication, was named to TIME’s List of Best Inventions of 2023. OPPO also achieved fruitful outcomes in green innovation. Its self-developed Battery Health Engine also helped OPPO earn the 2023 SEAL Sustainable Product Award and a place on the Fast Company's "Top 10 Most Innovative Asia-Pacific Companies of 2023".

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