• Press Release
  • 2022-10-19
  • OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G Features 80W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge

    ●       The Reno8 series debuts with 80W SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge for the first time ever, designed to deliver a faster, safer, and more reliable experience for users
    ●       The Reno8 Pro 5G’s 4,500mAh battery can be charged to 50% in just 11 minutes and 100% in just 31 minutes
    ●       OPPO’s #SuperCharged campaign is now live and participants have the chance to win a Reno8 5G

    Dubai, UAE, 19th October 2022 – The newly-launched Reno8 series boasts industry-leading technologies across various aspects, from cutting-edge camera capabilities to all-around smartphone performance, and comes equipped with OPPO’s incredible self-developed 80W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge.

    OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G Features 80W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge

    To help users enjoy the flagship-level performance for longer, the Reno8 Pro 5G boasts a suite of incredible charging and battery features designed to deliver a faster, safer, and more reliable experience. With the super-fast 80W SUPERVOOCTM charging technology, the Reno8 Pro 5G’s 4,500mAh battery can be charged to 50% in just 11 minutes and to 100% in just 31 minutes. For those who only have time for a quick charge, tests by TÜV Rheinland show that even a five-minute charge is enough for two hours of gaming.

    The Reno8 Pro 5G also provides a safer charging experience over the entire charging process with its integrated 5-Layer Charging Protection. This includes adapter overload protection, flash charging condition identification protection, interface overload protection, battery current overload protection, and battery fuse protection, for end-to-end safe charging and has passed TÜV Rheinland’s Safe Fast-Charge System Certification in recognition of its outstanding overall safety performance.

    As a leader in flash charge technology, OPPO prioritizes the building of a robust and innovative ecosystem that supports flash charge protocols widely used in the industry to deliver the benefits of its flash charge solutions to more users. 

    In 2021, OPPO launched its new project ‘The Flash Initiative’ at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai (MWCS), bringing its proprietary VOOC technology to automobiles, public spaces, and chips embedded inside a wide variety of technologies with the goal to bring faster charging to every area of users’ lives.

    Earlier this year, at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, OPPO unveiled 150W SUPERVOOCTM flash charge with Battery Health Engine that doubles battery lifespan, 240W SUPERVOOCTM flash charge that charges 4500mAh in just nine minutes, and Battery Health Engine which includes two key technologies: Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing Technology, improving battery health, safety, and performance by optimizing the hardware and software.

    Most recently, OPPO’s SUPERVOOCTM Flash Charge technology was named the breakthrough technology of the year and an industry-leading technology at BEYOND Expo 2022. The impact of flash charge and the product ecosystem around the technology also resulted in OPPO being awarded the prestigious Consumer Tech Innovation Award.

    OPPO has licensed the flash charge technology to over 40 companies, having applied for around 3,600 patents worldwide and owning approximately 1,900 granted patents within this field. With more innovative and futuristic charging solutions to come, OPPO pledges to continue exploring more ways of bringing safe, effective, rapid, and easy-to-use charging experiences to users across the world.

    Still haven’t got your hands on a Reno8 Series smartphone? Enter OPPO’s #SuperCharged competition, running until 31st October, where all participants need to do is share activities that have drained their battery life for a chance to win a Reno8 5G. Followers can participate by tagging @OPPOArabia and using the campaign hashtag #SuperCharged in posts shared.

    OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G Features 80W SUPERVOOC Flash Charge

    Customers can now experience the SUPERVOOCTM flash charging adapted across the Reno8 series, which can now be purchased by visiting OPPO’s regional websites and retail partner stores, at a retail price of AED 2,799 for the Reno8 Pro 5G, AED 1,899 for the Reno8 5G, and AED 1,499 for the Reno8 Z 5G.



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