• Press Release
  • 2024-02-27
  • OPPO Debuts AI-focused OPPO Air Glass 3 at MWC 2024

       ●  Marking a significant breakthrough in XR, OPPO Air Glass 3 can access OPPO's AndesGPT model via a smartphone app for generative AI capabilities.

       ●  OPPO has established the OPPO AI Center and released the OPPO AI Smartphone White Paper as it continues to explore the forefront of AI development and implementation.

       ●  OPPO, AlpsenTek, and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. have debuted new Hybrid Vision Sensing technology featuring AI Motion that is set to deliver new breakthroughs in image deblurring and high frame rate slow motion video on mobile phones.

       ●  OPPO devices, including the OPPO Find X7 Ultra, and innovative features, including the new AI Eraser, are also being showcased at MWC 2024.

    Dubai, UAE, 27 February 2024 — Leading global technology company OPPO today unveiled a prototype for its new generation of assisted reality glasses, OPPO Air Glass 3, at MWC 2024. OPPO Air Glass 3 can access OPPO's AndesGPT model via a smartphone, providing a new burdenless AI experience. Ahead of the event, OPPO also announced the establishment of the OPPO AI Center and released the OPPO AI Smartphone White Paper, marking a new era in which Smartphones transition to AI Smartphones.

    At this year's MWC, OPPO has also joined hands with Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and startup AlpsenTek to introduce a new AI Motion algorithm based on Hybrid Vision Sensing (HVS) technology, bringing added clarity to photography and videography of high-speed moving objects. Further to this, OPPO is showcasing a range of products and innovations together with partners, including Google, Qualcomm, and MediaTek, and has announced that OPPO smartphone users will soon be able to connect their phones to Microsoft Copilot. reflecting OPPO's commitment to exploring enhanced technological experiences in collaboration with partners across the industry.

    Yi XU, Director of XR Technology at OPPO

    Bringing users closer to AI experiences with the world’s lightest binocular AR glasses 
    Multimodal AI unlocks new user interactions, such as voice and visual commands. OPPO Air Glass 3, weighing just 50 grams, combines tech with smartphones for a seamless experience. With OPPO AndesGPT via the Air Glass APP, users only easily activate the AI voice assistant by pressing the temple, making tasks a breeze.

    OPPO Air Glass 3 prototype

    The OPPO Air Glass 3 also supports touch interaction, which can be used to easily control functions such as music playback, voice calls, information display, color image browsing, and more. The glasses also feature reverse sound field technology, an open acoustic design with four microphones, and other innovations that improve noise isolation to deliver high audio quality and enhanced privacy protection. 

    Embracing AI with the new OPPO AI Center
    OPPO is making AI a central focus of its long-term strategy with the establishment of the OPPO AI Center, aiming to drive user- centric exploration of AI technology.

    The upcoming OPPO Reno11 Series and the OPPO Find N3 will feature generative AI features, including OPPO AI Eraser, within the second quarter of 2024, expanding to more products in the future.

    As of December 31, 2023, with over 3,160 global AI patents filed and the release of the AI Smartphone White Paper, OPPO anticipates AI smartphones will revolutionize the industry, creating a new ecosystem of AI services and capabilities.

    Building an AI ecosystem through collaborative innovation
    OPPO collaborates with industry partners like AlpsenTek, and Qualcomm to pioneer Hybrid Vision Sensing technologies featuring the new AI Motion algorithm. This innovation, showcased at MWC, enables smartphones to capture true 960fps slow-motion videos in 4K resolution, addressing image blur and enhancing dynamic range and resolution for creative content creation.

    Ren Yan, Director of Open Innovation Europe, OPPO, introducing AlpsenTek and other startups

    OPPO’s leading technologies and products garner industry recognition for AI capabilities
    At OPPO ODC 2023, the company released its first self-trained generative AI model, AndesGPT, featuring dialogue enhancement, personalization, and cloud-device collaboration. Drawing on the capabilities of AndesGPT, OPPO has introduced a new AI Eraser feature on the new OPPO Find X7 Series. Visitors to the Qualcomm booth at this year’s MWC will be able to experience the impressive effects created by AI Eraser and the powerful imaging performance of the OPPO Find X7 Ultra.

    OPPO Find X7 Ultra and OPPO Find N3 at Qualcomm booth

    Meanwhile, a series of OPPO innovative products, including the OPPO Find X7 Ultra and the Find N3 series, is also being showcased at Google’s Android Partner Walk, demonstrating the comprehensive cooperation between OPPO and Google in creating smarter user experiences over the years.

    OPPO Inspiration Zone

    At the event, OPPO and Microsoft announced a collaboration to explore AI technology for enhancing user experiences across devices. Through Microsoft Link to Windows and a new plugin, OPPO users can utilize Copilot on their smartphones connected to a PC for content generation, text translation, and address search. Additionally, at MWC 4YFN, OPPO is showcasing six startup teams at the OPPO Inspiration Zone, demonstrating like contactless health monitoring intelligent diagnosis for heart and lung auscultation, AR game, and various AI technologies. 

    Under its mission of "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World", OPPO will continue to invest in the development and application of AI, working closely with partners around the world to introduce more industry-leading products and services that bring enhanced mobile experiences to users while creating a more open and advanced global technology ecosystem. 

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