• Press Release
  • 2022-06-09
  • OPPO Bring to Life Multi-layer Design and Experiences to the Reno7 Series

    ·         The new Reno7 Series consists of three 5G models, all equipped with Portrait Expert features and ground-breaking technology
    ·         Flagship portrait camera system and powerhouse setup for an exceptional content capture and 5G experience
    ·         The Reno7 Series is available to purchase from selected retail partner stores across the GCC

    Dubai, UAE, 9th June 2022: As a smartphone that aims to provide young people with more creative freedom to express themselves through its design, the OPPO Reno Series has been constantly refreshing its appearance with every generation, offering an entirely novel experience each time thanks to its ever-evolving Reno Glow process finish. With the latest Reno7 Series, OPPO is continuing the iconic visual style of the Reno Series while introducing a revolutionary design that fuses both visual and physical sensations, offering a refreshing tactile and visual experience.

    By drawing inspiration from natural structures such as crystals and snowflakes, OPPO has gradually refined OPPO Glow through three successive generations of R&D and process development. With the latest OPPO Glow, OPPO uses a chemical etching and acid washing process to create a frosted-glass material that provides a silky-smooth tactile sensation while encapsulating crystals and snowflakes on the back case of the phone.

    Persisting with this same aesthetic concept while creating a completely new sensation on the OPPO Reno Series was never going to be an easy task. OPPO designers and engineers had to go beyond existing processes and explore a number of different technologies and design paths at each stage of the Reno7 Series' development to bring the desired visual effect to life.

    The satisfying end result of this long R&D process is a unique and innovative manufacturing process called Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) technology. LDI adds a further level of complexity to the OPPO Glow effect, offering more room for imagination and reinterpretation of the inspired-by-nature design concept of the Reno Series with an even more shimmering look and feel.

    Through the introduction of Laser Direct Imaging technology - a key technique in high precision semiconductor fabrication – OPPO applied LDI to imitate the image of star trails and created a pattern which consists of 1.2 million micro-rasters and each produced which a precision of just 20 microns. Then the image is precisely transferred on the back cover of Reno7 5G. This creates a visual and textural illusion of shooting stars streaming across the device that shine and fade into the black galaxy as the phone is held in the hand.

    The use of LDI technology is the first time LDI has ever been applied to the exterior design of a mobile device. It is also the first time that OPPO itself has used laser engraving technology to perform additional precision processing on top of the OPPO Glow layer.

    Through the fusion of several innovative processing techniques such as LDI, and OPPO’s dual-texture dual-coating technology, OPPO has brought the enchanting sensation of shooting stars crossing the sky to the Reno7 Series and into the hands of every Reno7 user.

    Since the very first OPPO Reno device, the Series’ thin and lightweight design has been its conceptual foundation and a core part of its appeal — a tradition which the latest Reno7 Series continues to adopt.

    Even with its large capacity 4500mAh battery, the size and weight of Reno7 5G have been kept to a minimum. The phone’s body has a thickness of about 7.81mm, striking the perfect balance between long battery life and comfort for those who use their phones constantly throughout the day.

    Reno7 5G has a rounded center frame with smooth edges while using a 3D rounded design to transition from the front to the back of the phone for a better fit into the hand. With the improved screen edge sliding experience, Reno7 5G offers a better grip to achieve a balance of reliability and comfortability.

    Looking ahead, OPPO will continue to develop more exclusive innovations in its product design philosophy as it further enhances the distinct visual and multi-dimensional textural experience of the Reno Series. Through these design innovations, OPPO hopes that the Reno Series and its unique details will provide even more ways for users to express their personalities.

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