• Press Release
  • 2024-01-02
  • Amr Diab, OPPO Ambassador for Middle East & Africa

    The Guiness World Record Holder and best selling Middle Eastern artist joins OPPO MEA as regional brand ambassador from January 2024

    Dubai, UAE, 02 January 2024: Global technology brand, OPPO, announces the legendary recording artist, Amr Diab as OPPO’s MEA ambassador, ahead of the regional launch of the brand’s leading portrait-centric smartphone, the upcoming Reno Series.

    OPPO’s leading portrait photography technology has earned the Reno Series the designation of "The Portrait Expert." Through collaboration with Amr Diab, a critically celebrated musical maestry, the partnership seeks to intertwine the technological prowess with the emotional depth of music. Users can anticipate a revolutionary advancement in the realm of portrait photography, where every shot represents a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and musical inspiration.

    Chi Zhou, President of OPPO MEA, said, "When looking for OPPO’s MEA Brand Ambassador, Amr Diab was an obvious choice to represent the brand in the region. A pioneer and true visionary in his field, Amr Diab has been at the forefront of the industry for many years, enveloping his audience with his creativity, determination, and charisma. To us at OPPO, this collaboration symbolizes the fusion of innovation, passion and a beautiful future, jointly committed to crafting an inspiring and elegant experiences for users."

    Amr Diab added, "I am honoured to collaborate with OPPO, a brand that resonates with my commitment to breaking barriers and pursuing excellence. Together, we aim to create meaningful experiences for users, blending the worlds of art and innovation.”

    The OPPO Reno Series is a versatile, purposeful line of devices aimed at immortalizing memories through expert-level portrait photography. With more than 100 million devices sold since its debut in 2019 and over 2 million portrait photos taken daily with a Reno device, these dazzling numbers underscore the significant trust so many people place in the capabilities of their OPPO devices.

    OPPO and Amr Diab's collaboration extends beyond the announcement, with a series of projects aimed at captivating users throughout the year. From exclusive events to digital engagements, the partnership promises a dynamic blend of technology, photography, and music, creating a memorable and inspiring journey for OPPO users.

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