• Press Release
  • 2021-06-30
  • OPPO combines function and style for the new OPPO A16 in Singapore

    30 July 2021, Singapore – OPPO, the leading global smart device brand, has announced the launch of OPPO A16 in Singapore.

    Sticking to the basics of offering a high performance in a sleek package, OPPO A16 is built without compromising the daily needs of a smartphone user and their love for style. The OPPO A16’s large 6.52-inch Eye Care Display ensures that users can watch their favourite entertainment in comfort, while the long-lasting 5000mAh Battery makes it a reliable device, be it for browsing the internet or capturing life’s best moments with its ultra-clear triple camera.

    The A Series aims to make technology fun, and is built for those on the go. Staying in touch with friends, family or colleagues is made easier with the A Series to empower a more connected life through technology. Equipped with a 5000mAh Long-lasting Battery, HD+ Eye-care Display and AI Triple Camera, the OPPO A16 provides a user experience that ensures a smooth sailing day even with multitude of things to do.

    “OPPO A16 is uncompromising in its combination of style and function. The trendy design makes it a pleasure to use when you need it, and the high-end triple camera system captures those memorable moments while being active. The large 5000mAh battery allows users to enjoy their day without constantly worrying about battery life,” said Dylan Yu, Marketing Director of OPPO Singapore.

    Design & Camera

    The OPPO A16 features a contemporary design. On top of its ample camera features perfect to capture best moments, upon taking the OPPO A16 out of your pocket, the smartphone’s 3D sheets are designed to catch the attention of other people.  Moreover, OPPO A16’s light weight at just 190g combined with its compact build of 163.8 mm long, 75.6mm wide, and 8.4 mm thick, makes the device convenient to carry. Blending together the concepts of “polished” with “practical”, the OPPO A16 has a high thermal conductive aluminium upper cover that dissipates heat, ensuring users feel comfortable while holding the device. It is also visually appealing, with its laser-engraved, vacuum plated decorative frame that emphasises the phone’s metallic sheen.

    Another standout factor is OPPO A16’s Middle Frame Process. At just 8.4 mm, the middle frame is surprisingly thin for a phone that has both an LCD display and 5000 mAh battery. Furthermore, its minimal size does not preclude outsized craftsmanship, as the upscale design makes OPPO A16 hold its own in any social setting. Sprayed with silver-infused paint, the frame has a metal-like shine, as well as a three-layer spray process that mimics a silver coating, and an arc design gives it added durability.

    Meeting the needs of users who are looking for a tool that lets them seamlessly navigate their day while also expressing their unique personalities, the OPPO A16 comes in two fashionable colours. Pearl Blue pops with a metallic, bright-as-pearl shine that conveys energy, while Space Silver puts the technology front-and-centre with a high-end, youthful vibrance. Both colourways appear premium, making the phone suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Not only that, the camera modules also offer a glint of elegance when viewed from different angles. All colours are finished with an AG frost matte that prevents fingerprints.

    Since OPPO A16 is built for extended use throughout the day, the device has a 6.52-inch Eye Care Display which provides superior visuals with its high resolution, brightness and eye care. OPPO A16 allows users to enjoy their favourite entertainment all day long with its sunlight and moonlight screens, both of which dim and brighten automatically based on the conditions to keep users from straining their sight. In ultra-dark environments, the screen can dim to as little as 2 nits. Additionally, with a screen ratio of 88.70% and 1600 x 720 (HD+) resolution, users can enjoy high-quality entertainment videos on the go. The phone’s AI Smart Backlighting can also learn the brightness habits of users, providing a customised smart backlight experience. With OPPO A16, eye health of users is taken care of from the moment it is unlocked.

    In the hustle and bustle of a busy day, users can confidently carry the OPPO A16 knowing that it will protect your most valuable information, thanks to OPPO A16’s face and side fingerprint recognition.

    The Classic high-end triple cameras of the OPPO A16 add to the multitude of design features, giving the smartphone a premium edge. Encased in a vacuum plate and laser engraving process decorative frame with a specular silver finish, OPPO ensured that no detail was too small when creating a device that is both casual enough for the office, yet sophisticated enough when going out to town. With black etching and screen printing used for the lens process, and CD patterns etched on glasses to showcase a detailed texture, the OPPO A16 is a device deserving of attention. The device’s vertical design further facilitates a better performance.

    OPPO A16 has a 13MP main camera with 2MP Depth (Bokeh) and 2MP Macro Camera that is engineered to perform well at capturing photos throughout the day. The camera is able to blur backgrounds to and capture super quality portraits, while objects can be captured clearly within a very close range. Users can also use the Dazzle Colour Mode to make their shots highly appealing for their Instagram feed, and easily balance the saturation, brightness, as well as adjust the colour levels of images manually. On top of that, one of the 15 filters — such as Warm, Mist, Country, Travel, Food, Film, and Autumn — can also be easily applied, for a quick photo-studio finish. The OPPO A16 when turned around, sports a 8MP front camera for clear selfies, while AI Beautification on both its front and rear cameras will individually beautify the shot, through adjusting and smoothing skin tones. This feature can enhance and personalise all subjects’ appearance based on light conditions and skin tones, ensuring that everyone looks their best.

    Battery & ROM

    OPPO A16 offers long battery life and storage. Its large battery that has a series of power saving features, enables users to enjoy the phone without having to constantly worry about the phone’s battery life.

    The 5000mAh Battery ensures enough power to keep the OPPO A16 charged on long trips and commutes. With 100% battery, users can get 34 hours of call time, or 21.02 hours of YouTube video playback. Another benefit of the large battery capacity is that it requires less frequent charging, leading to a longer battery life. As smartphones are built to withstand the stressors of users’ busy schedule, the OPPO A16 prevents overcharging and short circuits and offer overcurrent protection – all to protect users’ charging safety.

    The OPPO A16’s Super Nighttime Standby give users 8 hours (from 23:00 to 07:00) of night-time standby while only consuming 1.21% power, effectively reducing battery consumption when the phone is idle at night. Users can be assured, knowing OPPO A16 will be ready for use before sunrise.

    When the battery decreases to 5% or below, the Super Power Saving Mode let users chat for up to 1.84 hours by phone. With the Optimised Overnight Charging, it goes even further, by giving users around-the-clock reliability. After switching on this feature, OPPO A16 will create a charging solution for users based on their sleep patterns, intelligently charging it to 80%, before later resuming it to fully charging the phone before the user is awake.

    Regardless of how much the OPPO A16 is charged or which settings is used, it will always feel comfortable to the touch with the Smart Temperature Control. The Smart Temperature Control is a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of the phone's rear cover while charging and reduces the charging current when the temperature is too high. Engineered for ease of use, OPPO A16 also has another highly convenient feature — a Type-C connector instead of the Micro-USB connector used on the previous generations. In addition to being easier to plug in, the connector includes short circuit protection in the event of overheating. In case of contact with water or other liquids, shorts are mitigated by automatically disconnecting power when a sharp temperature rise is detected.

    To make OPPO A16 a smartphone that facilitates the diverse needs of everyday life, the 4GB + 64GB configuration empowers users with enough storage and eases users of the burden of deciding which photos to delete or keep, in order to free up storage. The OPPO A16’s ultra-large storage space addresses users' needs and, for those who need additional memory space, the Memory Expansion Card up to 256G provides even more storage.

    OPPO A16 also offers plenty of features for versatility. It supports Dual Sim and Dual Standby so users can easily change between numbers, and the Idle Time Optimiser automatically analyses the phone for junk files and cleans it up overnight. The Dual Channel Acceleration support allows users to swap between a mobile network and Wi-Fi seamlessly without interruption. The whole device stays cool with 5 temperature sensors strategically placed throughout the OPPO A16.

    ColorOS 11.1 & Premium Quality

    Beyond the OPPO A16 hardware and software’s support, OPPO A16 also offers ColorOS 11.1 and Fine Finishing. ColorOS 11.1: A Lightweight OS comes with features built to be flexible and intuitive, like FlexDrop, which allows users to keep apps open in full screen as floating windows and enables users to easily multitask between different tasks and apps. Integrating seamlessly with real-life tasks, OPPO A16 also comes with Google Lens OCR to recognise text while photo taking, allowing users to translate foreign languages while travelling. Created with a social lifestyle in mind, the device also allows users to connect with others using the Nearby Share function and share data with non-OPPO phones that have built-in Google Nearby. It uses no mobile data, which means users can share as many videos, images, and APK files as desired.

    OPPO has also geared the OPPO A16’s rich software capabilities and features towards protecting its users’ privacy and security. OPPO A16 comes with the ability to lock selected applications with its App Lock. Photos, videos, documents and more can also be stored in OPPO’s Private Safe, where no one else besides the user can access them.

    With usage of the OPPO A16, the user experience is continually optimised with a System Booster running in the background. It reduces the possibility of a lag by 18% compared to previous generations. More than ten optimisations are implemented into the phone to improve its performance in the background to achieve System Performance Optimiser. Among these features, UI First 3.0 and AI Startup Optimiser makes the animation start time for apps more efficient, Background Freezing and Dex2oat 3.0 also allocate resources efficiently to background processes, and Athena 3.0 is able to clean up memory to improve overall performance. Users will be delighted with the seamless performance that the System Performance Optimiser unlocks.

    For maximum endurance, OPPO A16 comes with IPX4 Waterproof and other Precision Quality Tests – the device has achieved the industry standard of IPX4 Waterproof under the laboratory setting conditions, which is just one of the other Precision Quality Tests that ensure users get 5 layers of protection. OPPO A16 has also passed six major tests including drop, waterproof, radiation, climate, slight drop, and signal, on top of passing 50+ production process controls, 130+ ultra-rigorous reliability tests, and 320+ experimental tests.

    Market Availability

    OPPO A16 is available starting from 30 July in Singapore and will come in in Pearl Blue and Space Silver colourways. With every purchase, customers can enjoy a free 64GB SD Card, while stocks last.

    The OPPO A16 will come in 4GB memory and 64GB storage, at a retail price of S$249, available at all OPPO concept stores and OPPO’s official Shopee and Lazada online stores, as well as authorised retailers island wide.



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