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  • 2021-05-10
  • 5G: Time to Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience

    5G - Time to revolutionise your gaming experience Header Image: 5G –Time to Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience

    5G: Time to Revolutionize Your Gaming Experience

    Whilst the release of Cyberpunk 2077 gave us a vision for the far-off future, the real gaming revolution is already here thanks to 5G. Forget the troubles of getting the latest game consoles or high-end graphic cards, with the 5G-enhanced Cloud Gaming, you will be on the way to a futuristic world that anyone can connect to the internet and play anytime, anywhere.

    5G and Cloud Gaming
    What is cloud gaming? Cloud gaming harness the power of the cloud to render game scenes on cloud, then stream it to devices in your hands. This means that you don’t need to choose from different gaming platforms or purchase expensive consoles; and it untethers us from unnecessary cables, and frees us from the long wait for a game to download or update.

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    The Sky’s the Limit as 5G supports Cloud Gaming Anytime, Anywhere

    The low latency 5G offers a more immediate and secure response in cloud gaming. Low latency is one of the key features that places 5G leagues ahead of previous generations of cellular networks. Not to be confused with high speeds, low latency refers to the minimal time span between a request and a response, making it essential to the realization of application scenarios requiring instant feedback.

    The slightest lag is integral to so many games, meaning a virtual life and death situation. Fortunately, 5G can currently reduce latency to within 10ms, though the pace of innovation means that it’s not unrealistic to expect 5G to clock in at 1ms in the future. To put this into context, for the average human, any latency under 15ms is almost unobservable but it affects your device which then affects your game. Every millisecond counts when you’re fighting to win the game.

    5G - Time to revolutionise your gaming experience Image: Low Latency means Instant Feedback

    With 5G, the response times between in-game characters will be faster than ever, making it feel like you’re really there with your friends and totally immersed in the gaming experience. The ultra-smooth gameplay is virtually indistinguishable from that of a local gaming console, and the data transmission time is not noticeable at all. At MWC 2019, attendees were able to experience 5G cloud gaming demonstrated OPPO’s first 5G phone, the Reno 5G. The weapons-based combat game SoulCalibur VI runs beautifully without any discernible lag during strikes and counterattacks.

    Enjoy 5G-supported Gaming with Friends
    It is not only about cloud gaming. From big high-resolutions screens to smartphone games on the go, we all rely on the internet to play and one of the best things about gaming is the opportunity to play together - wherever we are on the globe, we always share our virtual worlds.

    When it comes to 5G, the high-bandwidth and low-latency untethers us from unnecessary cables, instead you can use any OPPO smartphone, tablet or any devices to jump right into the game and never miss a moment with your friends.

    Try the Innovative Gaming Experience with AR/VR
    Another unforgettable gaming experience is AR/VR, which will allow us to take immersive gaming to the next level - if you’re not sure what that looks like, think about OASIS in Ready Player One. Similar to could gaming, all the calculations needed for AR/VR can be performed in the cloud with the data being transmitted in real time to the AR/VR terminal during gameplay. The challenge is that these massive games, hyper realistic scenes, and interactive content raise the bar significantly for data transmission, internet speeds, and low latency requirements. Most of our present digital infrastructure just isn’t up to the challenge.

    However, with 5G wideband networks and lower latency, it’s time to defeat this obstacle. During the launch of AR Glass 2021 at OPPO INNO DAY 2020, attendees experienced augmented reality through a MOBA-style game and a tower defense game, which overlays game content previously only accessible on a screen on top of the real world, allowing for more exhilarating and enjoyable gameplay. With the support of 5G connectivity, games that combine the virtual with reality will become even more creative and diversified.

    Say Goodbye Lag – it's Time to Move on

    5G - Time to revolutionise your gaming experience Image: 5G Can Make Our Digital Dreams a Remarkable Reality

    Of course, the benefits of low latency extend far beyond gaming. One such application is in medicine. For instance, doctors can conduct precise, tele-operated robotic surgery via 5G networks. With the lower latency of 5G, images and data from the operating room can be transmitted without delay, ensuring that remote surgery is more precise, reliable, and safe. Successful surgeries have been carried out across the world, and the widespread application of this technology could bring high-quality medical resources to those living in remote areas.

    Another application is in self-driving cars. What science fiction movie and vision of the future is complete without self-driving cars? These have remained a concept as lagging meant poor reaction times,  But 5G will make it easier for cars to receive and recognize data about upcoming obstacles or other signals which then means it the car can respond immediately and enhance the protection of the passengers within it.

    Thanks to 5G low latency, many futuristic dreams seen in movies are becoming a reality. And the benefits of low latency are not restricted to the realms of gaming, remote surgery, or autonomous vehicles. With an OPPO 5G device, all new experiences will be at your fingertips to surprise and delight you in the age of 5G Internet of Experience.  



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