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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is OPPO Protection Plan offered at OPPO Store Online?

OPPO Protection Plans are officially named as OPPO Care and designed by OPPO. There are 3 OPPO Protection Plans offered at OPPO Store: 1 Year Screen Protection Plan, 1 Year Extended Warranty, and OPPO Care Combo Plan (1 Year Screen Protection + 1 Year Extended Warranty).

2. What is the effective time for each OPPO Protection Plan?

Screen Protection Plan will be activated on the date when user received the new smartphone and will be expired after 1 year. Extended Warranty will be activated on the day when original factory warranty ends and will extend factory warranty throughout 2nd year.

3. If I purchase OPPO Protection Plan, is it valid for multiple phone?

No, each OPPO Protection Plan can only be registered with one valid smartphone IMEI. An OPPO Protection Plan will not be effective for any other phone.

4. How to check OPPO Care product status?

Customers can check status of their OPPO Protection Plan in OPPO Official Website: https://support.oppo.com/my/warranty-check/

5. How to purchase OPPO Protection Plan at OPPO Store Online?

Customers can select their OPPO Protection Plan from add-on list when they purchase OPPO smartphone at OPPO Store. 


Notice: OPPO Protection Plan must be purchased with a smartphone at OPPO Store. Or customers need to walk in My OPPO Space, OPPO Authorized Service Center and any official OPPO Brand Store to enable to puchase separately. 

6. How to use OPPO Protection Plan for repair?

Please visit your nearest service center with your OPPO smartphone which will be inspected and verified by technicians in store if it is in compliant with the OPPO Protection Plan Service Policy.

7. Can I return my OPPO Protection Plan and get refund?

OPPO Protection Plan may only be returned and refunded if the phone is also returned within the period of return policy. OPPO Protection Plan cannot be returned or refund separately.




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