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  • 2022-03-29
  • OPPO Reno7 Z 5G: The Portrait Expert That Captures Your True Colours

    OPPO Reno7 Z 5G: The Portrait Expert That Captures Your True Colours

    Without a doubt, a smartphone is no longer just a communication device as it also feeds our needs for a great performance of other functions like photography and the latest addition to the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G will do just that. OPPO Reno7 Z 5G will light up your world with its capability in capturing your true colours through its camera performance while taking everyone’s breath away with its aesthetics and capability.

    This latest instalment is more than just an impressive design, you can be head and shoulder across several subjects over the rest with OPPO Reno7 Z 5G! Learn more on why you should be having OPPO Reno7 Z 5G as your next smartphone below!

    Why #1: You Shine Remarkably No Matter What, Thanks To Its Splendid Design

    You are right on track to be the beaming heartbeat of the universe if you have the OPPO Reno7 Z 5G in the palm of your hands! Thanks to the OPPO Glow design, OPPO Reno7 Z 5G has an exclusive appearance that is as good to hold as it is to look at. OPPO Glow’s exclusive craftsmanship is produced from over 20 patents and is achieved by drilling millions of pyramid-shaped crystals on its back panel.

    Not just that, the colour of this phone makes it almost impossible to not fall in love as its colours change just like the night sky. It arrives in two interesting colour options; Rainbow Spectrum and Cosmic Black which exude timeless elegance and style. It also goes far beyond just the colour as it also arrives with a unique feature which is OPPO's first Dual Orbit Lights design, that will hog the limelight.

    This sleek look represents the beauty of vitality and agility by accentuating a minimalist design and reducing camera bump while creating an atmosphere of fantasy. No matter what you do now, talking, texting, charging, or enjoying a video game, you just know that the Dual Orbit Lights will shine like Gemini stars in the night sky. Only on OPPO Reno7 Z 5G.

    Why #2: Endurance & Excitement Works Well Together For Endless Sensation

    Take note that OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is not just impressive to look at and use. It also features an ultra-slim, lightweight with a Retro design built, it weighs only 173g, with 7.49mm slim thickness for Cosmic Black, while Rainbow Spectrum is set at 7.55mm – making it not only just nice in the eyes but also in your hands too.

    Despite all that, it also comes with toughness and durability, to resist the pressure and make everything last longer. Experience the latest the best quality out there with OPPO Enduring Quality and its powerful reliability with this smartphone. It has been rightfully certified with IPX4 Water-Resistant Rating and passed over 130 ultra-rigorous reliability tests along with more than 320 experimental test items which include over 28,000 Micro-Drop Testing, over 500,000 Presses Power Button Durability Testing, and even 14-Day High-Temperature & High-Humidity-Resistance Testing, providing users with the high-quality products you expect from OPPO. This phone is more than what you think of, it is built to be by your side for a long time.

    In addition to that, it also ensures the smoothest and most comfortable viewing experience, the OPPO Reno7 Z 5G features a 6.4inch AMOLED display with a 60Hz Refresh Rate and up to 180Hz Touch Sampling Rate to ensure an exceptionally smooth and comfortable viewing experience.  Not to mention the display is Netflix HD and Amazon Prime Video HD-certified, so the harmful blue light is significantly reduced as you binge-watch your favourite Netflix series! Doubt you will ever leave this phone away due to its strength and performance.

    Why #3: Precious Memories Made Better With Scintillating Pro Photography

    Guess OPPO Reno7 Z 5G still hold photography in high regard? Yes, you bet it is not. The camera of OPPO Reno7 Series 5G encapsulates everything that you want in a smartphone when it comes to portrait photography, and OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is not excluded as you can be #ThePortraitExpert in only simple moves only.

    The phone also features Bokeh Flare Portrait as its predecessor, where you can capture every moment of your life in a superb photography experience boosted by the bokeh flare effects that will make you the main star of your own show. You are also set to be equipped with the spectacular Selfie HDR that can give you perfect photos with vivid colours and rich details despite any backlit situation that you are in while the AI Color Portrait can edit your photo like a pro!

    Not just that, you can also enhance all of your one-of-a-kind features with an upgraded AI Portrait Retouching algorithm, besides the AI Triple Camera that crystal-clear quality and vivid colour, even in bad lighting conditions.

    Why #4: Get Into The Thick Of The Action With Its Power and Functionality

    Not limited to photography, OPPO Reno7 Z 5G also steal the show with its powerful built-in 5G chip that is the Snapdragon™ 695 5G mobile platform by Qualcomm®. It is an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable service from more locations than ever with download speeds that can reach up to 2.5 Gbps. That means your live streaming, photo-sharing, and gaming can all be lightning-fast as you travel near and far.

    It also arrives with the RAM Expansion feature that can be turned on for a better performance of the phone, as it supports up to 5GB of expansion. It innovatively integrates RAM and ROM to maximize its performance which will translate into fully maximizing your lifestyle too.  Want to elevate your lifestyle to a different level? Get ready to be taken aback by the magical Omoji feature which is part of the ColorOS 12. There are over 200-plus personalized emoticons available to let you express exactly what you want in mind besides the advanced face-capture algorithms which record 77 facial feature points for an effortless texting experience to fire up your life.

    This phone also comes with features such as AI Frame Rate Stabilizer and Quick Startup that will present you with an immersive gaming experience and handle all the pressure that comes with it.

    Why #5: Life Flows Uninterruptedly With Amazing Elements To Keep It All Alive!

    Have you ever been ready to leave the house, but then only you realize your phone is out of battery? Get it off your mind now, as that is not the case with OPPO Reno7 Z 5G. With 33W SUPERVOOCTM fast charging available to boost its life, it can go from zero to hero in just several minutes.  Just like other versions of the Reno7 Series 5G, OPPO's mature charging technology is designed to give its user an ultra-fast, ultra-convenient charge. Less waiting on the wing, only 5 minutes of charging is needed for you to be in a continuous 3-hour conversation over a phone call or even better, entertain yourself over Youtube videos for 2.2 hours! A low battery will never ruin your day ever again as OPPO Reno7 Z 5G doesn't just give you faster-charging speeds but it also arrives with amazing practicality.

    The battery life has also been optimized for additional convenience, making every daily life process easier and more efficient with this superb smartphone. It features a 4500mAH battery, which can last for up to 262 hours in off-screen mode. To make it even better, it also offers Super Power Saving Mode to meet any urgent demands if you find yourself in a low battery situation and Super Nighttime Standby, for nighttime power consumption only clocks at as low as 3.4%. Stay charged up all day long, not a single worry of being disconnected from your life! Long gone are days where running out of battery becomes a super huge problem that can cause unnecessary issues and affect life.

    Does OPPO Reno7 Z 5G tickle your interest? Jump into the bandwagon again with one of the most hyped phones of the year 2022. Set to take over the world by storm, thanks to The Portrait Expert features and capabilities, it is ready to give other smartphones a run for its money! Want more than just words?

    Head over to MY OPPO Space and OPPO Brand Store now to have the first taste of its potential and if you are in for it, pre-order now until 1 April 2022 to receive FREE Gifts worth up to RM233*, but only for the ones that are placed at OPPO Brand Stores, OPPO Official Stores & Shopee! Yes, you can get the freebies which are also applicable for the First Sale promo period of OPPO Reno7 Z 5G that is running until 17 April 2022! OPPO Reno7 Z 5G is ready to change your world forever.



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