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  • 2023-11-15
  • The Road to Paris Photo 2023: OPPO Find N3 Series Image Tour

    To celebrate the launch of the Find N3 series, OPPO takes you on an eye-catching tour of Seville, Spain - one of Europe's most photogenic locations. Before finishing in Paris, France where OPPO was the only smartphone brand taking part in Paris Photo 2023, the largest international art fair dedicated to the photographic medium.

    Join OPPO along the way as it champions creativity and collaboration while unlocking new ways to capture your next masterpiece with the incredible Find N3 and Find N3 Flip.

    The Find N3 smartphone gives you the very best two-in-one, tablet meets smartphone foldable device, combining a far-reaching zoom, revolutionary sensor technology and supremely versatile part-folded experiences. Find N3 Flip is a compact self-portrait champion, with its vertical cover screen and advanced triple camera system for hands-free flagship photography with FlexForm Mode.

    OPPO Find N3
    OPPO Find N3 Flip
    OPPO x Paris Photo 2023

    Seville and the surrounding area provide eclectic and unique visual experiences wherever you look. The Find N3 series allows you to capture every beautiful angle…

    Doñana National Park

    The tour begins in Doñana National Park, a picture-postcard nature sanctuary, where wildlife roams through a vast and varied ecosystem of natural splendour. From marshland and lagoons to pine groves and moving dunes, and cliffs and unspoilt beaches, Doñana is a stunning starting point for Find N3 series to show off its powerful zoom and pro-grade camera system.

    When capturing backlit natural landscapes, Find N3's advanced wide stacked pixel sensor can preserve foreground shadow detail with artistic precision, while the 70mm telephoto camera can zoom in on any “must capture” moment - whether it is  a bird, an insect, or simply a stunning scene far in the distance.

    At Doñana, you'll find flocks of flamingos casting a striking silhouette across the skyline and see horses majestically bounding across open planes. The wetlands is also home to endangered species, including the Spanish imperial eagle and the Iberian Lynx, making capturing and sharing the incredible wildlife, and work being done to protect it, all the more important.

    Seville Cathedral

    An awe-inspiring  beauty and genuine architectural wonder, Seville Cathedral is both a Roman Catholic cathedral and a world heritage site. The largest Gothic church in the world, the height of the Gerald Tower from the ground to the weather vane measures a dizzying 104.5m.

    To do justice to such an immense architectural marvel (and the views from the top), an outstanding ultra-wide camera is key. That's where Find N3 shines, with its compact design and high-resolution imaging system, it elegantly unfolds to capture 48MP ultra-wide photos for action-camera levels of dynamism combined with pro-camera detail.

    And when zooming in, you can taste the details of Seville's richful color and unique architecture style.

    Seville's Flamenco Dance

    Seville's Flamenco Dance is known worldwide as the place where passion and artistry collide to create poetic movement amidst the unmistakable percussive sound of Flamenco.

    The Spanish guitar sets the scene as the dancer takes their position; the intricate motion and ferocity of intent that follows paints a picture that spans cultures and generations. Such an iconic display deserves to be captured in the best quality possible.

    Flamenco dancers are challenging subjects, making Find N3's incredible Hasselblad camera the perfect tool for the job. Thanks to its large sensors and strong stabilization capability, Find N3's system creates natural depth, preserving facial expressions and helping critical elements pop with a subtle, tasteful, soft-focus background.

    Alcázar of Seville

    From the passion of dance, to the breathtaking  Alcázar of Seville, also known as the Royal Palace of Seville. Developed throughout Islamic and Christian rule, the palace's name actually comes from the Arabic for “the castle” - al-qasr - and the melting pot of influences that feed into its architecture is palpable in person, and in pictures.

    For many visitors, the Alcázar is recognisable as the backdrop of popular television shows or movies. When you want to take a detail-rich lowlight photo indoors, you could capture all the atmosphere on-display with Find N3’s large, wide camera sensor, completed with an OIS lens, for the steadiest picture ever even when the lights drop.

    @tk_north, shot on OPPO Find N3

    Plaza de España

    Before departing for Paris, there's one last stop - the Plaza de España. Here, Find N3 is ideal for capturing this incredible 20th-century nod to Baroque, Renaissance and Moorish architecture.

    Always a hive of activity, the best way to capture this bustling destination is by part folding the Find N3 and placing it on a surface to capture a perfectly fluid long-exposure shot of crowds drifting across the scene.

    Wherever you are, and whichever phone you have at hand, enjoy ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto optical focal lengths and high-resolution sensors for a crisp, clear shot at any angle.

    Paris Photo 2023

    Swapping the streets of Seville for the promenades of Paris, the Find N3 Series photography tour ends in the French capital. With OPPO an Associate Partner of Paris Photo 2023, this is the ideal place to showcase OPPO's imaging power and its efforts to provide users with a mobile imaging experience beyond imagination. 

    At Paris Photo 2023, OPPO presented a series of exceptional images that revealed new possibilities for mobile imaging. Meanwhile, OPPO and Hasselblad announced a collaboration to co-develop the next generation of HyperTone Camera Systems, ushering in a new era in computational photography.



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