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  • 2022-03-14
  • Be A Digital Content Creator with OPPO Reno7 Series 5G

    All it takes now is a smartphone and an internet connection for you to create digital media and reach a global audience. Any individual with a knack for creating audio, video, text, or visuals can now easily become a content creator and build their personal media dominance. It might not appear as important to many still, but it is a powerful medium for brands to look into to further their business. Anyone can be a vital asset to these big corporations, wonder how you can be a content creator with our OPPO Reno7 Series 5G that can take your breath away with its capabilities? Check out all the boxes that you need to tick to be one below!

    1. Portrait Mode Presents DSLR-Like Experience Like Never Before!
    Change your photography adventure dramatically with the Portrait Mode that is featured in the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G and the whole experience will take a positive turn. Snap only smooth captures of your unforgettable moments with beautiful background blur that reminds you of a DSLR camera with the Portrait Mode that offers features such as the impressive 25 levels of aperture that can readjust itself according to your subject’s scenario for amazing photography results.

    With a greater sense of depth with light spot bokeh and the colour, brightness, matting precision, and skin effects of the photos are all upgraded, expect brilliant results in each of your shots. Get ready to stand out from the rest of the crowd in your video, who said you need pricey types of equipment just to be a successful content creator?

    2. Bokeh Flare Portrait Video Makes You The Star of Your Show
    Don’t shoot like others, shoot like a pro. Or better yet, shoot like a movie director with OPPO Reno7 Series 5G. Realize it with the dazzling Bokeh Flare Portrait Video featured in the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G and you will have a feature film in your hands. For real, the bokeh flare effects signify the birth of a new content creator to the social media world with interesting bokeh spots on the background that does not only make you the star of your show. Smart skin tone protection and adjustable retouching are also supported in this feature which means you will appear naturally fantastic, all this in just a few sweet, simple moves.

    3. Use Portrait Retouching & AI Color Portrait To Enrich Your Photo!
    Looking for photo editing tools to beautify your captures? Forget it as it is already as the feature is already fixed in your OPPO Reno7 Series 5G. With the Portrait Retouching feature, an algorithm is used to identify your facial features and make you look outstanding naturally.

    You can beautify your photo with unique elements that will make you the main star of the photo, as it also works automatically in managing the skin tone and complexion which will, in turn, make you look more appealing. The improvements do not make the outcome appear out of place, as it is able to brighten up your image and face without compromising on the image quality.

    Not just that, OPPO Reno7 Series 5G is also equipped with AI Color Portrait that comes with a great image effect to give a touch of class through strongly contrasting colour and well-arranged composition to achieve the effect of highlighting the subject. Turn up the class in each of your captures on the go and get ready to be looked up to by friends and family when it comes to photography!

    4. AI Highlight Video To Tackle Your Clarity Issue!
    Any issues of lighting or lack of detail during the shoot can be sorted out with OPPO Reno7 Series 5G. With the AI Highlight Video feature, you can easily highlight yourself in low light or backlight of a photo, just like a professional. As it now combines two previously separate features which are Ultra Night and Live HDR, your videography experience is further upgraded. In low light, Ultra Night is automatically turned on to produce bright and clear night videos while in backlit conditions, Live HDR is automatically turned on to make sure the bright area does not get too bright and the details in dark areas are preserved.

    If you somehow need to do a shoot in a dark area or bright spots, this mode will bring you to the front of the capture as the system works behind the scenes in choosing which feature to be turned on. saving users the trouble of learning to do that, while still allowing them to produce the best videos in low light or backlit conditions. No more issues with lighting!

    And that’s how you pave your path for an amazing photography journey with OPPO Reno7 Series 5G, turn everyone’s hand with the basic camera tips of it. Guess you have what it takes to be the content creator that can shape the world? Join the Renographers: OPPO Portrait Expert Challenge now & WIN RM62,000 partnership rewards which include MHholidays package + brand new OPPO Reno7 5G for you! Super Important, add a video watermark on your video at the end! Click here https://www.oppo.com/my/events/reno-academy/ to learn more about this contest!



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