• Press Release
  • 2020-08-03
  • OPPO Reno4 Series launches with star-spangled cast,

    Neelofa, Ayda Jebat, Elizabeth Tan, Azira Shafinaz
    Eric Chou, Phei Yong, and Michiyo Ho

    KUALA LUMPUR, 3rd August 2020 —OPPO today officially announced the Reno4 Series in Malaysia, alongside Neelofa, Ayda Jebat, Elizabeth Tan, Azira Shafinaz, Eric Chou, Phei Yong, Michiyo Ho, and enthusiastic hosts Baki Zainal, and Pauline Tan who are no strangers to the world of content creation. Joined forces together to entertain all viewers and present the Reno4 Series and its breakthrough in technology. Empowering creativity, the Reno4 Series has a powerful quad-camera setup, powerful photo, video capabilities, and an intuitive interface that enables users to bring out their best creativity that is ‘Clearly The Best You’.

    Neelofa, has always been a fan of the Reno Series, as well as being the ambassador for Reno Series. Upgraded from the Reno3, Neelofa can't get enough of the Reno4 Pro. ‘’ I absolutely love that it’s lightweight and has a new take on photography. I can take dramatic and take a fun spin on photography and videography with the AI Color Portrait and 960fps AI slow-motion video’’. It allows me to slow down time and appreciate every moment’’. shared Neelofa. The Reno Series introduced many firsts which includes the AI Color Portrait to be the first in the Reno Series to have this feature and its powerful 65w SuperVOOC 2.0 Fast Charging as the first in its price range in the industry.

    Malaysia’s sweetheart Ayda Jebat, has always had a soft spot for OPPO’s Reno Series too. Now with the newly launched Reno4 Series, Ayda Jebat couldn’t wait to share her experiences along side two talented singers Elizabeth Tan and Azira Shafinaz. ‘’The Reno4 Pro is packed with all the best features, one could ask for with the first AI color Portrait available in the Reno Series, I couldn’t stop vlogging’’ commented Ayda. Elizabeth agreed with Ayda saying ‘’ I love how it only retains the color of me and making me the center of attention while turning the background black and white. It allows me to express my creativity making my video’s more fun to play around with’’.

    Azira joined in with excitement saying ‘’ The Monochrome Video is another favourite feature of mine with its unique color highlights of RGB, I can capture my best colour. The Reno4 Pro allows me to have a fresh perspective by offering me a whole new world in photography and videography, far away from the unconventional style’’. The talented singers believe that the Reno4 Pro is perfect for creators and imaginative individuals such as themselves. Boasting uber features that are sure to give smartphone users an elevated experience in smartphone photography, videography, gaming, browsing and much more, the Reno4 Pro will inspire creativity and change perspectives for Malaysians looking for an unexpected creativity drive.

    A Camera That Brings Out the Best You
    The Reno4 Series introduces a suite of features to allow users to capture their best life stories. Available in Standard and Pro variants, the Reno4 Series are powered by a 48MP rear quad-cam and 32MP front camera system. This is particularly useful for every user express his/her creativity in new ways. To provide its users more creative options to express yourself, the series comes with AI Color Portrait Photo and AI Color Portrait Video functionality. Available on both front and rear cameras, it can in real-time, differentiate between the cluttered background and the person in the frame, and highlight the person in colour while turning the background into monochrome.

    Additionally, supported by Low Light HDR and bokeh algorithm, the Night Flare Portrait Mode automatically superimposes a mix of transparent and bright blurred light spots in the background, while enhancing the colour at the same time to capture a clear and bright night portrait with natural out-of-focus effects in the background

    The series also comes with 960fps AI Slow-Motion, a feature that enables users to emphasise dramatic moments during an activity. In this mode, users can easily shoot videos and slow down specific moments to create more dynamic content.

    Furthermore, users can expect to capture more professional-looking videos with the help of the Ultra Steady Video 3.0. Unwanted camera shakes are a thing of the past with this feature. This stability options is also available for the front cameras, with the Front Steady Video feature that is optimised for vlogging and selfies.

    Arriving in two variant, the OPPO Reno4 Pro strikes a chord among young trendsetters by pushing forward the legacy of the Reno Series with innovative imaging features that empower your creativity and doesn’t limit your ability to express yourself and portraying clearly the best you. With its 3D Curved 90Hz Borderless Sense Screen and 65W SuperVOOC 2.0, the Reno4 Pro is designed to deliver an ultra-smooth experience. Reno4 Pro As for the Reno4 itself, it unveils touch-free interactions for the first time, powered by an AI-enhanced Smart Sensor and AI algorithm to secure your phone from peeping eyes, while allowing you to control your phone with a wave.

    Clearly Unlock the Best You with Brilliant Portrait and Videography

    Every moment in your life is an opportunity worth sharing with the world. The Reno4 Series is introducing a suite of features to empower you to turn your life’s story into a captivating video or a perfect portrait. Both the Reno4 and Reno4 Pro is powered by a 48MP rear quadcam and 32MP front camera system, making it easier than ever to embrace the opportunities to take an amazing portrait.

    Creative Filming
    For more creative videography options, AI Color Portrait Video is able to differentiate between the cluttered background and the person in the frame, and highlights the person in color while turning the background into a monochrome black and white. This feature works on both front and rear camera and enables everyone to express their creative side in a trendy way like "The world is black and white, my uniqueness shines with colour". Monochrome Video is made of three kinds of video filters, which adds an effect that resembles a blockbuster video that only retains the red, green or blue colours of objects in the video, while also turning the others black and white. Both features allow users to view the colour effects in real-time.
    Apart from that, to reproduce epic slow-motion shots that you’d normally see in the movies, Reno4 Series comes with 960fps Smart Slow-Motion, enabling you to see every detail in every motion that you’d otherwise miss with the naked eye. It’s a feature that’s well suited for those fleeting moments like the crazy face when you are eating a super sour lemon, or the instant that you are hanging in the sky when jumping up.

    Additionally, Ultra Steady Video has been upgraded for the Reno4 Series to Ultra Steady Video 3.0. In addition to the Ultra Steady Video Mode and Ultra Steady Video Pro Mode on rear cameras, it also comes with Front Steady Video, which is perfect for filming steady shots on both front and rear cameras.

    Clearer Photography Day & Night

    Users can shoot AI Color Portrait Photo, which highlights the person in the portrait in natural colour, while muting the background colours in black and white. This style showcases strongly defined and contrasting colours that make photos look like a work of art that’s sure to be trendsetting among friends.

    Portrait shots in front of the mesmerizing city lights at night are now possible with a single tap, thanks to the Night Flare Portrait Mode. This new feature works by superimposing a mix of transparent and bright blurred light spots on the background while enhancing the colour at the same time, to create a clear and bright night portrait with gorgeous bokeh effects that also brightens your skin with just one tap.

    If you’re on the hunt for clearer and crisper photos, even at night, the Reno4 series has you covered. The Ultra Night Selfie Mode is able to enhance facial clarity and brightness in dim light, when users are looking to snap a selfie in the dark. Furthermore, the rear camera also has Ultra Dark Mode, which can even capture bright photos when there is only 1 lux light.

    In fact, the Reno4 Series can also capture extremely clear photos up to 108MP during daytime with Ultra Clear 108MP Images. Zooming into the 108MP photos, the details and textures retain retina-level clarity.

    Clearly Unlock the Best You by Keeping You up to Speed with 65W SuperVOOC 2.0

    As pioneer and leader in the fast-charging industry, with a mission to continue innovating with new and improved flash charging solutions, OPPO is again pushing the envelope by making SuperVOOC 2.0 available on Reno4 Pro. It offers the fastest and safest charging technology available on the market and now within the reach of more users worldwide. Supporting up to 10V/6.5A, 65W Flash Charging, Reno4 Pro’s 4000mAh battery can be fully charged in 36 minutes. With just 5 minutes charging, it is enough to give your Reno4 Pro an extra 4 hours of video watching on YouTube, and with 10 minutes charging, you will get 49% battery, which is sure to alleviate your battery anxieties.

    SuperVOOC 2.0 adopts an innovative series-connected dual-cell fast-charging design in which two batteries are connected in a series to divide the 10V voltage, so that the maximum voltage each battery has to withstand is 5V and there is no need to go through the heat-generating voltage reduction process. This means that while you’re charging your phone and in parallel streaming videos or playing intense games, you can still enjoy your content without concern.

    To truly guarantee that your Reno4 Pro is charging safely, OPPO’s 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 technology offers Five Layers of Protection. Reno4 Pro has also passed the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-charge System Certification. With an adherence to the highest safety standards and an effort to push the boundaries time and time again with the introduction of innovative and patented Flash Charging technology, OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charging system has been recognized by more than 157 million users since its debut in 2014.

    Beyond the hardware innovations to ensure that you’ll have enough power and use your phone longer while worrying less, Reno4 Pro offers additional power saving solutions. Super Power Saving Mode allows Reno4 Pro to chat on WhatsApp for 1.5 hours or make calls for 77 minutes with 5% of battery[1] according to the test result from OPPO laboratory. Super Nighttime Standby ensure that only 2% of electricity is consumed while you’re sleeping at night for about 8 hours, so you won’t have to worry about your phone being without power the next morning.

    The Reno4 variant comes equipped with a 30W VOOC Flash Charge 4.0 and 4015mAh battery, which can be charged to 50% within 20 minutes, and fully charged within 57 minutes.

    Clearly Unlock the Smoothness with a 90Hz Borderless Sense Screen

    To deliver a fluid and immersive user experience, the Reno4 Pro boasts a 90Hz Display Refresh Rate and up to 180Hz Touch Sampling Rate with a 3D Curved Screen that fits right in the palm of your hand. The 90Hz Borderless Sense Screen not only actualizes smoother animations and transitions without lag, but also registers finger touches near-instantly when gliding through photos album or browse through social network.

    Boasting a 3D Curved Screen, the screen’s curvature of 55.9 degrees not only lends itself to a premium look, but also offers a comfortable in-hand feel that will neither result in accidentally touching the screen, nor contribute to color deviations. Plus, when looked at from the side, the screen bezel gives off the appearance that it’s just 2.9mm thin.

    Paired with a single punch hole design that boasts a screen-to-body ratio up to 92.01%, and a 6.5-inch E3 Super AMOLED screen that attains vivid images with brighter and clearer pixels even under direct sunlight and brightens to as much as 800 nits, with a peak partial brightness as high as 1100 nits. Reno4 Pro is designed to immerse you in the apps or content that you're browsing, and ensures that you’re seeing every detail through your screen when snapping photos or filming videos.

    The Reno4 Pro also meets the world-class eye care standards with its TÜV Rheinland Full Care Display Certification, ensuring your eye’s safety even if you’re browsing your phone at night before bed or streaming Netflix in 1080HD thanks to its Netflix HD Streaming Certification.

    As for the OPPO Reno4, it comes with a 6.4-inch Dual Punch-hole AMOLED Display with 2.5D design, allowing comfortable grip while giving a premium feel to the touch.

    Clearly Unlock the Best Trend and Style with a Premium and Lightweight Design

    OPPO Reno4 Series continues to innovate by striking a delicate balance between functionality and a thin, lightweight industrial design. It’s neither too lightweight that it gives away the impression that you’re holding a phone of lesser quality, but light enough for comfort.

    The Reno4 Pro weighs 161g and is 7.7mm thin, but when you grip the phone you get the sense that you’re holding a premium phone. This is achieved with a 3D Curved Screen that elevates the premium look and feel of the phone. Moreover, Reno4 Pro comes with unique anti-glare matte finish on its back cover, which makes it fingerprint resistant. Combined with the curvature of the back case, lends to a gentle and premium texture that you can feel when hold it in your hand.

    For the Reno4, it weights 165g and is 7.7mm thin, ensuring a good grip while holding the device.

    Inspired by the tranquillity of nature, Reno4 Pro comes with two premium colours, Starry Night and Silky White, which convey an innate peacefulness, but like a blank canvas encourages you to express your artistic side. The Reno4 comes with two colours: Galactic Blue and Space Black. For the first time, OPPO introduces a new design technique called ‘Reno Glow’, which combines a matte fingerprint resistant texture with subtle glittery details, giving a more vibrant and glossy look.

    Clearly Unlock the Best You With AI-enhanced Smart Sensor

    Available only on the Reno4 variant, it is equipped with an AI-enhanced Smart Sensor to perform functions like Smart Spying Prevention, Smart AirControl, Smart Rotation and Smart Always-on Display that turns the Reno4 into a personal life assistant.

    With Smart AirControl, users can pick up a phone call or scroll through social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok all with just a wave of the hand. It is convenient for those moments when tapping the phone isn’t an option, but still need to operate scroll through the media.

    Smart Spying Prevention uses smart recognition algorithms to automatically detect whether the stranger is spying on the user's smartphone. When a phone notification pops up and the stranger peeks at the screen, the details of the notification (including the drop-down notification drawer and banner notification) will be hidden.

    Smart Rotation, enabled by the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor and pose-recognition algorithm to intelligently detect the orientation of your face and the phone to help determine whether to rotate the screen. This feature provides users with convenient viewing experience while visiting websites lying down.

    In addition, with Smart Always-on Display the AI-enhanced Smart Sensor can detect whether you’re looking at your phone and keeps the screen “On” so you won’t be interrupted while you’re browsing your phone.

    Sense the Performance that Keeps up With Your Busy Lifestyle

    To keep up with the pace of your demanding lifestyle, under the hood, Reno4 Series performance offers what you’ll need to make sure that your phone isn’t going to slow you down.

    Both the Reno4 Pro and Reno4 are equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC with an 8nm process and Low Power DDR4X Semiconductor. Compared to its predecessor, its single-core CPU performance is about 46% increased and its multi-core CPU performance is increased by about 26% according to Geekbench test result, GPU performance is about 40% enhanced according to Manhattan test result.

    Reno4 Pro comes with 8GB of RAM, and 256GB ROM, while the Reno4 comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB ROM.

    Sense the Convenience and Fun with ColorOS 7.2

    The Reno4 series comes with ColorOS 7.2, which offers an easier and more fun user experience than before. Making life convenient with ColorOS 7.2 is the experience that’s threaded throughout this version of the operating system, giving usersquicker access to essential apps, while saving time.

    In this updated version of ColorOS, Icon Pull-Down Gesture bundles the home screen apps to the bottom of the screen, so that it’s within the reach of the thumb. Users will now find it easy to navigate through the phone with only one hand.

    To add a bit of flair and entertainment within your Reno4 Pro, ColorOS 7.2 will come with OPPO Lab, a new collection app of fun and innovative features where users can interact with the product team by liking or disliking a certain feature. The first two fun features announced with the OPPO Lab include Lab Ringtone and Decision Spinner.

    Aiming to ensure smoothness and fluency, ColorOS 7.2 is equipped with Anti-Fragmentation Engine, which reduces up to 93% of the chance of splash screens, flashback and crashes caused by virtual memory fragmentation. Not just that, to reduce time in launching daily frequently-used apps, AI APP Preloading on the Reno4 series intelligently predicts what apps you would use in the certain timing and preloads it through AI algorithm. Besides that, AI APP preloading is Zero battery consumption, so that you would get a much faster phone with no extra battery consumption.

    Market Availability and Promotions

    The Reno4 Series can be pre-ordered between 3rd - 7th August 2020. The Pro variant will be available at RM2399 while the standard variant will be priced at RM1699. Pre-ordering the Reno4 Pro will entitle buyers to additional gifts worth RM398, OPPO Enco W31 TWS earphones worth RM259 and a 1-year screen protection warranty worth RM139. Those opting for the Reno4 Series during the pre-order period will receive a 1-year extended warranty worth RM119.

    The Reno4 Pro will be available in two different colours; Starry Night and Silky White, and the Reno4 will be available in Galactic Blue and Space Black.

    The first sale of Reno4 series will be starting from 8th August, available at our OPPO Concept Store, OPPO Official E-commerce stores, OPPO Official dealer stores, as well as E-commerce partners, Telco partners and Chain Store Partners.

    From 8th August till 30th September, Aeon Credit installment is also available for 12 or 24 months with no upfront payment and 1 month installment defer.

    OPPO is also extending its loyalty programme through its My OPPO App, to build a closer relationship with consumers. My OPPO App allows users to enjoy exclusive service experiences, special discounts, points collection to make redemption on OPPO Products & discount vouchers.

    My OPPO x KLOOK collaborations
    Exclusively for the Reno4 Pro, ‘My OPPO App’ members will get a RM100 KLOOK voucher limited to the first 2,000 redemption on Reno4 Pro. Upon redemption 3 lucky members will stand a chance to win the grand prize of a 3D2N Island Escape at the Taaras Beach & Spa Resort with ATR Flight Experience. Whereas 10 more lucky members as the runner up will enjoy a Hotel Stay(1night) for 2 and entrance tickets to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park.OPPO would also like to remind everyone, to ensure the safety of your family and yourself while you enjoy the travel treats.

    For Reno4 Pro users, we are offering the first 2,000 complimentary 120GB of OPPO Cloud Storage for 6 months which can be redeemed on My OPPO App.

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    OPPO Reno4 Series

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    [1] (Disclaimer: Data from OPPO Lab. The displayed remaining battery power may vary from device to device. To ensure accuracy in testing, "5% battery" is defined as the equivalent of 5% of a 4000mAh battery, ie, 200mAh.).



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