• Press Release
  • 2022-06-06
  • OPPO Malaysia Launches OPPO A77 5G

    KUALA LUMPUR, 3 June 2022 — OPPO Malaysia today announced the A77 5G, the newest smartphone in the popular A range that is officially available in Malaysia! It marks generational leaps in a multitude of areas for the A-series, each of which enhances the everyday experience.

    Fantastic example, the combination of 33W SUPERVOOCTM and 5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery offers enough power for a full-length movie in just 5 minutes of charging. Its Ultra-linear Stereo Speaker array increases sound output by 100% over the previous generation, while the ColorOS 12.1 software with AI System Booster provides lag-free navigation made all the more responsive by the smooth 90Hz Colour-Rich Display.

    The OPPO A77 5G is a catalogue of innovation. But, as in life, a practical approach should not be a barrier to creativity or free expression. The OPPO A77 5G represents the perfect merging of technology and style. Its striking finish is matched with an ergonomic and easy-to-use design, and 5G connectivity provides an affordable way to keep up with the pace of change.

    OPPO’s Next-Generation Battery Solution

    Long battery life is a key component of every OPPO A-series phone but the OPPO A77 5G takes several huge strides over the last generation. Its 33W SUPERVOOCTM charging technology, combined with the 5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery enables a full charge within 70 minutes, at up to twice the rate of the previous model. A 5-minute charge is enough for 1.68 hours of YouTube video streaming.

    Users can head to bed safe in the knowledge the OPPO A77 5G’s battery will last through the night too. OPPO’s Super Night-time Standby technology means the phone will only lose a 2 per cent charge overnight. Plugin instead and OPPO’s Optimised Night Charging uses an AI algorithm to learn the user’s daily routine, and to work out when to recharge the battery in order to maintain peak battery health.

    Over-voltage and over-current protection guarantee safe charging regardless of the adaptor used. A pair of temperature sensors inside the phone manages the charging rate, to avoid excessive heating of the battery from outside sources while charging. For super-charged stamina, users can engage in Super Power Saving Mode. This limits the number of accessible apps for superior battery life without blocking those needed each day.

    Stylish Design

    Despite its high battery capacity, the OPPO A77 5G is just 7.99mm thin. And for all the attention paid to real-world performance and stamina, the phone is still made to dazzle at the very first glance and touch.

    It has on-trend straight-cut sides, for the narrowest possible frame. The OPPO Glow Design finish imbues each OPPO A77 5G with a galaxy of tiny sparkling stars. This design starts with a cut-glass mould, selected from hundreds of prototypes for its perfect crystalline structure and optimal thickness.

    The Midnight Black colourway embraces the intergalactic leanings of the case design, with a subtle gradient that, at the phone’s bottom, embeds the glittering star effect in a canvas of black. OPPO’s Ocean Blue finish sees more colour enter, with a blue to the blue-grey gradient.

    The design has undergone more than 130 reliability tests and over 320 quality tests to prove the phone can more than match up to the trials of real-world use.

    These include a total of 28,000 drops from a height of 10cm, on all sides, and 32 drops from 1m. The OPPO A77 5G is also tested in 55 degrees and -15-degree temperatures, plus at 95% humidity, to guarantee excellent real-world resilience.

    The OPPO A77 5G also offers IPx4 resistance for everyday waterproofing, making it safe to be used in all weather.

    These hundreds of quality assurance processes take place at OPPO’s CNAS-approved test centres across Dongguan and Chongqing in China, India and Indonesia, as part of a global testing program for a global audience. OPPO has also established more than 2500 service centres across the globe, in the unlikely event if any issues arise.

    Ultra-linear Stereo Speakers and 90HZ Colour-Rich Display

    The OPPO A77 5G has dual speakers for surround-like stereo effects, while the Ultra-linear Stereo Speaker drivers output double the maximum volume of the OPPO A77 5G’s predecessor. OPPO partnered with sound enhancement specialist Dirac to design surround sound ringtones to show off the new power of the OPPO A77 5G’s ultra-linear speaker array.

    OPPO’s 90Hz Colour-Rich Display delivers the smoothness of a high refresh rate and the extreme responsiveness of 180Hz touch sampling. It also has an exceptional colour depth, able to render 100% of the tones in the DCI P3 colour space. This is crucial for bringing movies to life, rendering life-like skin tones and the powerful colours of a sunset.

    The Bright Mode with 600 nits of screen brightness keeps the OPPO A77 5G display clear and vibrant when users head outside to exercise or take in some sunshine. Indirect sunlight that hits each pixel of the screen is optimized for the best possible visibility, using dynamic contrast adjustment.

    The OPPO A77 5G is also well-equipped to deal with dark environments thanks to the AI Smart Backlight Mode. The screen can dim to a whisper-like 2 nits of brightness, for a soothing appearance in dim lighting, while 4096 possible backlight gradations let the display smoothly transition between these two extremes.

    Enhancing the Beauty of Photography

    The advanced features of the OPPO A77 5G camera also make use of the added power of the next-generation MediaTek Dimensity 810 SoC. It comes with a 48MP Dual Camera, Portrait Retouching mode and AI Scene Enhancement.

    ColorOS 12.1 Features

    To see the phone in action is to witness a harmonious duet of cutting-edge hardware and carefully tailored software. OPPO’s ColorOS 12.1 has AI System Booster technology, which uses AI performance management for the smoothest performance in everything from basic system navigation to high-end gaming.

    ColorOS 12.1 is packed with enhancements that offer shortcuts for users’ daily workflows. The Three-Finger Translate with Google Lens co-developed with Google allows screenshots to be captured in a flash and will translate the on-screen text with a single button press using the power of Google Lens.

    FlexDrop allows apps to run full-screen, or in a smaller window for true power-user multi-tasking.

    All of this is powered by the latest MediaTek Dimensity 810 SoC. It is an octa-core powerhouse with six efficiency-led 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55 cores and two 2.4 GHz Cortex-A76 performance cores, plus a Mali-G57 MC2 graphics chipset.

    This team results in 44% higher CPU performance than the previous generation. It offers improved responsiveness for day-to-day tasks and higher frame rates when playing games.

    Market Availability

    The OPPO A77 5G is officially available in the market with the recommended retail price of RM1,199 with 6GB (+5GB) +128GB. Customers can purchase at OPPO's official online store and E-commerce partners like Lazada and Shopee.

    In celebration of the official arrival of the OPPO A77 5G, OPPO is giving away a fantastic promotion that you can’t miss. Exclusive for the customers who purchase the device at OPPO’s official Lazada store from 6th – 8th June 2022, they can purchase at RM9991 only and save up to RM200!

    For more information about OPPO A77 5G, please visit https://www.oppo.com/my/smartphones/series-a/a77-5g/.

    1Terms and conditions apply, while stocks last. Price after LazBonus.



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