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Pre-order OPPO A95 to get exclusive privileges worth up to RM208.00.

15th - 19th November 2021

My OPPO Members Exclusive RM50 OFF Voucher


Add-on OPPO Enco Buds

Add-on OPPO Enco Buds @RM1.00

Shop Online, Pick-up at Offline Stores

Shop Online,
Pick-up at Offline Stores

Order OPPO A95 at OPPO Store online and pick-up at offline OPPO Brand Stores to get extra free gifts.

6 Months Extended Warranty Plan (Online Order Exclusive)


OPPO VOOC Powerbank (Worth RM229.00)
**only for customers pick-up on 20th Nov 2021 at specific OPPO Brand Stores. On a first come, first served basis. Details

Exclusive at below platform:

  • 33W

    Flash Charge

  • 5000mAh


  • RAM 8GB + 5GB

    & ROM 128GB

  • OPPO

    Glow Design

33W Flash Charge
All the power you need to seize the day

Don't let a low battery dampen your prospects when life is calling. A 5,000mAh¹ battery keeps you in the action all day long. When you do need a boost, 33W Flash Charge lets you charge to 54% in just 30 minutes².

Software acceleration

Our RAM Expansion software is specially developed to lower frame loss rate, reduce memory frag, and improve data reading performance. Essentially, it’s here to ensure you’ll get an ultra-smooth experience.

OPPO Glow Design
Irresistibly smooth. Designed to last

The industry-first OPPO Glow is the heart and soul of our craft: it's luxuriously silky-smooth, fingerprint-proof, and wear-resistant. True craft is made to last.

AI Scene Enhancement

1. 5000mAh is the typical capacity. The minimum capacity is 4880mAh.

2. This data was obtained through laboratory testing. Actual charging time may vary.

3. RAM Expansion converts available ROM to virtual RAM. A95 supports up to 5GB extended RAM. Actual memory space may change due to application updates, user operations, and other related factors.

A narrative changer; a smartphone with smart performance like never before

We have always envisioned crafting a bold, elegant smartphone that can last for a long time; not just an eye candy, but also enables its users to use it to its maximum capacity while living up to the demanding, driven lifestyle of its users. To change the whole narrative while going after the limit, the optimum performance that a smartphone can perform is an idea that we want to realize. With Oppo A95, expectations are exceeded spectacularly, as you definitely get all that in The Smart Performer. Impressing you in a way that has never been done before, it comes with the ever-impressive 33W Flash Charge and 5000 mAh battery that will keep your phone up and running for a long time, without leaving behind the aesthetic part with our exclusive, unique Oppo Glow Design. It is also finished with the amazing RAM 8GB + up to 5GB RAM expansion that sets it apart from the rest.

Outstanding performance that exceeds your expectations

As The Smart Performer, it always has the duty to keep up with its own important challenge; to be a performance-driven phone that could leverage and enhance the lifestyle of its users. The most crucial part of a successful smartphone is its battery life, and it will never let you down as it is accompanied by the 33W Flash Charge. Last-minute charging is something that is more of a normal concept with Oppo A95, so get used to it. A low battery phone is not something in the cards with Oppo A95, as 33W Flash Charge will allow you to charge up to 54% in just 30 minutes, giving extra life to your phone all within a short time. And not to forget, your fully charged 5000mAh could also last you for hours when you are outside therefore, battery life is not an issue to be worried about. It redefines the meaning of true battery power that keep your active lifestyle comfortably in action.

An exclusive, elegant style that makes you stand out from the crowd

With OPPO Glow Design that the phone is built-in, it will also make you shine, stands out from the others while staying stylish and cool through its great representation of your personality and lifestyle. It’s luxuriously silky-smooth, fingerprint-proof, and wear-resistant. True craft is made to last, and longevity has always been the main agenda of this device. This smartphone is built to last, without leaving behind the call to impress its users. Without abandoning the productivity part of your phone, it also gives you an option for a 5GB RAM expansion that enables you to multitask worry-free! Our RAM Expansion software is specially developed to lower frame loss rate, reduce memory fragment, and improve data reading performance. You can now multitask without facing any issue of phone lags; imagine the situation where you're editing a video on a well-known social media app and editing an image on a different app - isn't it great that you're able to do that smoothly now? Oppo A95 will change the way you look at a smartphone, so start to get used to #TheSmartPerformer of our own.

Event details

1. OPPO 10000mAh VOOC Powerbank PBV01 is exclusive free gift for customer picking up OPPO A95 on the date of 20th November 2021 and only available for below 12 Offline OPPO Brands Stores:

  • 1) OPPO Experience Store @ Ipoh Parade
  • 2) OPPO Experience Store @ AEON KUCHING
  • 3) My OPPO Space @ KTCC Mall
  • 4) My OPPO Space @ BATU PAHA MALL
  • 5) My OPPO Space @ PAVILION KL
  • 6) My OPPO Space @ IOI CITY MALL
  • 7) My OPPO Space @ EAST COAST MALL
  • 10) My OPPO Space @ SETIA CITY MALL
  • 12) My OPPO Space @ Southkey Megamall

2. To get OPPO VOOC Powerbank, customer need to place order for OPPO A95 on 15th - 19th November, 2021 at OPPO Online Official Store www.oppo.com/ my/store and go to offline stores listed above only on the date of 20th November, 2021.

3. OPPO 10000mAh VOOC Powerbanks are on a first come first served basis.

4. OPPO reserves the rights to interpret the event.



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