OPPO Joy Plus   Leap Up, Reach Joy

Leap Up, Reach Joy

OPPO Joy Plus   Style and Shape

Style and Shape

Joy Plus shows off its gorgeous design. The matte gold frame on the white Joy Plus gives the device a smooth and stylish finish. A pearlescent rear cover creates an exquisite outlook. With a blue rear cover and electroplated frame, the unified color of the blue body gives off a fashionable and elegant persona.

OPPO Joy Plus

Double Exposure

Overlap two captured images to transform photography into art.

OPPO Joy Plus   Beautify 3.0

Beautify 3.0

Each make up style encompasses a mood and style. Similarly, different moods and emotional states can be expressed using Beautify 3.0. Select the beautify mode based on your mood to capture a more beautiful you.

OPPO Joy Plus   Plug-in Platform

Plug-in Platform

The Joy Plus' camera provides an intuitive and pick-up-and play format for you to turn your photos from idea to reality. It enables many plug-ins, you can customize your photography experience to meet any need.

OPPO Joy Plus   ColorOS 2.0

ColorOS 2.0

Achieving a total of 20 million users around the world, ColorOS 2.0 brings forth a better visual experience, screen-off gestures and gesture screenshots, providing users with a faster and more convenient user experience.

OPPO Joy Plus   Screen-off Gesture

Screen-off Gesture

With the system of Color OS, OPPO Joy Plus has the new and smart function of screen-off gestures. You can quickly activate your mobile phone or launch an app with a gesture. You can even customize specific screen-off gestures to unique functions.

OPPO Joy Plus   Gloves Mode

Gloves Mode

The Joy Plus ultra-sensitive touch screen is created using the all-new touch IC chip and professionally debugged by engineers. So you are able to enjoy continued usage even when your hands are gloved or wet.




Height 124 mm
Width 63 mm
Thickness 9.9 mm
Weight 125 g