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    5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
  • up to 5GB RAM Expansion
    Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker
  • OPPO 5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
    5000mAh Long-Lasting Battery
  • OPPO 90Hz Colour-Rich Display
    90Hz Colour-Rich Display
  • OPPO RAM Expansion
    RAM Expansion
  • OPPO Enduring Quality
    OPPO Enduring Quality
  • OPPO Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker
    Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker
Charge faster, enjoy more
OPPO A77 5G features 33W SUPERVOOCTM1 charging technology with advanced temperature control and hardware protection, so you’re safely energised in an instant – and ready to roll…
  • 30Min
    53% charge2
  • 69Min
    100% charge2
OPPO 5000mAh
5000mAh Battery
Battery life? No worries!
OPPO A77 5G has a 5000mAh3 Long-Lasting Battery with Super Power Saving Mode and overnight standby. No more battery anxiety, even when life is full-on!
  • 344h
    Last for up to⁴
  • 5% Battery
    WhatsApp for 1.2 hours⁵
OPPO Mediatek Dimensity 810
Mediatek Dimensity 810
High performance without power drain
A flagship 5G chip with 6nm processor offers the reassurance of optimum performance, even with the most demanding platforms.⁶
  • 6nm
  • xxx
  • xxx
RAM Expansion
Smoother than EVER
RAM Expansion7 technology temporarily taps into free storage space and uses it as 'running memory' -making your experience even smoother.
Seamless and secure
With NFC you have mobile payments, access control, ID recognition and anti-counterfeiting in the palm of your hand.
OPPO Ultra Slim Design
Ultra Slim Design & OPPO Glow
A slight and sturdy modern classic
Straight-edge and light as a feather, with excellent ergonomic styling, OPPO A77 5G is reassuring and classical, but contemporary to the core. Enduring, too - with superb scratch and wear resistance.
  • OPPO Ocean Blue1
  • OPPO Midnight Black1
    1. OPPO Ocean Blue2
    2. OPPO Midnight Black2
    1. OPPO Ocean Blue3
  • Ocean Blue
  • Midnight Black
OPPO Enduring Quality
Tested rigorously, to perfection
OPPO is firmly dedicated to the high specifications and standards throughout its supply chains, processes and production practices. Your OPPO product will have to pass hundreds of strict quality tests before it even begins its journey to you.
  • IPX4
    Water Resistance Rating
  • 28,000
    Micro-Drop Testing
  • 200,000
    Presses Power Button Durability Testing
  • 14 Days
    High Temperature & High Humidity Resistance Testing8
Watertight to strict IPX4 stipulations9
To protect the perfection, we’ve waterproofed and splash-tested OPPO A77 5G to highly demanding industry standards – so you can take it anywhere and everywhere with full peace of mind.
OPPO Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker
Ultra-Linear Stereo Speaker
Dual speakers for an amazing audio experience
Enjoy full-range, crystal clear and immersive audio on your phone, thanks to a pioneering synchronisation of stereo speakers that create dual-channel surround sound - plus targeted tuning for different modes.
OPPO Ultra Volume Mode
Ultra Volume Mode
Loud and clear
Ultra Volume Mode means you can go way louder with media, ringtones, alarms and notifications – without sacrificing quality, clarity or enjoyment. Turn it up twice as loud as the original, and maintain the range and detail.
OPPO 90Hz Colour-Rich Display
90Hz Colour-Rich Display10
Immerse in a vibrant, colourful encounter
OPPO A77 5G covers 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut, bringing you a rich and accurate colour experience that looks as vivid as what you see in real life. 90Hz refresh rate, ensuring high responsiveness and a smooth scrolling. 
OPPO 48MP Dual Camera
48MP Dual Camera
Capture life in full bloom
Pure picture perfection comes from a 48MP Main Camera with a 2MP Depth Camera. That means true-to-life imagery of those magical moments you can treasure and share.
OPPO Ultra-Clear 108MP Image
Ultra-Clear 108MP Image
Intelligent for incredible imagery
OPPO A77 5G's advanced algorithm can reconstruct pictures and enhance pixels to achieve excellent photo quality, effortlessly.
OPPO Portrait Retouching1 OPPO Portrait Retouching2
Portrait Retouching
Re-touching natural beauty
Amazing AI differentiates age, gender and other subject information to help you re-touch the truth and express genuine beauty.
  • OPPO FlexDrop OPPO FlexDrop
    Versatility at your fingertips
    Flexdrop means you can set apps to full-screen, small-window or mini-window for easy switching. Great for social media and multi-tasking!
  • OPPO Three-Finger Translate
    Three-Finger Translate
    Translate from screenshots
    Incredible Google Lens and ColorOS capability means you can translate immediately across over 100 languages, using three-finger selection and one-touch command.
  • OPPO Three-Finger Translate OPPO Privacy Certification
    Privacy Certification
    Certifiable protection and privacy
    Complete reassurance of privacy, and unique access to – and control over – details of private data use within and across applications.
1.  The SUPERVOOC word mark and logos are trademarks owned by Guangdong OPPO Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd.
2.  Based on tests performed in OPPO labs. “100%” is defined as when the battery level displayed on the screen reaches 100%. The actual charging time may vary due to differences in environments or individual devices (such as temperature variations and battery age).
3.  The equivalent battery capacity is 5000mAh (typical value).
4.  This statement is conducted when Super Power Saving Mode is turned on. Data comes from tests performed in OPPO labs testing conducted in laboratory conditions. Actual results may vary due to differences in the testing environment.
5.  Based on tests performed in OPPO labs testing conducted in laboratory conditions. Actual results may vary due to differences in the testing environment.
6.  5G network connection depends on whether the SIM card supports 5G networks, and it also depends on the 5G frequency band and 5G network construction of the user's location.
7.  RAM Expansion adds virtual RAM to the original physical RAM. The data was collected from the model used in the laboratory test; actual results may vary depending on the model.
8.  The data involved here are only laboratory test data, not as a quality guarantee in daily use. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the test software version, specific test environment, and specific version.
9.  Based on tests performed in OPPO labs, not as a quality guarantee in daily use. The actual situation will vary slightly depending on the specific test environment, and specific version.
10.  You can choose 90Hz or 60Hz mode in Settings. When you choose 90Hz mode, some apps will run at a 60Hz refresh rate due to compatibility issues.
11.  Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons such as changes in suppliers or manufacturers. The data on the page is provided by OPPO-designed technical parameters, and test data is collected from laboratories and suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.

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