Product Security Update Period
OPPO prioritises the security of its products and services as a fundamental aspect of our commitment to our users. To uphold this commitment, we diligently provide timely updates to system security patches. These updates are essential to safeguard the information of every device and user, ensuring a secure experience for all. For the Smartphones and Tablets, we pledge to provide security updates for a minimum of three (3) years; for the Audio, a minimum of one (1) year; and for the Wearables, a minimum of two (2) years following the product launch.

Our users could submit vulnerability report on OPPO Security Center (OSRC) to report any security issues to OPPO.
Product Name
End Date of Period
1. The information provided on this page is for reference only. The specific details of security updates and applicable device models are subject to the actual updates received by the device.
2. Operating system upgrades may lead to delays in receiving security updates for the current month. However, the new OS version will incorporate the latest security patches.
3. We strive to provide security updates for all applicable device models to the best of our ability. However, actual delivery times may vary depending on the country (region) or model.
4. Certain patches provided by chip suppliers may not be included in the security updates for the current month. Nevertheless, once these patches are available for delivery, they will be included in the upcoming release of security updates.

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