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  • 2020-04-16
  • 4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Wisse

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Wisse

    Following the release of Find X2 series, OPPO invited four creative young entrepreneurs to learn more about it in our OPPO Find X2 Unboxing series. We gave each of them a new OPPO Find X2 Pro to explore and work around with in their active daily lives.

    Each of the four creatives leads a busy lifestyle with many work and social activities to organize and attend throughout the day; OPPO Find X2 Pro quickly became a trusty creative companion for Peter, Wisse, Awura, and Quintin. Our goal is to supply creatives and OPPO fans everywhere with the ultimate smartphone experience – going above and beyond user expectations to help streamline your life.

    OPPO Find X2 Series – The Ultimate Creative Companion

    OPPO Find X2 series is unique in that it combines the ultimate screen, camera, and battery all in one device.

    OPPO’s smoothest and most responsive screen features a 120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision display, 240Hz touch sampling rate, 10bit color depth, and receives an A+ DisplayMate grade.

    The advanced Ultra Vision tri-camera system includes many incredible features – including Ultra Night Mode 3.0, Ultra Macro Mode, super steady Anti-Shake Video, and 10x Hybrid Zoom – which are useful for photographers, vloggers, and content creators alike.

    To support long days of power usage, OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with 4260mAh of battery capacity and the almighty SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging system – which not only supplies your phone with enough energy to last throughout the day, but also enables Find X2 Pro’s battery to be fully charged from 0 to 100 in just under 35 minutes.

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Wisse

    Introducing Wisse Trooster
    Wisse is a self-made industrial designer who offers a wide range of design services – from comprehensive rebranding to customer interactive light installation. He creates an incredible range of home and office designs and shares his work online, bringing awareness to his personal brand and inspiration to others.

    Wisse is passionate about creating and designing products, exhibitions, and scouting for locations and materials. He’s a completely self-made designer who also helps others with their marketing endeavors.

    He seeks to switch the focus of his media content from photo to video in order to display his work process and accentuate the full extent of his unique abilities and designs.

    Along Wisse’s journey to display his creations through top quality photo and video content, he had been deliberating whether he should buy a new smartphone or a DSLR camera – so we introduced him to the new OPPO Find X2 Pro.

    What OPPO Find X2 Series Means to Wisse

    “This phone is going to help me to create better content that I share as a designer on my social media accounts.”
    -Wisse Trooster

    Social media content creation is of utmost importance to Wisse, who seeks to display his design process in an authentic and professional manner. The OPPO Find X2 Pro enables Wisse to create captivating videos which demonstrate the full process of his workmanship, which he then views in 120Hz QHD+ on his Find X2 Pro’s Ultra Vision display. Being able to both capture the big picture of designs and distinguish all the minute details is crucial for Wisse’s design work.

    Wisse noted that photo shooting modes like Macro Mode are particularly useful for capturing accurate closeups of materials that he can keep for reference. He can store a database of references on his Find X2 Pro in order to draw upon them for inspiration whenever needed.

    It’s especially important to Wisse that the images and videos he views are completely accurate – which is more possible than ever before with Find X2 Pro’s Ultra Vision screen. 10bit color depth and true billion color display ensure the most accurate distinctions for the many materials and colors that Wisse uses in his designs.

    Wisse is often in and out of the office, using his phone as a travelling computer and photography device – so battery life and storage capacity are particularly important factors. OPPO Find X2 Pro features 512 GB of storage, which is great for storing important data such as the many media files he creates each day.

    “The phone has 512GB storage on it, that’s even more than my computer that I’m using at the moment.”

    4 Creative Entrepreneurs Unbox OPPO Find X2 Pro – Wisse

    OPPO Find X2 Pro is equipped with mega battery capacity and the ultra-fast SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charging system. Wisse will be able to conveniently keep his phone at high power and ready to assist in his creative process.

    Wisse’s Find X2 Pro has enabled him to conveniently and authentically share high quality media content of his inspirational designs. Are you ready to Uncover the Ultimate?



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