• Press Release
  • 2022-08-19
  • OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Based on Android 13, the brand-new ColorOS 13 features the concise and comfortable Aquamorphic Design, smart interconnectivity, and overall performance improvements for a smarter, more convenient life.

    Singapore, August 19, 2022 —OPPO has officially launched its newest ColorOS 13 - global version. As one of the first operating systems based on the newly released Android 13, ColorOS 13 seamlessly incorporates a variety of Android 13 key attributes, alongside the brand-new Aquamorphic Design, a unique feature of the new software that is designed to give users a more comfortable visual and user-friendly experience. Enhanced by OPPO’s latest tech innovations, ColorOS 13 also includes a range of new ways for smart multi-device connection, which increases productivity with intelligent experiences.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    ColorOS 13 - Inspiration Ahead - Smart and Connected

    Concise and comfortable UI made possible with new Aquamorphic Design

    Inspired by the way water acts in nature, OPPO has introduced a brand-new Aquamorphic Design to ColorOS 13 to create a fluid, vibrant, and inclusive UI. The new theme palette in the ColorOS 13 is inspired by the way the light in the sky changes between sunrise and sunset, at sea level. Furthermore, the new system font is designed to improve the readability of system text in any language. With other upgrades like Card-styled Layout, ColorOS 13 is designed to the most comfortable visual experience and UI possible.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Aquamorphic Design 1

    Another key feature of the ColorOS 13 would be its ability to deliver a more intuitive user experience through the integration of different Aquamorphic Effects into majority of its system animations, UI, and Quantum Animation. This is complemented by OPPO’s human-centric inclusive design language, which introduces Empty State Illustrations, Adaptive Layouts for different screen sizes, and highly recognisable icons to enhance readability and overall ease of use.

    Additionally, a new series of Always-On Display images, called “Homeland”, depicts powerful scenes of wild animals in nature. In these animations, the images reveal the different homes where animals live, based on daily temperature changes. This added feature prompts its audience to pay closer attention to climate change and the impact it has on the earth we live in.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Eco-Friendly Always-On Display: “Homeland” 1

    Fundamental performance enhanced by self-developed technology

    ColorOS 13 marks the debut of the Dynamic Computing Engine, OPPO's in-house developed system-level technical solutions, that aims to deliver a more smooth and stable system and all-round improvements to the fundamental user experience. The Engine brings two major improvements to ColorOS 13, including increased battery life and the ability to keep more apps open in the background. OPPO's Dynamic Computing Engine improves the scheduling of hardware resources to extend battery life by achieving a better balance between high performance and low power consumption. It also helps to keep more apps active in the background, making it possible to switch between multiple apps without losing the status within an app or experiencing lag while switching.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Dynamic Computing Engine

    Intelligent work and life experience with the brand-new smart features

    ColorOS 13 provides a range of smart features, accounting for every aspect of personal and work life. Aside from being a great way to express your personality, the Smart Always-On Display2 in ColorOS 13 can now display information related to music and food delivery apps, giving users quicker, easier and more convenient access to information. OPPO has also partnered with world-leading software and service providers, such as Bitmoji and Spotify, to provide a wide range of highly personalised experiences through the Smart Always-On Display.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Smart Always-On Display: Spotify & Bitmoji1

    Due to OPPO’s industry-leading LTPO2.0 technology, the Always-On Display refresh rate is reduced to just 1 hertz, saving up to 30% power. Other smart home screen management features like Large Folders, Shelf3, and Home Screen Widget also help users to easily navigate the interface with ease.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    OPPO’s industry-leading LTPO2.0 technology: 1Hz Always-On Display1

    With online meetings becoming increasingly common following the Covid-19 pandemic, OPPO has developed the industry’s first Meeting Assistant for smartphone designed, catered specifically for online meetings. The Meeting Assistant can automatically prioritise wireless data packages to provide a more stable connection during online meetings. It can also manage banner notifications, to minimise distractions, while allowing users to simultaneously use an OPPO Notes4 shortcut to take notes during the meeting.

    One of the biggest updates to arrive on ColorOS 13 is the improved multi-device user experience. Multi-screen Connect now supports seamless connectivity between smartphone and OPPO Pad Air, and between smartphone and PC5, boosting productivity and convenience through File Transfer that supports more file formats without hardware limitations. Users who connect their smartphone to a PC via Multi-screen Connect will also be able to experience the wonders of being able to display multiple mobile apps simultaneously on the PC screen.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    Multi-Screen Connect for OPPO Smartphone,OPPO Pad Air and PC

    Privacy and security protection as priority

    Privacy and security have been a primary focus of ColorOS since the very beginning. ColorOS 13 integrates the underlying privacy protection features of Android 13. For example, the system will automatically delete the clipboard history after a short period of time, preventing sensitive information leaks caused by malware. In addition, with the Nearby Wi-Fi feature6, users can enjoy Wi-Fi without revealing specific location information.

    OPPO’s self-developed technology plays an equally important role in boosting privacy and security. Based on the on-device algorithm model, Auto Pixelate7 can recognise and blur out the profile photos and names in chat screenshots automatically with one tap, and the new Private Safe is encrypted with the widely used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide high levels of security. ColorOS 13 provides privacy and safety protections that users can trust based on authoritative security and privacy authentication standards such as ePrivacy, TRUSTe, ISO27701, and ISO27001.

    Exploring new Android experiences in strategic collaboration with Google

    Throughout the developmental process of the ColorOS 13, OPPO has been working closely with Google to explore ways of bringing new value to the Android OS experience. OPPO’s flagship Find N foldable smartphone and Find X5 Pro flagship smartphone were announced as two of the first smartphones worldwide to receive the Android 13 Beta update. OPPO has also launched ColorOS developer versions based on the Android 13 Beta and will continue to work together with Google to build a rich Android ecosystem.

    ColorOS 13 rollout plan and upgrade policy

    For the global launch of ColorOS 13, OPPO plans to update nearly 35 smartphone models within the year, covering more than 60 countries and regions, and as many as 160 million users. This is the biggest update plan ever in the history of ColorOS. This rollout will begin with the Find X5 Pro and Find X5 today with the official release of ColorOS 13. OPPO will then continue to bring ColorOS 13 to over 20 more devices starting in 2023.

    OPPO Launches ColorOS 13 Global Version Featuring Brand-New Aquamorphic Design and Intelligent Experiences

    ColorOS 13 Based on Android 13 Beta Version Roll-out Timeline8

    1 The image shown here are indicative only. If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern.
    2 For non-AOD-supporting models, the control panel is displayed at hand rise or double-click on the screen. Smart Always-On Display only supports certain models due to hardware limitations, please refer to the actual situation. The display supports Spotify controls and food delivery information from Zomato and Swiggy and more to be released once they’re available.
    3 Please refer to the actual model for more information on availability and functionality.
    4OPPO Notes are available on certain models with ColorOS13.0 and on the rest with further OTA updates. Please refer to the actual model introduction for more information.
    5 To use Multi-Screen Connect, your computer must meet these minimum requirements: Windows 10 build 18362 or later; Intel i3 2.4GHz processor and above; Wi-Fi Direct; Bluetooth® protocol 4.1 or higher. 8GB RAM and 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi are recommended. For detailed information, please refer to https://connect.oppo.com/en-US/adaptedModels.
    6 The feature needs to be adapted by the application itself.
    7 Auto Pixelate supports Messenger and WhatsApp. The on-device algorithm detects and pixelates profile photos and names without accessing the content of your chat messages.



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