OPPO Find X3  Lite
Awaken Colour
Meet the moment with the effortlessly talented Find X3 Lite. With vibrant video-shooting skills at your fingertips, the only limit is your own imagination—so think big.
Transcend the Light
One vision, no limits. With AI Highlight Video, lighting intelligently adjusts to match the setting, so you can shoot and share video to eclipse expectations—even after dark.
Transcend the Light
One vision, no limits. With AI Highlight Video, lighting intelligently adjusts to match the setting, so you can shoot and share video to eclipse expectations—even after dark.
AI Highlight Video
Dual-view Video
Look Forward and Back
Record your reactions as you shoot. With main and selfie cameras both active at once, you never need to miss a thing.
65W SuperVOOC 2.0
Charge and Go
65W SuperVOOC 2.0 flash charging gives you the freedom to use your phone with confidence. A 5-minute charge gives 4 hours of power1.
90Hz Refresh Rate
Make it smooth
Browsing, watching video, scrolling your feed—it’s all smoother than smooth with Find X3 Lite’s 90Hz2 refresh rate, for blissfully simple interaction.
Unleash Your Potential
Go nocturnal with Ultra Night Video. With delicately rendered colour and details that pop, Find X3 Lite gives you the tools to shoot stunning video all around the clock.
Find X3 Lite’s Live HDR protects bright spots from overexposure and preserves detail in darker regions—for video that comes alive with lifelike texture.
Video More Vibrant
Find X3 Lite uses a sophisticated combination of features—AI Highlight Video, Ultra Night Video and Live HDR—to shoot video that’s colourful, vibrant and balanced, day or night.
See Both Sides
See Both Sides
Don’t just record what you see—catch how you see it, too. With Dual-view Video, use the main camera to film the scene and the selfie cam to capture your reaction. Are you ready?
Discover Your Flare
Catch the vibe after dark with Night Flare Portrait. Find X3 Lite flares background lighting to enhance the scene with automatic brightness and focus adjustment when creativity strikes at night.
Selfie Camera
Mono Camera
Main Camera
Ultra Wide-Angle Camera
Macro Camera
Ask More of Your Phone
65W SuperVOOC 2.0
Superfast Charging
Find X3 Lite’s 4300mAh battery3 is built to last, however you use your phone—and when a charge is needed, make it fast. 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging returns your phone to 100% in as little as 35 minutes4.
Fluid Performance
With a 90Hz refresh rate, Find X3 Lite’s 6.4″ screen5 keeps things fluid for silky-smooth scrolling, flawless animations and instantaneous response to your touch—outperforming your demands.
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G
Ready for 5G
Find X3 Lite runs Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 765G, supporting 5G bands6 and offering 8GB RAM for smooth performance and impressive battery life, plus 128GB internal storage.
Precision of Design
Unmistakably You
Unmistakably You
Choose your Find X3 Lite in one of two subtle colour finishes7 that render your phone a natural extension of your own style.
Starry Black
Astral Blue
With an ultra-slimline body measuring just 7.9mm, Find X3 Lite packs immense performance into a design that takes up less pocket space—and sits snugly in the hand.
Starry Black/ Astral Blue
7.9mm - 172g8
ColorOS 11.1
Keep Things Simple
Keep Things Simple
Minimise any app you’re using into a floating or mini window, so you can keep an eye on it while giving something else your attention.
Three-finger Translate
Quick translation? Make it instant. OPPO’s Three-Finger Translate with Google Lens captures a screengrab and translates text into your native language in one swift movement.
Private System
Use two different fingerprints to access two separate systems, for increased privacy and security levels, and total peace of mind.
Serious About Gaming
Serious About Gaming
Gamer Mode
Tune out the noise when you’re in the zone. Activating Gamer Mode blocks notifications and calls while you’re levelling up.
Bullet Screen Message
Notifications from apps on the Bullet Screen list float in from the right and out through the left, minimising distractions.
Gaming Shortcut Mode
Love gaming? Get right to it. One-tap access to the gaming menu makes jumping back into your favourite game easy.
Adjustable Gaming Touch
For fully personalised gaming set-up the way that feels right, adjust touch responsiveness levels for each game independently.
Your Aesthetic
Customisable Always-on Display
Customise the content, colour scheme and layout of your always-on display—or even draw your own design for a more personal touch.
Customisable Dark Mode
When using Find X3 Lite in Dark Mode, choose from 3 different contrast settings to keep your eyes happy—even in third-party apps.

1. Charging speed has been independently verified and certified by TÜV Rheinland through in-laboratory testing. Actual charging times may vary with differences in device condition or environmental temperature.

2. Find X3 Lite’s screen runs a 90Hz refresh rate, however some apps will run at 60Hz due to compatibility issues. You can toggle between 90Hz and 60Hz in settings.

3. Typical battery capacity is 4300mAh. Minimum capacity is 4200mAh.

4. Find X3 Lite reaches 100% charge in 35 minutes based on tests performed in OPPO labs. Actual charging times may vary with differences in environmental or device conditions (eg. temperature or battery age).

5. 6.4 inches is the diagonal length when the four rounded corners of the screen are extended into right angles, the actual size is smaller.

6. 5G network connectivity is dependent upon your 5G band, whether your SIM card is 5G-compatible and whether a 5G network is fully constructed and available for use in your location.

7. Astral Blue colour finishes manufactured via OPPO Glow exclusive design process. Final effect may vary between phones in colour and appearance—please refer to the actual product.

8. Starry Black and Astral Blue editions weigh 172g. Weight and thickness of OPPO Find X3 Lite based on lab-collected data—actual size and weight vary dependent on the manufacturing process and measurement method. Device thickness may differ by ±0.2mm, and device weight may differ by ±3g compared to specifications.

9. Find X3 Lite product pictures are for reference only. Some specifications and descriptions of the product may vary marginally due to changes in suppliers. Please refer to the actual product for all criteria.

10. Information in this product description comes from OPPO’s technical design parameters as well as laboratory and supplier test data. Actual product details may vary marginally depending on test software version, testing environment and specific product version.



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