OPPO Announces the World's First 5G Video Call Demo Using 3D Structured Light Technology
•The innovative technology demo showcased cutting-edge 5G and 3D structured light technology, demonstrating the potential of these technologies and exploring 5G applications and terminals that support...
OPPO Unleashes the F7, the Selfie Expert Phone Built with the Best of AI Beauty 2.0 Technology
Colombo, 24th April 2018: OPPO, the Selfie Expert and Leader, today launched the F7. The latest Selfie Expert, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), takes smartphone technology to new heights. The...
OPPO launches F3 "FC Barcelona" Limited Edition - from Enthusiasts to Experts in Sri Lanka
Colombo, 21st August, 2017 – The camera phone brand OPPO has just brought OPPO F3 “FC Barcelona Limited Edition” to Sri Lanka - celebrating one of the most popular football clubs in the world, the FC...
Meet-and-Greet for Angelo Mathew’s Fans
OPPO is pleased to announce that "Dinner Date with Angelo Mathew," a Meet-and-Greet with Angelo Mathew’s fans, held Tuesday, was a great success.OPPO fans had the unique opportunity to meet...
OPPO Celebrates youthful camaraderie with students of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura FAMIGO Chapter#7
Colombo, 18 July,2017:  Celebrating the values of friendship, camaraderie and joy that the brand inspires amongst youth and student communities and has earned the brand the title of ‘Selfie Exper...
O-Fans Cheered up for FC Barcelona Champions League Victory
June 6, 2015 -  It was an unforgettable night for football fans to witness the returning of the king – FC Barcelona, winning the fifth Champions League triumph!  As the new official partner,...
The Ultra-Thin OPPO R5 Says No to Bending with a Stainless Steel Micro-Arc Frame
Following the Finder, the thinnest smartphone in the world for its time, OPPO launched the R5 on the 29th of October, 2014. Packing leading technologies and flagship specifications in an ultra-thin bo...
Handing with OPPO R5
The R5’s most standout characteristic is its asymmetric design.Generally, phone frames have symmetrically rounded corners for both aesthetic and ergonomic reasons. This approach, however, was not suit...
Product Release: It's Your Turn, the OPPO N3 Motorized Rotating Camera Takes Photo Shooting to a New Level
Snapping that perfect photo shouldn’t be worth slipping a disk over. Remember your shot of the fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? You were turning over 180° like an acrobat; or that time you...
OPPO 2014: The Rise of Mobile Phone Innovation
January 23, 2015, Shenzhen2014 saw rapid growth in the mobile phone market. OPPO currently occupies a unique position in the industry - since its entry into the market, OPPO has consistently strived t...
Limited Edition Gilded OPPO R5 Scheduled to Launch on Valentine’s Day
January 23, 2015, ShenzhenThe internationally hot-selling ultra-thin phone, the OPPO R5, will have a new variant according to photos released by OPPO today. The images indicate that the rumored limite...
A Chinese Startup Just Made The Thinnest Smartphone In The World, And It Looks Gorgeous
The sleek OPPO R5 measures just 4.85mm thin, compared to the 6.9mm iPhone 6. It's the thinnest smartphone in the world, and it's even too slim to fit a traditional headphone jack. You'll n...
OPPO Sees Potential For High-End Phones In Emerging Markets
Despite phone makers flooding the market with cheap devices, Chinese company OPPO believes there's potential in higher-end handsets, even in emerging markets.
Stunning OPPO R5 Announced As The World's Thinnest Smartphone
OPPO Electronics today announced two new handsets, the N3 and the R5. While the N3 will attract photography fans with a 16 megapixel camera mounted on a 206 degree rotating motorised mount, it’s the R...
OPPO R5 First Look