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  • 2023-08-19
  • World Photography Day 2023: How OPPO is Leading the Way in Smartphone Photography

    In a world where smartphones seamlessly integrate into our lives, OPPO is leading the way in smartphone photography. At the core of OPPO's imaging technologies lies its proprietary AI algorithms, such as AI Portrait Retouching, photo editing tools, and filters, that enhance and improve the appearance of portrait images. Furthermore, OPPO has used a new periscope design in Reno10 Pro+ to create the highest megapixel telephoto portrait camera—with a 64MP OV64B sensor—that excels at photographs in low-light settings with up to 3x optical zoom; this allows photographers to capture beautifully-proportionate portraits.

    With a series of cutting-edge imaging technologies, OPPO is enhancing your smartphone experience. Here are the key camera innovations-

    The AI Revolution: Precision in Every Pixel
    AI is everywhere; it is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable a few years back. 

    The front camera in our devices recognizes 373 facial points to apply the effects smoothly and naturally. This way, imperfections are removed much more accurately. The AI adjusts brightness according to the natural environment to prevent overexposure. The AI imperfection removal algorithm will remove blemishes from your skin to improve its tone and beauty. 

    Other than the AI retouching, there are a bunch of filters available for you to spice up the scene with pre-designed filters. The rear camera also has a retouching slider in photo, portrait, and video modes. 

    OPPO has also created its deblurring algorithm to enhance the clarity of faces in portraits. AI learning identifies and sharpens blurry or unclear facial images to improve the overall picture quality. The AI Highlight Video works in the background choosing the right presets that improve videos when it detects low light or strong backlight conditions.

    AI-based Bokeh flare
    The AI-based Bokeh flare effect in OPPO smartphones helps you capture outstanding portrait photos with a professional-looking blurry background. OPPO's Bokeh Flare Portrait Video feature stands out with its advanced AI algorithms, which accurately identify light sources that can be anything from streetlights, club lights, or just colourful foliage. This feature goes beyond the usual constraints of mobile videography, bringing a transformative change to the field.

    Redefining Proximity
    The telephoto portrait camera, introduced in the Reno10 series, redefines how we capture subjects compressing distant elements in a scene—like monuments, buildings, and mountains—to bring them closer to your portrait subject for more dramatic snapshots. 

    With the OPPO Reno10 Pro+’s 3x telephoto lens, you can shoot portraits from a distance—just like you would with a DSLR—for more natural facial proportions, devoid of any mild fish-eye distortion that you would get from smartphone cameras that force you to shoot from closer. These portraits boast a natural optical bokeh that separates the subject from the background to add depth to photographs.

    In low light, the telephoto lens excels at enhanced light gathering for brighter and clearer portraits with reduced noise while preserving the natural ambience of the scene.

    RGBW Sensors
    OPPO’s next-generation RGBW sensor significantly improves light sensitivity by introducing additional white sub-pixels(W), groundbreaking DTI technology, and OPPO’s self-developed 4-in-1 pixel algorithm. As a result of these innovations, the new sensor allows for 60% more light to be captured than previous sensors while achieving an up to 35% reduction in noise to deliver brighter and clear images in low-light conditions.

    More than just improving low-light photo capturing, the next-generation RGBW sensor also makes portraits more expressive in both photo and video with enhancements to skin, texture, and contrast.  

    The Hasselblad Touch for Superior Photography 
    OPPO's collaboration with camera manufacturer Hasselblad has been another milestone in camera innovation for Find Series. The Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution ensures consistent colour accuracy, tone, and contrast. Additionally, this partnership is embodied in the XPAN mode, embracing a unique retro style, complete with customized UI and filters designed by Hasselblad ambassadors. 

    Illuminating the Night
    OPPO's Ultra Night Mode elevates low-light photography by capturing multiple exposures and merging them to produce brighter images with reduced noise. AI Noise Reduction, HDR, Multi-frame Noise Reduction, and AI Scene Detection combine forces, empowering users to take stunning night photos effortlessly.

    Microscopic magnification
    OPPO's Microlens magnifies subjects up to 30 times optically and 60 times with hybrid magnification, going far beyond traditional macro photography.

    The Microlens has a tiny ring light around the lens that provides even illumination and keeps the subject bright. OPPO uses two side-emitting LED lights, carefully manipulating and matching the colour temperature range with the Microlens’ custom ring light to achieve significant results that a traditional LED would have been too large and bright to deliver.

    With each advancement, OPPO raises the bar, providing users with unprecedented imaging capabilities. From AI algorithms that breathe life into portraits to Hasselblad's colour accuracy, OPPO has redefined how we capture and cherish life's moments. As we stand on the precipice of a new era in mobile photography, OPPO promises a future where every image tells a story, beyond boundaries and limitations.  




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