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  • 2021-09-01
  • A deep dive into OPPO’s efforts towards customer satisfaction - A Premium After Sales experience

    In today’s day and age, technology has been an underlying need of the hour and is almost an extension of self. Smartphones too have almost become indispensable making our lives simpler in the smallest yet integral ways. But one can’t fathom the thought of their device going out of order, it’s unpleasant and the mere thought of dealing with delays in repairs is troublesome.

    After-sale service is where the real connection between a customer and a brand evolves. A hassle-free service has the tendency to make or break a brand’s reputation and most importantly earn the trust of customers who end up becoming advocates for the brand. At OPPO, customer feedback is of paramount importance as it helps us understand what our customers’ need are. Therefore, OPPO takes customer feedback seriously by constantly being in touch with customers to understand their experience with the brand.

    Here’s a glimpse of how the after sales experts have poured out their heart and soul to ensure happy customer success stories: -

    An OPPO customer, Aarav Muley, reached out with the query of his device overheating while playing games. The active customer outreach and social media team resolved his doubt online, within minutes, leaving Aarav assured that the OPPO team is always listening. “I played a game for 40 mins, and it didn’t overheat at all. You guys are the best. Thank you so much,” Aarav responded.

    Another customer Vijay, an OPPO F1s user was facing issues and had reached out to the customer service team. Within no time, OPPO’s customer service team resolved the issue to his satisfaction. Thanking the OPPO team he said, “I am very impressed by OPPO and would like to thank Mr. Rohit Kumar for resolving the constant issues I was facing on my device.”

    Suresh Kumar faced a grave issue where his device stopped working abruptly. Kumar reached out to the OPPO team and mentioned how his device was out of warranty. The OPPO team directed him to his nearby service centre, his query was resolved in no time and free of cost. It’s the encouraging response from trusted customers that pushes the OPPO team to perform and strive for a more connected “customer satisfaction program”.

    These are just a few examples on how OPPO has been checking the right boxes when it comes to customer service initiatives. With digitalization, now customers can receive their work orders and invoices through WhatsApp. The customers who do not use the messaging app can also choose to opt for the same via SMS/Email. OPPO India has also introduced a dedicated AI-powered Chatbot called ‘Ollie’ that is available 24X7 for customers to resolve 94.5% of their queries.

    Infact, a recent report by counterpoint highlighted that OPPO ranked No. 1 in after-sales service with 93% of the respondents rating their experience as “very good” or “excellent”. We also recorded the lowest waiting time during customer care calls, responding to approx 50% within 15 minutes.

    We are leading in customer support with most of the users receiving status updates through WhatsApp and SMS. OPPO will continue to bring the best services and provide expertise to resolve any issues or queries with utmost care.




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