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  • 2024-03-11
  • ColorOS14: Tips &Tricks

    ColorOS 14 features a fresh design language that supports intuitive interaction, as well as myriad features for enhanced productivity. Here’s a quick guid that helps you make the most of ColorOS 14 on your OPPO smartphone.

    Aquamorphic Design

    Let’s celebrate Holi with the vibrant hues of ColorOS 14’s Aquamorphic Design! Just like the playful spirit of this festival, Aquamorphic Design on OPPO smartphones dynamically adapts colours to bring alive the essence of this joyous occasion. 

    Adaptive Colour System: The colours on your OPPO device change based on your activity and the time of day. When you are charging your phone, the power widget displays a fluid animation that represents charging in the form of water drops floating inwards to the existing battery charge. Even the background colour of the alarm clock changes to reflect the time of the day, depending on when you set it to ring, whether in the morning, mid-day or at night. Similarly, the Adaptive Colour System includes live wallpapers that change depending on the time of the day at your location.

    Aquamorphic-themed Ringtones: Everyone has their unique Holi playlists to make their celebrations more fun. Just like Holi, ColorOS 14 offers 20 Aquamorphic-themed ringtones for calls, alarms, and notifications, with a harmonious audio experience tailored to your preferences. 
       ●   Go to Settings.
       ●   Select Sounds and vibration.
       ●   Choose Ringtone, head to Aquamorphic themes, and select one from the 20 options that best suits your mood.

    Fluid Wallpapers: When choosing a wallpaper, you can select from a range of live and static options that capture the vibrant hues of Holi. 
       ●   Go to Settings
       ●   Select Wallpapers & style
       ●   Under the Wallpapers option, click on Workshop to create your own wallpapers from photographs and pictures. 
    From the Wallpapers & style section, you can also choose from different icon styles, including Aquamorphic, Material, and Pebble.

    Smart Image Matting

    Holi is all about togetherness, and with ColorOS 14’s Smart Image Matting, we can make it even more colourful and inclusive. Let’s stick our friends’ and family’ faces into our Holi photos to spread joy and laughter everywhere!

    Smart Image Matting—one of the smartest AI tools in ColorOS14—effortlessly recognises and separates subjects from the background of an image. You can then insert that extracted subject cutout into any other photograph. Your friend is now right there with you, ready to party in your Holi pic.

    Here’s how to use Smart Image Matting on your OPPO Smartphone…
       ●   Open a photo or a paused video on your gallery and long press on the subject to select it. 
       ●   Copy the cut-out or save it to the File Dock.
       ●   Open a third-party app like Instagram, select the Holi picture you want to post in your story and paste the copied cut-out there to create a fun image.

    The AI can even recognise and cut out complex objects like furry pets and objects against backgrounds with similar colours. Cutouts can be viewed and edited in the File Dock, split screen mode, and other applications by dragging and dropping, and copying and pasting.

    Trinity Engine

    Just like the lively and energetic vibe of Holi, ColorOS 14’s Trinity Engine—comprising RAM VitalizationROM Vitalization and CPU Vitalization—keeps the celebration going with enhanced processor, storage and memory performance.  

    Head to the Phone Manager app on your OPPO device, select the Dynamic Computing Engine option, and in the screen that opens, click on the Optimise button to activate all three modules that streamline your smartphone’s functioning.
       ●   RAM Vitalization: RAM Vitalization optimises memory performance for quicker app launch and switching for smooth multitasking. Your device can handle up to 28 background apps without lag for 72 hours, whether you’re capturing photos, gaming, or video calling your loved ones.
       ●   ROM Vitalization: Proprietary I/O (input/output) technology improves the efficiency of read and write operations to significantly reduce the effects of ageing on your device to ensure a smooth user experience after years of use.
       ●   CPU Vitalization: CPU Vitalization helps smartphones balance between working fast and saving battery. It uses clever scheduling and an understanding of how the phone’s chip works to find the best balance.  

    The Phone Manager app also includes options such as Clean Up Storage which compresses and merges files and even provides you with clean-up prompts that will help you free up space in device storage. Its Viruses & risks option—powered by Avast—protects your smartphone from malware while its Data usage option aids in managing your mobile data usage.

    In ColorOS you can also find further optimisations for Battery and App Management.
       ●   Go to Settings, then navigate to Battery for features like Power saving mode and Smart charging.  
       ●   Under Settings, go to Apps and click on App management to manage app behaviour, including PermissionsBattery usage and notification management.

    Safety and Privacy

    As we cherish moments with our loved ones, let us ensure their safety and protection with ColorOS 14’s Safety and Privacy Protection feature that creates a secure digital environment to safeguard our families from any intrusions.

    ColorOS 14’s Safety and Privacy features give you complete control over which apps can access your photos and videos. When an app attempts to use sensitive media (photos or videos), it prompts for additional permissions. This way, you have more control over which apps can access your content.  

    To adjust app permissions for photos and videos on an OPPO device...

       ●   Open Settings on your device and tap Apps.
       ●   Select App Management to find the third-party app and tap on the desired app to open its settings.
       ●   Look for Permissions, tap Photos and Videos/Microphone/Camera/ Location, and choose Ask every time to control access to your media.

    Auto Pixelate 
    Celebrate Holi with peace of mind by safeguarding your privacy with our One-Tap Privacy Protection feature – Auto Pixelate. With AI integration, you can protect sensitive information--such as names and avatars--in your screenshots with just one tap to ensure that your privacy is maintained.

       ●   Capture and open the screenshot. 
       ●   Once the screenshot is opened, find Pixelate. Choose Auto for automatic pixelation.
       ●   To manually pixelate, tap on a text area or profile picture and tap again to undo.

    OPPO's self-developed network boost engine utilises technologies like antenna power enhancement and AI network selection to provide users with a smooth and stable communication experience in challenging network environments such as garages, elevators, high-speed rail stations, concerts, and sports events.

    For instance, when the user steps into the elevator, LinkBoost kicks in to swiftly select the network with the best connectivity potential for minimum downtime. With OPPO’s LinkBoost engine, you are assured the best connection with your loved ones even in low-network areas.




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