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  • 2020-02-19
  • OPPO Reno3 Pro promises to be the perfect photography companion

    2019 was the year for OPPO. It unveiled a series of smartphones across price segments that showcased the best-in-class features. Backed by OPPO’s innovative streak, the global smart device brand was able to garner a solid market share of 26.8 percent in the Indian smartphone mid-premium segment in Q4 2019.

    OPPO is now gearing up to launch the next rendition in the Reno series: the Reno3 Pro. The smartphone is slated to launch on March 2nd, 2020 and looking at the impressive specifications, it is already primed to be a camera beast.

    The Reno3 Pro will debut the world’s first 44MP dual punch hole camera setup and a versatile 64MP Zoom quad-camera setup to capture clear images under any lighting conditions. Let us take a look at all the camera features this smartphone is going to bring to the table.

    Dual Punch Hole camera with Dual Lens Bokeh

    The most striking aspect about the OPPO Reno3 Pro happens to be the dual punch hole camera setup that rests inside the hole-punch in its top-left corner. OPPO is the first smartphone brand to realise the potential of the dual punch-hole camera setup for selfies. It’s headlined by the 44MP ultra-clear main camera, which is the best you can get in the world right now. Yes, that’s true. The 44MP primary selfie lens is the highest resolution offered in the smartphone industry. Further, the industry-leading design of the dual punch hole camera makes the device lighter, thinner and gives a great fit in the hand.

    The other lens on the dual punch-hole selfie camera setup is a 2MP depth-of-field lens that offers stunning bokeh effects. The Dual Lens Bokeh setup works with a unique algorithm to give better image matting and background gradient than previous generations. This effect can, moreover, be applied to selfie videos to highlight your face in selfie photos and videos, so you can create stunning selfie shots on the go.

    What’s even more awesome is that the front cameras also benefit from the Ultra Night Selfie Mode. Now, capturing photos in the dark with the phone’s selfie cameras will be a breeze. With the combined effect of new multi-frame composition, AI-based noise reduction and human face protection you get stunning night shots with beautiful selfies, be it in low light, in pubs and restaurants, or under streetlights.

    Remarkable quad-camera setup

    Flipping the phone over will reveal four vertically aligned cameras that can combine their abilities to capture photographs in 108MP resolution through a multi-frame composition solution. The camera setup consists of a 64MP ultra-clear main camera, which is capable of offering high-resolution, crisp, and highly detailed photographs in all lighting conditions. In fact, the Ultra Night Mode has also made its way into this snapper’s repertoire – it ensures that all your photos captured in low light are ready to be posted on social media without any editing. Plus, 64MP photos also mean you get a wider zoom range, so the best portions of the image can be cropped without losing much detail.

    The second camera onboard is an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, which gives you a much wider view of your subjects than the main camera. Landscapes as well as modeling shots look stunning when captured with an ultra-wide-angle camera. The Reno3 Pro also consists of a 13MP telephoto camera for zooming into your subjects from a distance. This way you can enjoy a cricket match and capture all the splendid moments. It not only offers a 5x hybrid zoom but is also capable of delivering a whopping 20x digital zoom by combining the 64MP ultra-clear main camera, 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 13MP telephoto lens. The last sensor on the camera is a 2MP monochrome camera that can help you shape and show your unique style.

    The rear camera is also equipped to offer the Ultra Dark Mode, which delivers clear photos even in dim lights. In fact, when the illumination is lower than 1 lux, the phone switches to the Ultra Night Mode automatically and captures amazing shots.

    Reno3 Pro not only caters to photography enthusiasts but is also a videographer’s delight. The device delivers steady and more dynamic video using the Ultra Steady Video 2.0.

    The unique camera configurations enable the Reno3 Pro to take a range of dynamic shots. It enables users to experience the best of smartphone photography under various scenarios and lighting conditions. The OPPO Reno3 Pro looks to up the ante when it comes to camera innovation and promises to take the legacy of the Reno series forward.




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