Up to ₹2,000 bank discount on F25 Pro 5G & Starting ₹2,667/mo with NCEMI. Check now
Up to ₹2,000 bank discount on F25 Pro 5G & Starting ₹2,667/mo with NCEMI. Check now



  • Press Release
  • 2024-03-20
  • Experience uninterrupted calls with OPPO's LinkBoost technology

    OPPO’s LinkBoost reduces call drops up to 24.6% and an improvement of up to 80% in video calls compared to devices with the same chipset.

    Delhi, March 20 2024: In a survey conducted by LocalCircles in 2023, 69% of mobile users in India said they faced poor call connection and call drop issues every day. We at OPPO decided to address this issue head-on. In our investigations, we found that these network issues were caused by poor network infrastructure, wide-spread weak signal areas, and a large proportion of abnormal network cells. Last year, OPPO formed a network development team to tackle this problem. After three months of research across six countries and comprising over 100 network improvement tasks, we developed LinkBoost.

    LinkBoost is a proprietary network optimisation technology that tackles the issue of weak network signals to provide smooth and stable connections. Currently, this technology runs on the Reno11 Series and F25 Pro 5G smartphone.

    The OPPO F25 Pro 5G delivers up to 100% faster transmission power and 58.5% stronger reception, while the OPPO Reno11 Series delivers up to 73% faster transmission power and 17% stronger reception compared to similar smartphones without LinkBoost. Consumers can expect benefits such as
    •       Enhanced and stable signal strength in weak coverage areas such as elevators, underground garages, and crowded environments.
    •       A quicker switch to the most suitable network cell, minimising interruptions during daily activities like commuting or while at crowded events.

    How does LinkBoost work?
    In terms of hardware, OPPO smartphones with LinkBoost adopt a 360-degree surround antenna design. In terms of software, it optimises operations over cellular frequency bands to improve the signal transmission power and reception capabilities. Other technologies in LinkBoost include:
    •       AI network selection that recognises the user’s environment and intelligently switches between network cells. For instance, LinkBoost recognises when a user steps into the elevator and can quickly switch to the most potential network cell when they step out of the elevator to ensure a stable network quickly.
    •       Antenna power enhancement that improves antenna radiation efficiency and optimises signal strength via intelligent antenna tuning technology. The coverage frequency band is increased by 50% by changing the antenna distribution, and the signal is optimised and strengthened by changing the switching method of the RF front-end and RF architecture; the transmission power is also enhanced for India’s 5G bands.

    And the results speak...
    OPPO tested LinkBoost over network disruption conditions—locally and internationally—with 200+ test cases and 300+ user case studies on the OPPO F25 Pro and Reno11 series.
    •       WhatsApp video call recovery—moving in and out of a weaker signal area—showed an improvement of up to 80% compared to devices with the same chipset.
    •       Up to 24.6% fewer call drops in weak signal areas such as basements and underground garages in comparison to devices with the same chipset.

    OPPO is committed to introducing enhancements that support communications even in a no-signal zone. The aim is to optimise the performance of weak networks by prioritising antenna enhancement and intelligent scene recognition. As OPPO continues to innovate in this area, consumers can expect to see more advanced versions of LinkBoost in OPPO smartphones.

    About OPPO Mobiles India Private Limited
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