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  • Press Release
  • 2024-01-30
  • OPPO India and NITI Aayog celebrate the first anniversary of the PPP-model ATL with the Grand Student Innovation Showcase

    - The event highlighted the success of the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) and showcased projects developed over the past year by students from St Paul’s CEHSS and neighbouring community schools.
    - The projects involved the use of robotics, electronics, and rapid prototyping.

    OPPO India, in collaboration with NITI Aayog’s Atal Innovation Mission, organised a Grand Student Innovation Showcase to commemorate the one-year milestone achieved through the Public-Private Partnership model ATL at St Paul’s CEHSS in Kuriachira, Thrissur.

    Vivek Vasishtha, Vice-President, Public Affairs, OPPO India  engages with the students in insightful discussions on some of their award-winning projects

    The students from St Paul’s and nearby community schools showcased projects in robotics, electronics, and rapid prototyping developed over the last year. This event aligns with the Government of India’s emphasis on creating an empowered, future-ready workforce and nurturing entrepreneurship and technological skills among the youth.

    Esteemed guests, including senior government officials such as Deepali Upadhyay, Programme Director, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, and Biju Parameswaran, Programme Consultant, Kerala Development, and Innovation Strategic Council attended the event. Leaders from higher-education institutions, like Thrissur’s District Education Office, Dr A. Anzar, ATL cluster school principals, and select ATL mentors were also present.

    The event underscores OPPO India's dedication to aligning with the Government of India's efforts in cultivating a skilled workforce and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth to tackle real-world challenges.

    At the event, students presented projects, including Smart Goggles, an Attendance System using RFID technology, a Smart Car Parking System, an automated Smart Home solution, a Caring Robot, a Railway Accident Prevention System, and a Smart Farming Solution, among others.

    Delegates engaged with students, discussing their projects, experiences, and insights. All participants received certificates, and the top three projects out of more than 20 entries received special acknowledgement and a token of appreciation from OPPO India in recognition of their outstanding creativity and dedication.

    The winners include...

    The Smart Farming System crafted by 9th-grade students Aswathy N G, Annliya Deepak, and Maria C J from St Paul's CEHSS, secured the top spot. This project combines an Arduino UNO-based automatic irrigation system with components like Ultrasonic Sensor, Servomotor, Buzzer, Processing Software, Soil Moisture Sensor, Relay Module, and Water Pump Module. The Smart Farming System—a blend of innovation and social consciousness—safeguards against wildlife threats and addresses India’s pressing water scarcity issue.

    9th-grade talents Aswathy, Annliya, and Maria from St Paul's CEHSS clinch the top spot with their Smart Farming System.

    The Caring Robot project by 9th-grade students Christy F Vattakuzhy, Daniel Christo K J, and Sreenandan C S from St Paul's CEHSS, secured the 2nd spot. The robot, which melds technology with human connection, delivers items through controlled gear motors and servomotors and includes fun elements like songs and light effects. It is controlled by a remote controller app on a mobile phone via a Bluetooth Module and boasts interactive features such as handshakes and games facilitated by IR sensors in its hands.

    Smart Goggles developed by 9th-grade students Hannah Reethu Sojan, Anncila Reji, Annlin Bijoy, and Anjeleena VJ from St Mary’s Convent Girls Higher Secondary School, secured the 3rd spot. This project—built for visually impaired individuals—is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that identifies obstacles in its path and triggers a buzzer if the distance is unsafe. This technology increases spatial awareness among the visually impaired to enable them to navigate independently without depending on others.

    Deepali Upadhyay, Programme Director, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, said, “We are delighted to witness the success of the first PPP-model ATL, in collaboration with OPPO India. The projects, led by students from St Paul’s and neighbouring community schools, showcase the transformative impact of technology. These initiatives equip students with essential tech skills that ensure they are ready for the future workforce while nurturing entrepreneurship among them.”

    Vivek Vasishtha, Vice-President, Public Affairs, OPPO India, stated, “At OPPO India, our mission is to drive social upliftment by providing holistic learning opportunities. Through this new modality of partner established ATLs with Niti Aayog and with the support of St Paul’s, we proudly showcase the students' achievements. We take pride in contributing to the Government of India's mission to empower the citizens of tomorrow with future-ready skills.”

    The lab at St. Paul’s CEHSS in Kuriachira, Thrissur, was inaugurated in July 2023 by Shri Rajeev Chandrashekar, the Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship and Electronics and Information Technology. In collaboration with AIM and OPPO India, with Learning Links Foundation as the implementation partner, this initiative follows the ‘Hub and Spoke’ strategy, establishing an innovative learning environment through hands-on experiences and regular training sessions. The ATL in the nodal school serves as a ‘Hub’ for students from nearby government schools, allowing them to conduct experiments in the lab and extending support to three spoke schools.



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