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Pre-order is now live for all-new F25 Pro 5G Check



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  • 2021-04-04
  • One Smartphone Every 3 Seconds! OPPO India modernising phone manufacturing

    High precision 3D inspection machines (AOI), Electrostatic discharge precautionary clothes, Screen colour calibration equipment, Innovative camera calibration machines, Finger Print calibration and testing equipment, Antenna 5G test are among the few tech being integrated at OPPO India’s Noida manufacturing plant helps in increasing the efficiency of its workforce and product quality

    OPPO, a leading global smart device brand, is all set to shape the future of smartphone manufacturing for India. With its high-tech manufacturing prowess, innovative automation and state-of-the-art equipment, Noida factory of OPPO India currently manufactures one smartphone every three seconds. To ensure a seamless supply chain of smartphones to market, the OPPO India mobile factory stocks materials for over 1.2 million phones at any given point.

    With an ability to bring high-quality products, the factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery across the production level. The entire OPPO India facility is divided into four sections including Assembly, SMT (Surface Mount Technology), Storage, and Supply Warehouse. The super-machines at the SMT section can hold 37000 micro components per hour, adding on to the production efficiency. No matter how complex a PCB is, through the advanced technology the team can complete one Printed Circuit Board Assembly or PCBA in 6.25 seconds.

    Each product goes through multiple testing before it can be packed and shipped to the market that includes electrical performance tests, structural analyses (destructive, structure-plug), environmental aging test (continuous aging of functional components, adaptability in various environments) to develop high-end premium OPPO smartphones. There are 20 test points in each assembly line with innovative testing equipment like the hard pressure test, in which the smartphone functions are tested after a 35 kg push is applied 100 times on it. For the micro-drop test, the devices are dropped 28000 times from a height of 10 cms. The manufacturing unit has 52 rows with 37 assembly stations and 20 test stations and can dispatch hundreds of micro-parts for 200 smartphones in under 10 minutes.

    Commenting on this, Mr. Elvis Zhou, President, OPPO India, said, “India is a market of strategic importance for OPPO, and this factory is a testimony to our commitment for the country. The integration of high-end technology and human workforce with high level of expertise, creative and cognitive skills is enabling us to produce the most loved OPPO smartphones. With growing popularity of OPPO smartphones, we will be further building up on our manufacturing capabilities to meet the rising demand. Agility, innovativeness and creativity will be the key to success for OPPO India.”

    Established in 2016 the mega facility has steadily navigated the growth and success of OPPO in India. With over 10,000 strong workforce the OPPO manufacturing factory produces more than 6 million phones a month during peak seasons. Each individual comprising the workforce at the plant undergoes a rigorous training schedule. This is designed to create a well-trained workforce equipped with technical skills and troubleshooting capabilities to operate the world-class plant ensuring value creation, precision work and quality management.

    The OPPO India manufacturing plant spread across 110-acre campus in Noida, described as a "Superfactory" by National Geographic, is at the forefront of leading India’s smartphone manufacturing journey.




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