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  • Press Release
  • 2023-10-06
  • Why the OPPO Find N3 Flip, launching on 12 October 2023, is a complete performance beast

    ● The OPPO Find N3 Flip packs the flagship-grade all-rounder 4nm Mediatek Dimensity 9200 processor

    ● It boasts the largest-capacity 4300mAh battery with the fastest 44W SUPERVOOCTM charging on any flip phone

    New Delhi, October 06, 2023: OPPO India will unveil its newest foldable, the Find N3 Flip, on October 12 in the country. The handset boasts a flagship-grade processor designed for performance without compromise and backed by technologies that deliver all-day battery life with industry-leading power efficiency and charging speeds that raise the bar in the segment. 

    Flagship-grade performance

    The Find N3 Flip packs the MediaTek Dimensity 9200 chipset—based on the 2nd Generation TSMC 4nm process—that comprises a 3.05GHz Arm Cortex X3 core along with triple Cortex-A715 cores clocked at 2.85GHz for performance, with quad 1.8GHz Arm Cortex-A510 cores for power efficiency. 

    The SoC comes with the chipset manufacturer’s 6th generation AI processing unit—the MediaTek APU 690—with New eXtreme Power Saving Technology for AI-Super Resolution (AISR) and AI-Noise Reduction (AI-NR) tasks. In effect, it is 35% faster, yet delivers 45% power savings in visual applications such as camera, GPU and video playback, and up to 25% power savings for 4K video with AI-NR, compared to the 5th Generation APU. 

    The platform’s new LPDDR5X RAM—with its speed of 8533Mbps—is up to 33% faster than the previous-generation LPDDR5. The Find N3 Flip packs 12GB RAM with OPPO’s proprietary 12GB RAM Expansion technology for an overall smooth performance. 

    For photography and videography, the Dimensity 9200’s Imagiq 890 Camera technology provides native support for RGBW sensors—such as Find N3 Flip’s Sony IMX709—with AI Noise Reduction in night-time captures with up to 30% improvement in light sensitivity, and HDR captures for brighter pictures with great details. Its new AI-Video Engine adds AI video enhancements that deliver 4K clips with up to 11% power savings.

    The Dimensity 9200 is the first smartphone chip featuring the Arm Immortalis GPU for gaming. With HyperEngine 6.0 GPU Fusion Rendering capabilities, the chip’s Picture Quality Engine reduces motion blur while its Resource Management Engine drives smooth frame rates. 

    For an all-round experience, its Rapid Response Engine also drives low latency in Bluetooth audio. For better efficiency and sustained peak performance, the Dimensity 9200 enhances heat dissipation by 10% for a 4X slower temperature increase than the previous generation. This results in up to 25% less CPU power consumption and an extended battery life for the Find N3 Flip. 

    Super-Cooled Battery Powerhouse

    What sets the Find N3 Flip apart from other foldables is its large capacity 4300mAh battery that lasts over a day of mixed-use on a single charge. OPPO’s proprietary 44W SUPERVOOCTM fast-charging technology charges this battery from zero to 100% in just 56 minutes; a 10-minute recharge juices the battery to 21%, while 30 minutes gets it to 58%. 

    Additionally, industry-leading colour-filter-on-thin-film encapsulation (COE) display technology cuts display power consumption by 20% to prolong battery life while delivering a glare-free viewing experience.

    To further extend the battery, the Find N3 Flip packs the largest and thickest graphite layer in Flip phones—4,815mm2 in area and 312um thick—to maximise heat dissipation. Additionally, the Find N3 Flip employs a high-performance conductive gel for an 86% improvement in CPU heat conduction over the Find N2 Flip.

    Also, the middle frame of the top and side areas in the Find N3 Flip are partitioned to optimise the temperature perception of the hand-held area in the landscape view mode; this is especially helpful in gaming as it feels cool to touch in the hand. 

    All these improvements in performance over the previous generation make the OPPO Find N3 Flip the best flip device in the market. It balances performance and battery to deliver an all-round smooth, energy-efficient, flagship-grade performance in productivity tasks like video calls, photography, video streaming, and even graphics-intensive games.

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