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  • Press Release
  • 2023-11-08
  • Celebrating Dreams with OPPO India: Real Stories of ₹10 Lakh and More

    OPPO India announced the “OPPO Festive Offer” which will continue till 19th November 2023. Customers who purchase an OPPO smartphone during this period will qualify for a bumper Diwali raffle of ₹10 lakh, ICC World Cup tickets, IoT devices, and more. This offer is getting smartphone enthusiasts all over the country excited. Learn about the winners' stories in the OPPO Festive Offer, where each one takes home a ₹10 lakh cash prize.

    Winner 1: G. Gopi Raju from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

    Meet Mr. Gopi Raju, a 25-year-old Sales Executive from Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He was initially skeptical if he would even win, but an enthusiastic OPPO promoter convinced him. Mr. Raju decided to take a chance and ended up winning. With this prize, he aims to build a home, secure his kids' future, and support his parents' medical expenses. He says, “This amount can turn my dreams into reality, and that's simply priceless. Thank you, OPPO India!” Mr. Raju has been a dedicated OPPO fan for five years.  

    Winner 2: Nishika Agarwal from Jaipur, Rajasthan

    For Nishika Agarwal, a 20-year-old Chartered Accountant student from Jaipur, Rajasthan, winning the prize was a surreal moment. She says, “At first, I couldn't believe it, but gradually, as I got more calls about it, I realized it's real, not a dream. In the end, I want to thank my father for getting me this phone and OPPO for this amazing surprise.” She also praised the performance of her OPPO Find N3 Flip and the exciting offers from OPPO India.  

    Winner 3: Dukuntla Mahesh, Suryapet, Telangana

    Dukuntla Mahesh, a 19-year-old student, expressed his happiness and gratitude for winning ₹10 lakh. He had purchased an OPPO A18 smartphone and never imagined such luck would come his way. Coming from a farmer's family, Dukuntla expressed, "This prize will make a significant difference in securing my family's future." He specially thanked OPPO Telangana and OPPO India for this opportunity.  

    Winner 4:  Mahesh Kumar Chaudhary, Faridabad, Haryana

    Mahesh, a loyal OPPO customer, learned about the "OPPO Festive Offer" through an OPPO promoter. With the promoter's assistance, Mahesh participated in the raffle, hoping for good luck. One could only imagine the joy he had when he received confirmation of winning the ₹10 lakh cash prize – he was so elated that words couldn't express his happiness. Even with limited earnings, Mahesh has significant responsibilities, including taking care of his family, which includes two children. Mahesh believes that this cash prize will provide vital support for their future. He called it the best gift he has ever received and expressed his gratitude towards OPPO India. "Happy Diwali," he said, sharing the joy this win has brought into his life.  

    Winner 5: Tanveer Ahmed, Dodballapur, Karnataka

    Tanveer Ahmed, a 41-year-old running a furniture business, discovered the OPPO Festive Offer through an OPPO promoter. During the chat, he caught wind of the contest and thought, "Why not?" The excitement peaked as he explored his new OPPO Reno 10 Pro. The screen lit up, revealing he'd won a 10 Lakh cash prize. "Thanks a bunch, OPPO India and SRS Electronics and Mobiles, Dodballapur," he beamed. For Mr. Ahmed, OPPO has always been the reliable choice. He especially enjoys OPPO’s performance, its camera, and the user-friendly system.

    As we delve into the heartwarming stories of our five winners, we witness dreams turning into reality through OPPO's festive generosity. G. Gopi Raju, Nishika Agarwal, Dukuntla Mahesh, Mahesh Kumar Chaudhary, and Tanveer Ahmed each received a ₹10 lakh cash reward, sparking immeasurable joy and gratitude. These heartwarming stories of winners show how OPPO's festive offer brought joy, happiness, and life-changing opportunities to its customers. Stay tuned for more incredible tales of celebration with OPPO India.




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