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Rising Camera

Rising Performance

Technical Innovation Meets Aesthetic Beauty
6.5-Inch Panoramic Screen with Intelligent Rising Camera
Designed For an Immersive Visual Experience
The K3 uses an internally stored rising camera design to achieve a completely undisrupted 6.5 inch full-screen AMOLED display. Seamless, gap-free integration with the phone’s body makes the screen as natural to navigate as it is advanced, leading the next wave in design for the industry. Enjoy a fuller, more immersive viewing experience, from gaming to video media and beyond.
  • 91.1%

    Screen-to-Body Ratio

  • Corning®

    Gorilla Glass 5

  • Non-Stroboscopic

    Low Light

  • Eye Protection

    Designed for More Comfortable Night Reading

  • Intelligent Device Protection

    Intelligent Auto-Retraction Protects the Camera During Falls

  • At Least 5 Years’ Usage Guaranteed

    100 Lifting Cycles/Day

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock
Unlock at Light Speed
An upgraded recognition structure combined with a more efficient AI algorithm enables even faster and more accurate unlocking.


Faster Unlocking Speed

3D Sleek Unified Body
Top-Quality Design Guaranteed to Stand Out
The K3’s flawless 3D contours and radian shape are designed to fit your hand for a pleasing, natural grip.

Heroic Gaming Performance

8GB+128GB, Snapdragon 710
Next-Level Speed and Power
The K3’s best-in-series 8GB+128GB high-speed memory works to unleash SoC performance in game scenarios where its counts.
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 7
2.2 GHz
Maximum Operating Frequency
LPDDR4x Dual Channel Memory
Higher Efficiency
Improved Peak Performance
UFS 2.1
High-Speed Flash Memory
Improved Continuous Read Performance
Improved Random Writing Performance
VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 3765mAh Battery
Charge Faster, Safely and Reliably While You Play
The K3’s VOOC 3.0 uses a new VFC charging algorithm to reach full power 25% faster than previous-generation flash charge technologies. Guaranteed speed means charging while you play is just as efficient as in standby, while temperature control ensures safety and reliability. Factor in a large-size 3765mAh battery and you have the ideal gaming device without limits.
Charging Time Decreased by 25%
Charge Safely and Reliably
  while You Play
GameBoost 2.0
Boost Your Gaming Experience on All Fronts
Speed is everything in the gaming world. The all-new Game Boost 2.0 unites OPPO’s original Frame Boost frame rate accelerator and Touch Boost touch accelerator to eliminate stalling and keep the touch sensor from lagging, enhancing your in-game experience at every level. With high-performance gaming tools certified by TÜV Rheinland, the K3 is ready to fight with you whenever you want to play.
Frame Boost
AOV 31.4% Higher Frame Rate Stability
PUBG Mobile 44.1% Lower Chance of Lag
Game Boost
34.9% Enhanced General Touch Performancey
AOV 13.8% Enhanced Touch Performance
PUBG Mobile 21.6% Enhanced Touch Performance
Dolby Atmos
Reimagine Your Entertainment Experience
The OPPO K3 uses striking 3D sound effects to create a cinema-quality audio entertainment experience that immerses you in sound from all sides.
Ultra Night Mode 2.0
Stunning Night Scenes Right at Your Fingertips
Combined multi-frame noise reduction and HDR technology give your night shots enhanced gradation for clearer shading and vivid, lifelike color, capturing incredible detail in fainter light.
Built-In Image Stabilization
Night-Scene Noise Reduction
Superior Low-Light Performance
AI Beautification
Make Your Portrait Shots Natural and Lifelike
AI intelligent beauty recognition enables the K3 to recognize and bring forward the details that make people unique. With features that help render subjects’ facial features and skin tones in refined, true-to-life clarity, it optimizes portrait shots to capture the natural beauty you see in people.
ColorOS 6
A Wonderfully Liberating Mobile Experience
OPPO’s original Color OS6 operating system features a borderless aesthetic and a youthful, easygoing character designed for an efficient, easy-to-navigate mobile experience without limits.

1. OPPO K3 adopts a 16MP+2MP dual rear camera.

2. 6.5 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be pointed corners (i.e. actual size is marginally smaller).

3. 3765mAh is the typical battery value.

4. The screen ratio of 91.1% is calculated by the projected area of the screen display versus the projected area of the phone edges.

5. The frame rate acceleration data is from OPPO internal tests. At room temperature, with high frame rate and high picture quality mode on, the game was performed to compare the performance with and without Frame Boost, respectively.

6. The touch performance data is from OPPO internal tests. The comparative data is about the response performance of tap and swipe on the desktop, movement speed of the game characters and so on.

7. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons such as changes in suppliers. The data displayed on this page is taken from OPPO’s designed technical parameters and test data from laboratories and suppliers. In actual circumstances the data may differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.