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6.5” FHD+ Waterdrop Screen

6.5”  Waterdrop Screen

A Notch that Blends Right In

The A9's Waterdrop Screen echoes the graceful curve of a water droplet swelling with possibility. Cleverly concealed inside it is a front camera, a light sensor, and more.

3D Gradient Body

Rare Brilliance

Nothing sparkles quite like light gleaming off a fine jewel — except A9. We've infused this phone body with the rich color and brilliant sheen of a polished gem. The subtle curve along the back of the phone nestles into your palm like a smoothly polished gemstone you never want to put down.
Marble Green
Fluorite Purple
4020mAh Large Battery Power that Lasts
A large 4020mAh(TYP) battery capacity frees you from the concern of battery drain during your day.

4GB + 128GB

Supersized Storage

4GB RAM makes A9 a breeze to use. And its 128 GB of storage provides enough room for your favorite songs, photos and videos.
16MP AI Dual-Lens Rear Camera
Fall in Love with Photography All Over Again
Fall in Love with Photography
Every thrilling moment deserves to be captured. A9 can intelligently identify 22 individual scene types and 416 scene combinations, giving you fresh takes on portraits, food shots, landscapes, or whatever you want to photograph.
OPPO Artistic Portrait: The Professional Touch
You can now take stunning portraits anytime and anywhere with your phone. Using Bokeh-style blurring and professional colorizing techniques, we've designed 5 different OPPO Artistic Portrait tyles. And our HSL skin tone restoration automatically fixes unnatural color casts, letting your natural glow shine through.
Dazzle Color Mode: Never a Dull Color
Backlit pictures have no place in your photo gallery. Dazzle Color Mode uses AI to recognize dull-colored, dim, and overexposed settings, applying a unique pixel-level mapping algorithm to breathe lifelike color into photos.
Seize the Night with Ultra Night Mode 2.0
A9 is equipped with Multi-frame Noise Reduction algorithms, protecting users from over-exposure and create stunning detail in low-light conditions. The new addition of portrait optimization for night photography can differentiate between subject and background, ensuring the skin tone is still the same and delivering a professional photo.
16MP Front Camera
Natural Beauty Through AI-powered Beautification
When it comes to selfies, you’re the expert on all the best ways to bring out your natural beauty. That’s why the A9’s AI Beauty Camera lets you take control. Featuring face slimming, makeup and six other fully configurable modes, the AI Beauty Camera lets you decide what goes into the making of a perfect shot. At the same time, A9 remembers your preference and restores the last setting automatically.
Hyper Boost:
Faster in Every Dimension
The A9 understands the passion and intensity of the gaming world. Hyper Boost accelerates performance when needed, independently adjusting for games, apps and operating system.
ColorOS 6
Smarter & Easier to Use Than Ever
Based on Android 9.0, the latest generation of ColorOS adds Smart Riding Mode, Swipe-up Gesture Navigation, Smart Assistant and Cloud Service to a borderless design.
Learn more about ColorOS 6 OPPO colorOS

1. 6.5 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are taken to be rectangular corners. The actual screen size is marginally smaller.

2. The A9's typical battery capacity is 4020 mAh. The minimum capacity is 3910 mAh. The typical value of battery capacity indicated in ampere-hours (mAh) has been determined under laboratory conditions and is abbreviated in the parentheses addition as "(TYP)".  This capacity is the nominal capacity of the battery. The actual battery capacity of each device may be slightly above or below its rated capacity. The minimum capacity determined in accordance with the relevant IEC 61960 standard is a lower value and is abbreviated by the "(MIN)" parenthesis addition. Actual battery life may vary based on network environment, user behavior and other factors.

3. Product images are for reference only. Certain product specifications and descriptions are subject to change due to reasons such as changes in suppliers. The data on this page is obtained from OPPO’s technical parameters, as well as test data from laboratories and suppliers. Actual data may vary slightly, depending on the testing software version, testing environment, and product version.