OPPO and Tennis
Чемпионат по теннису- Roland Garros
The courage to follow your heart, to constantly break out of your comfort zone, and to strive for perfection. Tennis aligns with OPPO’s DNA of pursuing beauty and elegance through innovative design and technology.
OPPO and Roland-Garros
As the Premium Partner and the Official Smartphone of Roland-Garros, OPPO has embarked on a thrilling journey with a legendary tennis tournament.
Roland-Garros Junior Wild Card Series by OPPO
OPPO inspired and empowered young athletes to fulfill their dreams on the clay court.
OPPO and Wimbledon
A central part of the partnership is the use of OPPO’s smartphone technology in line with Wimbledon’s motto “In Pursuit of Greatness” and OPPO’s commitment to both product innovation and design.
OPPO Wimbledon Breakthrough Award
The OPPO Breakthrough Award was created as a new initiative to recognise inspiring breakthrough performances at The Championships.

We look forward to exploring OPPO

technology and tennis more in the future.


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