Ultra-thin design,
Lightness you can feel.
OPPO A91 takes the best features A Series offers and packs it into the series' thinnest, lightest phone yet. With a one-handed ergonomic grip,
A91 slides sleekly into pockets without the bulge, and is ultra portable,
perfect for on-the-go.
20:9 One-Handed Grip
172g 12% lighter1
7.9mm 14% thinner1
The Era of Light
The All New A Series
0.32s2 In-Display Fingerprint,
Unlock at the speed of light.
0.32s2 In-Display
Fingerprint, Unlock at the speed of light.
Speedier and safer. Unlock in a whopping one-third of a second with In-Display Fingerprint 3.0. What’s more, A91’s new sensor uses a special filter that maximizes sensitivity to detail, protecting against fake fingerprints.
Unlock Speed +20%
Unlock Success Rate +4.3%
2400×1080 pixels of brilliance.
Immersive yourself in the AMOLED FHD+ Screen sharp 2400 × 1080 resolution. Watch Youtube, Netflix and Amazon Prime videos in full HD with the Widevine L1 Certificate.
Gorilla Glass 5
Corning Gorilla Glass 5 provides sturdy protection against falls with 80% of tested screens surviving 1.6 meter drops3.
FHD+ 2400 × 1080
Gorilla Glass 5
Screen Ratio
Widevine L1
DC Dimming 2.0
Two breathtaking
shades, Discover
when colors dance
in the light.
Two breathtaking shades,
Discover when colors
dance in the light.
Inspired by the movement of light through color, delight your senses with brilliant light streaks that shimmer with your every move.
48MP Wide Angle
Macro Quadcam,
Play up your
close up or afar.
48MP Wide Angle Macro
Quadcam, Play up
your perspective
close up or afar.
OPPO A91’s Quad Camera features a 48MP sensor that uses 4-in-1 pixel combination technology to deliver sharp images with more detail, especially in low light conditions.
119° Ultra Wide Angle
Wide Angle not only lets you easily capture more people in big group settings, but also lets you take a step back, bringing tall buildings and architecture into your view.
3-8CM Macro
Taking pictures of text and documents just got a whole lot easier, no matter how close you are. Plus, autofocus into the magnificent macro world where dew, flowers and insects bring life a whole new perspective.
EIS Anti-Shake,
Steady videos on the move.
Steady short videos just got a whole lot easier on-the-go. Capture sharper and clearer videos even when running with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) combined with an internal gyroscope.
All New AI Beautification Algorithm,
We believe natural is more beautiful.
All New AI
Beautification Algorithm,
We believe natural
is more beautiful.
A whole new beautification algorithm takes beautiful skin to the next level, giving you more natural and refined skin than ever without over brightening the complexion. Plus, AI beautification, gender detection, and multi-person selfies bring more features to beautification than ever before.
AI Video Beautification
Front and back video beautification gives you beautiful shots even while moving.
Night Portrait
Discover a new world of portraits in the dark. It's like having your own light crew on set every time.
Portrait HDR
Portraits are clearer than ever even in opposing sunlight with Portrait HDR, which automatically takes multiple differently exposed photos, and uses intelligent technology to combine them into one.
Portrait Bokeh Effects
Background blurs so you're in the spotlight. And now blurring is adjustable to your viewing pleasure.
8GB + 128GB,
The world in your hands.
A91’s best-in-series high-speed memory ensures faster performance, while 128GB big storage gives you enough memory to play up your world.
VOOC Flash Charge 3.0,
5-minute charge, 2-hour talk4.
VOOC Flash Charge 3.0,
5-minute charge,
2-hour talk4.
Charge on-the-go. With two hours of talk in a five-minute charge, or 50% in 30 minutes, VOOC Flash Charge 3.0 and a 4000mAh5 big battery will keep you going all day long.
Game Boost 2.0,
Smooth move.
Engineered with gamers in mind, the upgraded version looks even further into your phone's performance, looking at latency and control issues, analyzing touch control and refresh rate.
High Performance Certification from TÜV Rheinland.
PUBG Frame Rate
Stability Increased by
AOV Possibility of
Lag Decreased by

1. As compared with A9 2020.

2. In-Display Fingerprint unlock speed is tested internally at OPPO; results as compared with that of OPPO In-Display Fingerprint 2.0. Testing conditions: When screen is dimmed and fingerprint scanner light is on.

3. According to Corning. For detailed information, please visit corning.com.

4. VOOC Flash Charge 3.0's charging time is tested internally at OPPO. Testing conditions: When battery is under 1%, with screen dimmed and all functionalities turned off except call function; charged with built-in charger. Actual charging times may vary depending on charging conditions.

5. A91's battery capacity is 4000mAh; the typical value of battery capacity is 4025mAh.

6. Product pictures are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product for actual specifications. Certain product specifications and descriptions may change due to reasons like changes in suppliers. The data in the page came from OPPO designed technical parameters, and test data from the laboratories and from suppliers. In actual circumstances, the data will differ slightly, depending on the test software version, specific testing environment, and specific version.


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