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Diamond-shaped Back Cover

Shine from Every Angle

Feast your eyes on the unique diamond-shaped back cover, designed with individual
cut-glass sections and different reflective movements. Choose from the stylish Diamond
Blue or Diamond Red to burst open light and shadows.

OPPO AX5 Color - Diamond Shaped Cover

Dual Camera with Portrait Mode

You are the Focus

OPPO AX5’s rear camera is equipped with a dual-lens module (13MP + 2MP) that can
create a natural and soft depth-of-field effect. This helps to highlight the subject
and with the excellent AI Portrait Mode, you are the focus.

OPPO AX5 Dual Camera

Selfie Tune

Let Your Selfie Shine

Capturing selfies with the OPPO AX5 front camera is
like having a professional style consultant at
your fingertips. With the Vivid Mode, selfies
come to life as your face looks naturally
beautiful against the enhanced color
saturation of your outfits and backdrop.

OPPO AX5 Selfie

4230mAh Big Battery

Last Longer and Longer

The OPPO AX5’s 4230mAh battery provides an extremely long battery life. The smart battery management system
further enhances the usage of the battery. Now, the battery can last 17 hours for more productive tasks
during your busy day.

OPPO AX5 Battery 4230mAh

14nm Qualcomm Octa-core CPU

Fast and Smooth Experience

OPPO AX5 is equipped with the powerful 14nm Qualcomm Octa-core CPU - supporting effortless
multi-tasking with low power consumption. Also, the much improved game acceleration helps your
phone run faster and smoother without even a glitch when gaming online.

OPPO AX5 Qualcomm Octa Core CPU

Big 64GB ROM

Greater Memory Storage

With a formidable 3GB RAM and 64GB ROM taking center stage, the OPPO AX5 runs fast and
smoothly. Additionally, it uses significantly less power and has greater storage capacity so
you can store a whole lot more on your device.


6.2’’ Super Full Screen

6.2 Notch

Equipped with a 6.2-inch 19:9 Super Full Screen, OPPO AX5 provides a
revolutionary viewing experience on your phone. With the impressive 88.8%
screen-to-body ratio, the OPPO AX5 gives you a more realistic and immersive visual experience.

OPPO AX5 6.2 Inch Super Full Screen

Full Screen Multitasking

Immersive Experience on Your Phone

Accompanying the big OPPO AX5 screen is the new Full Screen Multitasking. Holding app
icons or notification bubbles, you can still read and reply to messages without
interrupting your games or videos via app-in-app.

OPPO AX5 Full Screen Multitasking

ColorOS 5.1 Based on Android 8.1

Speedy Facial Unlock

Your OPPO AX5 knows you like no other, thanks to its advanced AI Face Recognition
Technology that identifies your unique facial features. All you need to do is looking at
the screen to securely unlock with lightning-quick speed.

OPPO AX5 ColorOS 5.1 Faial Unlock

Music Party

Let’s Drop the Beat

Music is the universal language that connects different people together. The new OPPO AX5 Music Party feature
provides a more immersive music experience in social settings. Simply play music and connect with other
phones to let the music sharing party begin. Maximum connected device number is 10.

OPPO AX5 ColorOS 5.1 Music Party

Clone Phone

Moving Files Effortlessly

Clone Phone can quickly move all the data sorted on the old phone, including albums, contacts, and apps, to
the new phone. Never again will you need to worry about losing files.

OPPO AX5 ColorOS 5.1 Clone Phone

Brand-new Visual Design

Brand-new Visual Design

ColorOS 5.1 comes with a brand-new design that provides with a more relaxing and enjoyable visual
experience. By changing the layout of the content and size of the font, key information is more
prominent. Now, you can quickly find the things you need.

OPPO AX5 ColorOS 5.1