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The ever-evolving global Camera Phone brand OPPO, has unveiled its latest flagship model, the OPPO F3. A dual selfie Camera phone featuring high-end specs and a number of unusual tweaks intending to drive the next wave of the selfie revolution in Kenya


The F3 packs a dual front-facing selfie camera - a high-resolution 16MP shooter for standard selfies with beautification technology, paired with an 8MP wide-angle shooter with a field-of-view that is 2 times larger than the standard selfie camera for group selfies, which extend more potential and fun when capturing memories with friends and family.

“Selfies and group selfies have now become a social norm for our consumers. The F3 will let consumers enjoy a hassle-free group selfie experience and further reinforce OPPO’s leading position in camera phone innovation in the industry” said Mr. Andrew Peng, OPPO Kenya CEO.


Selfies and group selfies reflect how people, especially the modern generation are socializing and sharing their lives on social media. The group selfie and distortion-minimizing features introduced in the earlier F-series model have made it a popular hit among the consumers across Africa. The F3, the latest model of the Selfie Expert series to join the family, will inherit these key features and allow users to capture group selfies with a double field-of-view .


To enhance the Beautiful Design without compromising the amazing sense of grip, the F3 is built with an exclusive U-rail Spray technology, which allows the body frame width to go as slim as 2.0mm and 27% thinner than the F1s .

Aiming to address Smartphone technology problems that have been on the rise, the 5.5-inch, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 In-Cell screen features a pre-applied protective screen coating, with an upgraded screen visibility.


The F3 is packed with features that will fulfill everyday’s mobile-first usage. F3’s Lightning-Fast Touch Access is undoubtedly one of the quickest in the market. The home-button fingerprint reader unlocks the phone in a mere 0.2 seconds.

It is built with the intent to allow users to experience group selfie fun and mobile communications for long daily usage.


The device utilizes an Octa-core processor backed by 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM and offers a triple-slot card tray that can hold two Nano 4G SIM cards with a micro SD card, expanding memory to up to 128GB.


The remarkable rear camera offers high-quality photography performance with fast focusing speed, giving the F3 the ability to capture clear pictures of moving subjects without a hitch which has never been easier.


Mr. Andrew added: “OPPO F3 offers high-quality photography performance to the people and will bring them together for the best possible group selfie fun -- with a stunning design, sharp colorful screen, enhanced battery life, and lightning-fast fingerprint sensor.”


With the release of the Camera phone in the Kenyan market OPPO which has now been ranked fourth globally by market share and earned the No: 1 spot in china for the two recent quarters seeks to replicate the success in Kenya which is one of its stronghold by introducing products that never fail to inspire and excite.



The brand has promised to give a remarkable technological breakthrough that will change how the world sees the Smartphone photography by looking forward to release a series of Smartphone that will provide even more solutions to photography by 2017


For the first time ever in history, OPPO Kenya has opened pre-orders for the device on 16th to 22nd May, pricing it at Ksh 35,000 and the first sales date on 23rd May 2017.