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The Story of
OPPO Zoom Camera

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OPPO MWC 2017 -
5x Dual-Camera Zoom

OPPO on MWC 2019 -
10x Lossless Zoom

Brand New Reno Series -
Reno 10x Zoom

OPPO Reno2 Series -
5x Hybrid Zoom with Video Zoom

OPPO Reno3 Series –
Special Optimizations for Portraits and Text

Zoom Gallery

OPPO 10x Lossless Zoom
Challenge Your Perspective
Further Your Vision

Reno Zoom in the Media

“ OPPO’s 5x zoom camera is an ingenious prototype that actually works ”

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“ OPPO’s new 10x lossless zoom technology lets you wave goodbye to blurry photos ”

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“ OPPO Reno 10x zoom review ”

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“ OPPO Reno 2 – The Good Review ”

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“ OPPO’s Reno 2 has a 'sharkfin' pop-up camera and decent zoom on the cheap ”

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