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  • 2021-07-07
  • The market is huge and the competition adds to the user

    2500 customer service centers in 60 markets around the world .. 137 of them in the Middle East and Africa .. and 20 in Egypt

    We plan to increase the number of OPPO mobile customer service trucks to 3 to provide greater service and convenience to customers in Egypt

    “Despite the difficult circumstance, it did not prevent us from completing our expansion plans, entering new markets, and forging partnerships with more than 80 mobile operators around the world, and ranking third in Africa.”

    With this phrase, Eve Han, Brand Director of OPPO Egypt – the young woman in her thirties who leads one of the largest brands in the field of smart phones – began her talk with us, about the impact of the Corona virus pandemic on the Smartphone market and her vision of the Egyptian market during the current period, and revealed to us about the market share for OPPO in Egypt, and the most important technologies and modern technology that OPPO seeks to introduce in its smart phones during the coming period and the company’s programs for social responsibility (CSR).

    1.       How have your sales been affected by the spread of the Corona virus during the past year and this year?

      ●    Despite the difficult times the world is going through today, this did not stop us from completing our expansion plans in the whole world, and did not prevent us from entering new markets. Last year, we entered the markets of Germany, Ireland, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, and Mexico as a gateway to the Latin American market, and we also enter Chilean and Colombian mobile device markets this year.

      ●    In addition, we have partnered with 80+ top mobile operators worldwide, and we are continuing our cooperation with major mobile operators such as Vodafone, Orange, Etisalat and others around the world.

      ●    According to third-party data, OPPO presents strong performance globally in Q1 this year, ranking 3rd in Africa. 

    2.       What is your current vision for the smart phone market in Egypt, and what does the market need from your point of view?

    ●    The Egyptian market is a large market that accommodates the presence and competition of companies among themselves, which is in the interest of the users because this enumerates the options in front of them, and the criterion is in the feature and quality of the product and its value against its price, and after-sales service.

    ●    The market always needs products and technologies that can truly meet the needs of users, with high quality and meaningful brand values.

    ●    We have been able to maintain the confidence of users in our devices since our entry in The Egyptian market until now, because our mission is “Technology for mankind, kindness for the world” and we committed to becoming a hi-tech company that serves people with the beauty and benefit of technology, we always keep in mind the requirements of the user and our keenness to provide the extraordinary features and quality that matches and goes beyond the user’s needs.

    3.       There are many numbers in the reports, but I want to know from you the market share of OPPO in the Egyptian market? What are your goals until the end of this year?

    ●    According to IDC, OPPO ranked 2th in Egyptian smartphone market in 2020. Moving forward, we’ll continue to enhance OPPO's high-end brand image and to expand the mid-high end market share, by focusing on Reno series and by leveraging the upcoming Find series product.

    ●    We strongly believe that if our products and services impress consumers, then shipment and sales volume will naturally follow. We remain responsible to local users, employees, and customers, by conducting localized operations and bringing better products and services to local consumers.

    4.       OPPO has largely moved to online selling after the Corona pandemic, is this a change in OPPO's future policy, as OPPO was not interested in online selling in the past?

    ●    The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted the global economy and impacted many industries. E-commerce channels and digital interactions are becoming increasingly important in connecting with customers, and hence our team together with our e-commerce and retail partners are working actively and have adopted agile methods for the as fast-evolving situation to better support our customers’ demands.

    ●    In Egypt, we have close relationships with local retail partners, and recently we just announced our collaboration with Jumia, as our products will be available on Jumia website with all our devices and IOT devices, also we will be doing some promotions specially tailored for Jumia , and for the time being  we are working on more E-commerce collaborations to be announced soon, as we believe that e-commerce will connect us with new customers and it’s a new channel for more sales 

    ●    OPPO will continue to maintain strong cooperation with local partners to bring better products and services to customers

    5.       What are the most important products that OPPO seeks to offer during the coming period, and what are the modern technologies that it seeks to introduce to the Egyptian market?

    ●    Innovative technologies and unique designs are OPPO's core competency. We strive to create products that enable users to enjoy the ‘beauty of technology’ by packing the powerful technology into beautiful designs, allowing the state-of-art innovation to flow seamlessly into our customers’ lives.

    ●    For example, on the much-loved Reno series, we’re committed to provide the most trendy and innovative photography experience second-to-none. And on the Find X series, we’re aiming to provide our users with the best technology experience in an elegant and premium way. Beyond smartphones, users may have noticed we’re also expanding our product range to more IoT products, and we’ve launched several wireless headphones and wearables.

    ●    OPPO’s technology is human-centric technology, we not only lead and proudly being among the world’s top brands in R&D development, but also constantly pushing meaningful technologies into customer’s daily use. We’ve already made the industry leading VOOC flash charge technology widely benefiting more than 175M users worldwide, pioneered and actively promoted the 5G research and commercialization. Meanwhile, we’re open for industry ecosystem collaboration to bring more advanced technologies into people’s modern life.

    6.       What is the expansion plan for OPPO in Egypt during the current year, especially in the maintenance centers and after-sales services?

    ●    OPPO is the world’s only smartphone vendor owning an independent global service system, with over 2,500 self-built customer service centers in over 60 country markets. In the MEA region, there are 137 easily-accessible service outlets across the markets providing professional service care to customers, including 39 self-built OPPO Service Centers and widespread service points.

    ●    In Egypt, OPPO has 20 service centers, including 5 experience & service stores that serve different governorates and one service van. We are planning to add two service vans to provide convenient services to more users.

    ●    OPPO support aims to ease users’ troubles and meet the increasingly diverse needs of users on the whole experience process. Customers can easily receive service consultancy and troubleshooting assistance online or offline, via livechat, service hotline, website FAQ and emails, or visiting one of OPPO’s dedicated service outlets nearest to you. Besides, customers can enjoy free labor cost, free software upgrade, free charging services and free protective film at authorized OPPO Service Centers.

    ●    In addition to the general service rights provided catering to customers daily usage, we are also proud to launch the special ‘OPPO Service Day’ every month at designated OPPO Service Centers. From June 2021, the much-welcomed OPPO Service Day event, originally held on 10th of each month, will be extended to 10th-12th. During the upgraded Service Day event, customers can enjoy free phone disinfect service, extended service hours, exclusive 10-30% discounts on battery and back cover refresh, and 10% discount on phone accessories. Moreover, surprise services like manicure, make-up were also available at the service center for customers to check out and find more!

    ●    OPPO continues to push the boundaries of quality and design, delivering a human-centric experience that surpasses customer expectations and empowers users to elevate their lives through technology. In the future, OPPO will constantly upgrade the services it provides and increase service centers to ease users' troubles and meet users' diversified needs

    7.       What are OPPO's activities in the field of social responsibility?

    ●    OPPO aims to be a sustainable company that helps others and shares success and benefits the society with technology. our vision is striving to be a sustainable company that contributes to a better world. With the advancement of OPPO, this vision will be more and more important to guide us to the right route. Following this vision, we will contribute more to the society.

    ●    We take on our corporate social responsibility to offer help for greener production, stakeholder wellbeing, privacy protection, pandemic control, solicitude for the disabled group, and support for art and cultural development.

    ●    In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, OPPO joined hands with the global community and mobilized resources to provide aid and support around the world. OPPO is also supporting communities and culture around the world through initiatives such as its Renovator: Emerging Artists Project program. We’re also one of the firsts to join the Eco Rating labelling scheme created by leading operators in Europe, raising awareness of environmental protection and by evaluating the sustainable performance of the device across its entire life cycle.

    ●    In Egypt, we are currently preparing a program to help the youth engineering students with practical tutorials and career guidance.

    ●    As youth people are critical agents of change, driving transformation worldwide. But too many young people face barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.  OPPO decided to invest a part of its CSR in this sector as we are sure that when young people participate and are included, the economic and industrial development processes are much more likely to be sustainable. Therefore, we decided to empower youth to be positive agents of change, to help them with learning technical skills and chances of internships.

      ●    Making a significant and lasting impact on sustainability requires long-term thinking and commitment. OPPO will continue further its own sustainability initiatives while collaborating with industry partners to create a better future for everyone.



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