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  • 2020-09-24
  • Official Release: OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones Supporting Active Noise Cancellation and Wireless Charging

    Cairo, Egypt,  27th, September 2020OPPO Enco W51, the first active noise cancellation (ANC) true wireless headphones under OPPO Acoustics, has officially been released. The headphones are targeted especially at the daily commuter market, but also perform ideally in any travel situation or windy environment. They offer all the hot, in-demand features such as wireless charging, professional audio quality, ultra-low latency, and intelligent touch controls to create a dazzling comprehensive experience. Selling for only XXX, the W51 is extremely cost-effective, allowing the broader consumer market to enjoy a true wireless noise cancelling experience.

    Noise Cancellation for All Scenarios: Noise Off. World On.
    With increasing popularity of truly wireless headphones, consumer demand for active noise cancellation has spiked. Without the feature, users in noisy environments, such as a subway or bus, have to increase the volume significantly to hear their music or phone calls, potentially damaging their ears.

    The OPPO Acoustic R&D team worked tirelessly to develop cutting-edge noise reduction capabilities, achieving a double breakthrough in music and call noise reduction. The technology allows users to play songs, games, and their favorite shows, or even make important phone calls, in near silence no matter the background environment. The headphones feature a "2+2" noise reduction solution combining a new high-end dual-core digital noise reduction chip with dual ANC technology, extending the W51’s effective noise reduction frequency spectrum to 2.5 kHz. Not only can the W51 handle a broad range of noise, it also features an industry-leading maximum noise reduction depth of 35 dB. No matter the environment, it’s like having your own personal bubble – a private space where your comfort and enjoyment come first.

    In addition, OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones use a three-microphone noise reduction solution. The third microphone is located in the mouthpiece and picks up the sound in the ear canal, which is not easily interfered with by the outside world. Combined with thoughtfully designed air ducts to reduce wind noise, you can relax knowing your calls sound clear and professional even in winds of up to 25km/h.

    Wireless Charging + Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission
    Problems such as unstable connection and low battery anxiety have tormented countless music lovers, and similarly turned off many potential true wireless headphone users. The W51 supports the Qi wireless charging protocol so you can easily charge the earphone box wirelessly. A 15-minute charge keeps the earphones on for up to 3h. Including the earphone box, the product has a total battery life of up to 24 hours. With this impressive endurance, charging just once a week is enough to listen for 4h every day. As if that weren’t enough, the W51 also supports reverse changing, allowing some mobile phones to charge the earphone box wirelessly. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety.

    W51 headphones use new Bluetooth® low-latency dual-transmission. Compared with traditional forwarding Bluetooth® transmission technology, delay is reduced and interference disconnection problems are mitigated. The built-in Bluetooth® 5.0 chip improves the signal anti-interference capability, perfects sound output stability, and prevents interruptions while you enjoy your music. Whether listening to music or watching videos, this stability is key to enjoyment.

    New Quality Compensation for Professional Audio Performance
    For many truly wireless headphones, noise cancellation comes at the price of audio quality degradation. When music is playing, the noise-reduction microphone picks up the music and misinterprets it as background noise to be eliminated; active noise reduction then seeks to offset the sound of your music, impeding audio quality. Instead of the classic approach, W51 headphones are equipped with a system-wide audio quality compensation algorithm to minimize loss in audio quality caused by noise reduction techniques. This ensures clean, uncompromised audio performance while noise reduction is turned on.

    The headphones are also equipped with 7mm dual TPU composite graphene diaphragms to provide enhanced audio response and treble performance. This material has the advantages of light weight, fast response, and high fidelity. Coupled with support for high-definition AAC audio coding and the SBC audio format, the W51 perfectly meets users’ high expectations for audio quality.

    Impressive, Intuitive and Cost-Effective
    From when you first lay eyes on them, OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones are undeniably impressive. Available in three color combinations – floral white, starry blue, and aqua blue – there’s something for everyone, no matter their unique style. The floral white has a vivid texture when held nearby, while showing cyclical light and shadow shifts from afar for a stunning look from every angle. The starry blue gleams gold and the aqua blue has a metallic circular pattern with a linear gloss, complementing a variety of moods and light conditions.

    The convenience of truly wireless headphones may be the spark that kicks off most people’s love for them. Designed to be completely intuitive, like a natural extension of the user’s body, the headphones boast a full array of interaction options. Simply double-tap the left earphone to toggle noise reduction, double-tap the right earphone to proceed to the next song or hang up the phone, or triple-tap either earphone to wake up the voice assistant.

    The ergonomic design fits naturally into place over your ears and is coupled with luxuriously comfortable silicone ear caps to create an experience like wearing air. Not only are the headphones IP54 rated dust and water resistant, intuitive functionalities such as quick pairing, open to connect, and rapid switching between devices greatly expand the use possibilities.

    With its stellar features, cool technological breakthroughs, and undeniable elegance and comfort, OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones are poised to become a must-have item for discerning young people. With a price tag of only USD XXX, the quality for cost is unbeatable.

    OPPO Enco W51 True Wireless Headphones will be officially launched in the OPPO online store and OPPO offline store on the X and X channels.



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