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R17 Pro

OPPO R17 Pro Seize the Night OPPO R17 Pro Seize the Night

The night’s beauty is more delicate than the day’s. The R17 Pro brings you deeper into its most enchanting moments with powerful night shot settings that lure light through the dark to gently capture their allure. With its F1.5/F2.4 smart aperture cameras and OIS optical stabiliser, even the faintest rays converge in clear, luminous images, and its AI Ultra-clear Engine means the press of a button is all you need to frame the night in moving clarity. When night falls, let the R17 Pro unveil the beauty around you.

A dynamic design inspired by light and water

OPPO R17 Pro - Design

Encased in fog,
awash in flowing light

Elegance meets enchantment with the R17 Pro’s Radiant Mist casing featuring fog lighting which flows between deep blue and purple hues. Its 3D misted glass and inner light condensation blend and shift with changes of light and shadow around you, giving you a dreamy, immersive aesthetic that moves with you.

OPPO R17 Pro - Gradient color with flowing light

Feeling that moves you,
from fingertips to soul

As well as beautiful, the R17 Pro’s frosted exterior is a pleasure to touch with its soft, grainy texture reminiscent of beach glass. Its 3D misted glass casing is crafted with advanced surface-etching techniques, producing a finely faceted texture that rests like satin in your palm. Fingerprint-resistant and durable, it’s designed to enchant your eye while pleasing your sense of touch.

R17 Pro - Texture

Waterdrop Screen,
Life in watercolor

Water is life. The unique shape of the R17 Pro’s notch is inspired by a droplet of water captured at the moment before it falls; a brief, transitional state between movement and stillness, where anything is possible. When you turn on the screen, it bursts into life as if infused with the reinvigorating power of water.

R17 Pro - Waterdrop screen




Screen Ratio




Seize the night

R17 Pro - Camera

Capture every ray of light
with the R17 Pro Smart Aperture

At night, every ray of light is fleeting and precious. The R17 Pro’s F1.5/F2.4 Smart Aperture camera is built to automatically widen in fading light and darkness, letting more light rays in for clearer night scenes. When your surroundings start to brighten, it closes quickly to reduce glare, making every shot effortlessly crisp and clear.

R17 Pro - Smart aperture

24 million photosensitive units,
See the night in all its glory

The night’s story is always tucked away among the faintest glimmers waiting to be discovered. Now you can uncover it with the R17 Pro’s 24 million photosensitive units, designed with a large 1.4 μm pixel size and 1/2.55 photosensitive area for enhanced photoreception. OPPO’s OIS optical stabilisation technology means you’ll never have to strain to steady your hand, leaving you free to reach for that perfect glimpse wherever the opportunity arises.


Optical Stabilizer Technology


Pixel Size


Large Photosensitive Area



R17 Pro - Dual rear camera
Large 1.4 μm Pixel Size
OIS Optical Stabilization
1/2.55 Photosensitive Area
OIS Optical Stabilization
Large 1.4 μm Pixel Size
1/2.55 Photosensitive Area

OPPO’s AI Ultra-clear Engine,
Picture-perfect focus in a button

When night is falling and the light starts to shift, OPPO’s AI Ultra-clear Engine kicks in to restore true-to-life nuance that hardware alone simply cannot capture. The R17 Pro comes fully equipped to apply dozens of base-level optimisations, together designed to deliver complete, balanced image refinement. The result is pixel-level colour restoration that shows your favourite scenes the way they really look. Later when night falls completely, the R17 Pro’s Ultra Night Mode is ready with the same smart technology to help keep your shots crisp and bright in the darkness.

R17 Pro - AI Ultra-clear engine
R17 Pro - AI Ultra-clear engine

Define yourself on your own terms,
with 25MP AI Beauty Camera

When it comes to selfies, you’re the expert on all the best ways to bring out your natural beauty. That’s why the R17 Pro’s AI Beauty Camera lets you take control. Featuring face slimming, makeup and six other fully configurable modes as well as a live preview option, the AI Beauty Camera lets you decide what goes into the making of a perfect shot. At the same time, it learns your beauty tricks from the settings you use—so that the more you use your camera, the better it gets at taking photos.

R17 Pro - 25MP front camera


Configured for astonishing
full-speed rendering

R17 Pro - Performance

SuperVOOC Flash Charge,
A long-awaited revolution
in power

The R17 Pro comes packed with 2 X 1850mAh bi-cell
battery design for up to 50-watt charging power that radically
boosts battery performance. Capable of reaching
40% charge in just 10 minutes, and with five-core
smart protection providing all-round monitoring,
it’s built to run safely at top-speed.

R17 Pro - SuperVOOC

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock,
Unlock instantly from your display

You can unlock your R17 Pro instantly just by touching the screen thanks to its hidden fingerprint sensor. An ultra-photosensitive sensor under the display ensures crystal-clear fingerprint images.

R17 Pro - Fingerprint unlock

Fast-lane performance
with 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM

With an enormous 6GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chipset, the R17 Pro unleashes full-speed computing performance and lightning-fast app launch times. Plus, we’ve optimised the system to work seamlessly with a range of mobile games.

R17 Pro - 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM

ColorOS 5.2
Smarter means more useful and efficient

With the newly added Smart Bar, you can navigate between your favourite apps and features more freely. ColorOS 5.2 features a fresh new interface, from home page to app icons, font sizes to background colors. This new visual design aims to give you a more smart and efficient experience.

Learn More
R17 Pro - ColorOS 5.2 R17 Pro - ColorOS 5.2 R17 Pro - ColorOS 5.2 R17 Pro - ColorOS 5.2
R17 Pro Media Review
OPPO R17 Pro The Beat Choice of Your Next Smartphone
"If you're looking to get the most value out of your next smartphone purchase, the OPPO R17 Pro is a bargain that's hard to beat."
OPPO R17 Pro The Best Looking Phone
"The phone's curved edges feel great in the hand and the build quality is excellent. Overall, it's the best looking phone I have seen this year."
OPPO R17 Pro The Beast in Selfies
"When it comes to selfies, this thing is a beast!"
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R17 Pro Prices Start From $699


1. 6.4 inches is the diagonal length of the display when the four rounded corners are measured at right angled corners (i.e. actual size is marginally smaller).

2. The front panel of the R17 is made from Corning® Gorilla® Glass 6

3. Using a third-party protective film may affect the screen’s photoreceptive fingerprint ID function. For best performance, OPPO’s fingerprint-enabled screen protection film is recommended.

4.Charge for five minutes, use for two hours: Data from a report by China Saibao laboratory. Test environment: ambient temp. 20–30℃; relative humidity 45–75%; air pressure 86–106 kPa. Test conditions: with phone battery at 1%, all phone services and functions (including VoLTE voice call services) except for standard call functions were disabled, and the phone was charged for five minutes using the standard charging device provided. After charging, the phone could be used to receive a call for two hours when there was ample signal, the display was off, the volume was at 50%, and the earpiece was used (i.e. not speakerphone). Actual time may vary based on usage conditions in different scenarios.

5. 3500mAh refers to the R17's rated battery capacity.

6.Product images are provided for reference only, please refer to the actual product. Actual product colours may vary between retailers. Some product specifications and description may be subject to change due to OEM changes and other unforeseen circumstances; please refer to the final product and manual for information. Except where stated, all data provided is based on OPPO design and technical parameters and lab and OEM testing. Actual product and usage will differ from test cases based on differences in software and product versions as well as usage environment.